Monday, 17 August 2020

I don't give a damn

 Against my usual fluffiness I tried for a softer look for today. It must be like first time in my whole life that I used a curling iron to curl my hair. I have had a curling iron for at least 10 years and I used it first time today. It shows since my hair looks more wavy than curly I guess. But I liked it anyways, at least it fits all this lace.

Top - Dreamgirl
Skirt - Lindex (old)
Belts - Second Hand
Shoes - Second Hand, Demonia
Stockings - Ebay

 Just here to drop some outfit pics. I also did a Twitch stream again last night. You can still watch it from my Twitch channel, the link is in the sidebar. I streamed Layers of Fear, at least the first half of it. I was so damn scared I had to leave the rest of it for another day. It will be some time this week, and I need to take some encouragement booze for the rest of it. I also played some other games for some of the stream to calm my nerves.

I have such an inspiration to do stuff I love, to do content. To stream, to draw, to make this blog... I just feel so happy right now with how things are. Now I have the time and the energy for the things I like and I can't even express how good it feels.

Love ya!

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  1. Love your posts. Your style is always totally killer & you are absolutely slaying it in sexy stockings & suspenders. :D