Friday, 22 April 2016

The Spider Queen

I had been searching for a some kind of a tiara or crown to finish some of my looks, but I really didn't find any good ones online or anywhere. There were some pretty ones in etsy but I don't have that kinda money to spend right now. So I just made one from barbered wire. This crown I made is the very fist one I made. It's pretty nice and pretty much what I was looking for. But it's a bit too big. I have another one in the making, very similar to this but the height is 1/3 of this ones. More for the everyday wear.

Shirt - Flea market
Corset - Dracula Clothing
Crown - Me
Cuffs - Red cross flea market
Belts - Flea markets
Skirt - Flea market
Bag - Second hand, Alchemy Gothic

Also my corset order from Dracula clothing came! This is the other waspie that came. The quality on this one is fantastic, they have steel boning, and I just adore short corsets! After a lot of thinking, I got a size 24, after reading their size information's of course. It's a ok size for me but maybe size 22 would have been a better choice. Well at least there is still some room to tighten. + I can wear many layers under it without it being too open at the back. I just love my layers haha.

I have a small complaint about the pvc one I ordered. Why would you pack a pvc corset in a grey/clear plastic baggy? Nononono! It was very well stuck to it when it came and left slight marks, but I don't care since they are only visible in the right light, and I kinda bought it more for bar/klub wear. But in the back the pvc had a biggish scratch which also kinda bummed me out. But it's at the back so I can't be bothered to return it after waiting 2 weeks.

But yeah, if you decide to order a pvc corset form them, you might want to request them to NOT put the pvc corset in a plastic bag. Or maybe I'm just a bit of a perfectionist sometimes.

But well.. Queens are allowed to be demanding!

I love this skirt! I found it two days ago at a flea market (like everything ever). It's just the kind I was looking for! And to think I almost thought 5€ was too much to pay for it.

Tomorrow there's a garden fair here in Pori and we are pretty much thinking about going. They give out mustard and 50 liter bags of soil to some of the first ones there lol. Probably we won't be one of the first ones there tough since my boyfriend is not a morning person at all.

Only like 5 days to my Helsinki trip! Gahhh! Can't wait!

In the gaming world.. I have been playing, or more like trying to play the "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines". It's a damn old game but it's amazing.. It's kinda vampire RPG, and I can't figure out why hasn't anyone made a newer vampire RPG. I would play the shit out of it!

The Bloodlines is friggin scary tough. At the moment I am at this abandoned mansion hotel and there's all sorts of very creepy ghosts and scary things happening all the time. It really scares me so I have to play it like 10 minutes at the time. I'd just hope I can get out of the mansion soon.. But other than that there is also this cool night club where you can dance and it's run by vampires... How can you not just love that!?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Vet

I had been worried about our other cats eye for some days now. He was blinking it a lot and keeping it squinted. I also thought I saw a scratch in there so I called the vet. They were like "OMG get him here now before his eye pops." So few hours later we were at the vet and he was taking a look at the eye. He found absolutely nothing. I was really fucking sure there was something there, but it was gone when we got to the vet.

They gave us some drops that we give him two times a day. But his eye already seem much better today, not squinting that much anymore. It might be that it already healed and it was oozing some weird stuff because of that. But yeah we'll give him the drops for a couple of more days just to make sure.

Jacket - Second hand
Shirt - Seppälä
belts - Flea market
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Demonia ranger, second hand
Bat necklace - Alchemy Gothic, Second hand 

Sorry about the weird cat eye story. Just that our cats are my children, and even if something is just slightly wrong I lose sleep. I'm sure other people feel like that about their own pets?

I haven't played much of anything in few weeks. Except the Wii.. I found all these games and the gun from the flea market some time ago. They were fairly cheap so even thought I might not end up liking some of them, at least I can add them to my game collection. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Raggedy Ann

I got dressed up today to go to a live flea market event but we didn't end up going after all, how odd. Well I suppose it's all well and good since I don't really have that much money any way.

Vest - Flea market
Corset shirt - Seppälä
Skirt - Poizen Industries, Second hand
Shoes - Demonia

 I hear lots of people talking about the WGT and yes it's getting very close. But I can't afford to go this year either. But my goal is to go next year. This year I'm just waiting for the Lumous Gothic festival. We have already reserved a hotel for that as well. But they aren't even selling the tickets yet so there's a lot of waiting to do.

I haven't heard anything from the job place, but I did kinda expect it. The competition is hard, what can you do.

Last few days I have been slightly depressed. But dressing up always makes me feel happy so I don't even care that I stayed home all day looking fab.

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dead Souls

I'm glad it's warming up. It's the perfect weather to wear the vest I made recently! And this cross shirt I thrifted last week really goes with it! Sometimes it's nice to just keep things casual.

Scarf - Varusteleka
Bone hairpins - ebay
Vest - Flea market, mods by me
Hoodie - Boyfriends old one
Shirt - Flea market
Leggings - Flea market
Skirt - Flea market
Legwarmers - Done by my mom
Shoes - Some store in ideapark

Here you can see my fluff from behind, haha. I find it amusing how the cat looks at me on this one..  

It really pisses me off how many people call me trying to sell some shit. Every single time I get all excited thinking it's from the job place, and then get disappointed.

This morning I made a small order to Dracula I have been longing for just the right kind of corsets, and so I decided to order a few, keeping in mind the upcoming summer events. Have any of you ordered from them? How long will they usually take with their shipping? I didn't find any estimates on their page.

Last weekend I was at my parents, and close-ish to them was this swap meet thing that they hold at the Teivo Racetrack. From there I didn't really find much. Just this Joy Division CD that I'm very happy to add to my collection. The tarot's were from a flea market.

I like to come to this meet every year at least once. It's fun to see how like 80% of the visitors have cool leather jackets.. And there's always this tuned out hearse that I have to go drool..