Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tampere Haul

So yesterday I went to Tampere! I was supposed to go around some flea markets but I ended up having so much time that I went around a lot of other different shops too. Here's what I got.
Ahh I love this shirt! I got it from H&M. It's short, it's got thumb holes and it has a hood. Pure love.

These 2 shirts were also from H&M. Yes yes, I know what you are thinking, and yes, it did kinda felt funny to buy pre-ripped clothes. But they were cheap, so why the fuck not. This trip was so weird because it's the first time in years that I got something other than black clothes.

Aw yiss. This dimmu shirt is from a flea market and cost me a whopping 1e.
These 2 shirts also from a flea market. Both of them were 1e also. Probably going to do some diy on the zombie shirt.

The velvet jacket is from a flea market also, 4e. It's just what I have been looking for, short and fits perfectly. Leopard top/dress is from Cybershop sale rack.

Also from the Cybershop sale rack, this pencil skirt. I didn't end up trying it in the store and I guess I should had. It's a bit too big for me. Hope my friend will take it off my hands! :)

Yupp yupp the left shirt is also from a flea market. Really like the cuts at the back. And no, the right one I just threw here with the other pictures. I made it just few days ago.

I also visited Punanaamio and got me some white eye shadow. Have been looking forever for a good matte eye shadow. Finally found it. :)

*Sigh* At first I was supposed to go to the Alternative blogs meet-up today. But yesterday I felt like I most definitely did not feel like to be around so many people. I have been so stressed and anxious that I just wanted to relax, so yeah that's why I went shopping yesterday. Today I am just going to stay in this bed, and sink in to it.

I cleaned up my blog following list. I followed around 280 blogs when I started cleaning. Then I deleted all those who had died, been deleted or have not updated in a long time. I ended up having only 170 blogs left! What's happening? It was only half a year ago when I cleaned it last time.