Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Call of Midnight

I can't wait for it to get really warm, so I can put on only fishnet tights.

I got another genuine leather jacket, second hand of course. The leather is so thick, I think it will never break. The style and size is absolutely perfect. 

Lately I have been making jewelry. Nooo not all of these though. Some of them I have only made new chains to. 

I got these little bottles from ebay, and the pentacle from a necklace I broke some time ago. I screwed a tiny hook in the cork of the bottle.  Though I can't figure out what to put in the little bottle. I bought some fake blood for it already but I'm not sure about it..?

We were at Yyteri last weekend. It was so warm so we took the cat with us! Though the cat doesn't like wind at all so it might have not been such a good idea. We took him near the ocean and he just jumped on my lap and hid his head in my hoodie.

He liked the woods near the beach much better. Many interesting smells.
There would have also been a nature trail. 3,7km, but we ran out of time and maybe it's better to go without the cat. One of these days.. 
Good thing that Yyteri is so close, so I can pop there whenever I want really.

Last but not least, a little drawing bug, bit me!
Don't ask.

I have nothing to do for May Day, as always. But I'm hoping my friend will have time to play some minecraft with me on Friday. With beer of course! 

Have a good May Day everyone!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Scared senseless

Today's outfit was quite boring, but I'll just add a picture anyway.

We recently got a new shelve on our bedroom. I quickly took over of it and placed some of my treasures there.

I even started my little altar on the bottom shelve. There is my little Amber necklace I got from Lithuania. Some believe that amber has the power to draw out the sickness form the body. Also Baltic amber is always warm, when you touch it, it's just always warmer than everything else. Some say it can produce negative ions that protect you from radiation so it's good to carry it with you. Sometimes I wear it under my shirt, you know, as a second heart.

Because of increased storage, I was able to get my shoes here too. My walk in closet's floor was just so full of shoes that you could not actually get in there. Now you can!

I got this tiny greenhouse from Lidl! I have always complained how the cat eats the newly grown plants. Now he can't touch them, and they have a warm place to grow.

I got a bit carried away I guess. I want green green all around! I have already started talking to them. They are my little babies. There are all flowers here. Next I guess some cucumbers and herbs etc.

Avoiding the matter as always.. Tomorrow in Tampere there would have been a meet up for Alternative Bloggers. First I was like: "Well yeah that would be fun, I guess".
But as the day came closer and closer I started to feel more and more scared. Finally only thing that would make me feel less scared was to change my status to "maybe". Take off the pressure.

I thought about it long and hard, but as fun as it may could have been, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
I feel that I may have grown a new shell. A shell that just to want keep everything outside. I had a shell like that a long time, but I slowly got rid of it. But now.. when I am surrounded by people I really really really don't like, everyday, I have become more cautious and... contact with people is hard again. I'm sorry.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

What does the package reveal?

Ahh yess, 4 days of vacation. Some time to breath finally. I already saw little green buds on the trees and bushes. I can't wait until everything is green! Plants and flowers and stuff like that make me really happy. I feel like I would just want to walk around in the woods for hours.. but I can't seem to find a good place around here. There is always houses and warehouses and roads, they really ruin the feeling of the forest. 

Sometimes I start to feel like going to my parents again since where they live, there is forest everywhere. It's so beautiful. The forests are so old that it feels like a walking in to a completely different world. I even have my own little forest plot around there, so I can do what the fuck I want there.

Sometimes I dream that I build a little shelter or a tipi in my forest and go live there for some days.

But now some stuff again. ;)

I found these pretty shoes from a flea market. Cost me 2€. Looks like they have never been used.

These shorts I bought today from H&M. I had been looking for low waist shorts forever but it seemed that they were gone a long time. 
It just annoyed me so much when I tried the sizes 34 and 36. 34 was just a little bit too tight around my hips(damn hip bones), but perfect around my legs. And 36 was okay for my hips but a bit loose for my legs. UGH why don't they do size 35? Well I ended up with 36.

Eeep! My friend form Italy send me these! I just love themmm. The cross hair clip is just perfect since I have started to wearing them. They really go with this hair. 
Ehee, now I have to find something awesome to send back to her!

And this batman hoodie! It's absolutely perfect! Big and cozy.. and two awesome logos of my absolutely number 1 favorite superhero ever~ 

That reminds me I got a Catwoman game for ps2 some time ago! I really should set up my ps2 and have a go at it. Or maybe Madness returns? Choices choices..

Monday, 14 April 2014

Some new stuff and ootd!

Last weekend I was in Tampere and I got some new stuff from there, Including a new camera! It's a Canon Ixus 150, so much better than my last one. A perfect camera for me.

This lip service skirt is the first and probably the last one of their clothes I'll ever own. I have never really liked lip service clothes, but the shape of this particular skirt has always pleased my eyes. I got it second hand.

Eeeeep! I was so depressed that I didn't get to go to see Masquerade in Tampere some time ago. So when they released these T-shirt I just had had had to have it. I just love it to bits. And it was a really nice surprise that it came with a autographed photo of the singer! She is so awesome~

In the Tampere train station there is this shop where they sell jewelry, almost every kind of incense, hookahs, clothes, dream catchers etc. So in other words, it's the best shop ever! I went there on Friday to get some more incense and a incense holder. I was going to go back on Sunday when I was leaving back to Pori, but it was closed. Too bad, they have the best jewelry and I would have wanted to buy something. Maybe next time.

From Tamperes "super fairs" I only got this book. But it seemed rather interesting since the story is located in the Tampere-Pori area.

Last but not least, Alice: Madness returns from Steam. It was on sale, 5€. I have to say, it was different from what I expected. But it is still a very good game! I just seem to get stuck in some parts. But Mikko was kind enough to help me get trough some very annoying teapots. :D Probably going to need his advice in the future too..

Woo I snipped my bangs shorter. They started to poke my eyes. I think this is the shortest they have been. I kinda like it.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Casual friday

Got some new shoes from H&M. I have been eyeing them for a loong time but the 40€ price tag always made me run to the other direction. Yesterday They were 50% off, so I decided to go for it.

These might be the last pictures in some time.. Today it seems that my camera got broken. I was so devastated. I tried to find the receipt for it but I just couldn't find it anywhere. No matter, I have had it almost 2 years, and if I remember right it had either a 1 or 2 year warranty. I guess it's time to get a new one. There was one camera in Anttila that cost 70 euros and it was slightly better than this one. It's not easy trying to save money and at the same time my things get broken. :(

Then again I would really love love love to have a camera for my summer trips so I guess I'll just have to find a new camera.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

She's got those evil eyes

I have a vacation going on. Some dude accidentally shoved a unintentional free week in our timetable. I'm not complaining! It's fun to have all this time to myself.

I still have to dress myself every morning because.. If I didn't I'd probably just stay in my pajamas all day.
It's April fools day and I had this great plan to dress in "normal" clothes, sneakers, put on colorful makeup and post a picture here. But when I got the stuff on me and got in front of a mirror.. I wanted to get them off as quickly as possible. Something inside me just fell and I felt dizzy. I don't know why that happened but I guess we have to skip that joke this year. Been done many times already, eh?

When will they release the Lumous Gothic Festival tickets? I just have to check every day. Gahh I'm going crazy! Maybe I'll forget to check them one day and they will all be gone..? Nooo... I guess that could not happen. I just can't wait.

Seems like I can't get a summer job this year either. I have gotten negative responses from 2 places and yesterday I panicked about it and applied one more place. Tho one qualification there was not to have any other previous jobs. And I have one short summer job behind me, sigh.

I have been feeling like immersing myself in to a fantasy world. Skyrim maybe.