Sunday, 29 December 2013

Renaming and re-modelling my blog, little help?

So, some might have noticed that I changed my blog name and everything else.
My former blog name was Rikkinäinen Blogi and it felt weird to have a Finnish blog name since I write in English. So now it's Black Widow Sanctuary!

I'm thinking about changing the url too but I'm not sure if that has some side effects? Will I loose the followers or what will happen? Might someone with experience on the matter please inform me. Thanks.

I have been thinking about changing the blog name for a long time but it was so hard to think of a new name. I guess this name came from my love of spiders. Black widows are just so beautiful so I thought naming my blog after them would be awesome.

I also drew a little logo for my blog.

What do you guys think of the new name and blog?
(I'm still modifying it a little.)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

All these beautiful things

I want to share these beautiful and meaningful things I have gotten recently. I'm super excited about all of these.

A dragon statue I got from a flea market. I have a mirror that the dragon is supposed to be holding but I thought it would be nice if it would be holding this book instead. I just love Bioshock and when finished playing bioshock infinite, I just had to have this book. I can't wait to read it!

Ohh yes, I have been drooling over hookahs for more than a few months. When a opportunity came, I just had to have this one. Since it was black obviously. Now to get me some of that coal and tobacco. I think I'll buy a bigger hookah later though.

I attacked this LP at sight. I had to have it. It even contains my favorite song from them! I'm planning to get a few more LP records from my favorite bands and hang them on my wall. 

A new drawing pad! My old one has been broken for months and months..I got this as a gift from my parents, yay.
Just something I quickly drew to test the pad.

These were my test patches. The other ones came out alright but the Frankensteins bride should have been black paint on white canvas. This was was just horrid. Well, you have to make mistakes to learn, eh?

My friend suggested me to get Spotify, then I indeed did. I have found so much new music that I am just too happy. I also added a widget to the sidebar but it seems that it takes some time to update itself.

I have been so eager to learn how to do make up that I ordered a good bunch of new make up stuff. I can't wait for them to arrive! I guess I'll blog a bit about them next time. Also going to show off my new dress I got as a gift! Laters for now.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Into the Light

Woppiedoo, I think I have gotten a little addiction of bondage/ chain belts. This one was a cheap 5e belt, bought second hand.

Wellp I thought this was a good day to blog since minecraft was released for ps3 today! Whoo! It was cheaper than we thought so I guess we are going to buy it. It's so awesome that it has a split screen option in multiplayer!

Found a Depeche Mode cd from the fleamarket, I just fell in love with some of it's songs, so it was weird that I came across this just a few days later.

Also new shoes to my family of shoes! Picked them up second hand 6 euros, aww yissss. I should organize my clothing closet.. Shoes and clothes everywhere.

Last but not least, some Siouxie and The Banshees, I just love this song.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I have been thinking of doing a video.. I'm thinking about filming when I cut my bangs. You guys can see me fail miserably! Probably a lot of cursing. That would be my first video, I think I'd be pretty nervous about publishing it.

Would anyone be interested on watching my video?

Also I'm planning on staring a small thing to earn a bit of money. I'll start doing patches! I have discovered a new way to make them, more detailed, and more neat and I'm thinking about starting to sell them. I'm going to sell them around 1-3 euros a piece + the shipping cost. First I'm going to make some test patches and I'll inform on that later on. :)

If someone has good ideas for patches, I'd really be grateful. I have already planned out some bats, spiders, ankhs, satanic crosses etc.

And here is a few pictures from today.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The curse of Black Hair

Today I have been wondering about my hair, what do I do with it? My bangs are already so long that they are poking my eyes, ugh. I decided that I will definitely not going to go to a hair dresser to get them cut. instead I used 7 euros (instead of the 13 that would go to the bang cutting) to buy myself hair cutting scissor. Nothing professional but just something to get it done. So I will just cut the damn bangs myself. V shaped one would be cool too.. We shall see.

As for the rest of the hair.. I may get myself a hair trimmer. When this poof gets to awkward length, I' just going to trim both of the sides myself. Cut a damn death hawk myself.

As for the color.. It's already a bit faded. I just realized that it would be good to wash my dyed hair with cold hair, duh. I need a good black color soon. On what I have read on the net, Schwartskopf Live color XXL would be a good color? Any suggestions or opinions on what colors are good?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

I'm in love, and the love is black

What a day.. I went to school early in the morning. Sometimes it's hard for me to get up in the morning but I guess I got up because I had an exam. Or I was supposed to have anyway. There was few others waiting outside of the class, when our teacher was late we became suspicious, he's never late. One of us called him and he was still sleeping! Well he sent the exam to us by email and I just went home. Nothing to do here.
Woosh well at least it's weekend now for me!

We got a new tv! Well not yet but we bought it, should arrive next week I imagine. Our current playing tv (ps3) is something 27". It's too small for this room. you have to get to the nearest sofa to see the small text. The new one, well not new one it's used, but anyway, is going to be 47"! And when we get the ps4, it's going to be awesome to play games with that!

I have mostly been restraining myself from buying anything useless. Well some money have slipped through my fingers, but if I would had bought all the things I was first so tempted to get, I would not have any money at the moment, and yet I have plenty. I also made a new rule for myself. I only use the money I gain from selling clothes when buying new ones. I already sold some of my clothes in facebook, gained 50e so far! But I'm starting to think about saving the money instead of buying new things. Some improvement on my internet buying addiction.

Yule is closing up quickly. What do I want for a present..? Well I don't really want anything. Weird. Okay well a new drawing tablet would be nice since my old one broke. That's about it I guess. Sure there's lots of new games that I would really happy to get like The Batman Arkham Origins, Saints Row IV, and the new Bioshock infinite DLC, but I still have old games still to be played through. Maybe if Steam sale will give me a nice enough discount on any of those, maybe I will just get them myself.

Hehee, we played drink chess last weekend. It was really fun! One thing we noticed after filling the glasses is that it was really hard to see the black pieces through the black koskenkorva. Not the best choice I imagine. Well the game ended up being a tie and we were pretty drunk after. As you can see.. My hands were shaking already at that current point.

Tomorrow I'm off to my parents again! I will also go to the reopening of the burned flea market! I was so devastated after I heard that my favorite of all flea markets had burned down. This was a month ago, and they already have a new place that is already filled up to it's limits with stuff! I can't wait to see it!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just an outfit post

I have a test tomorrow, eep! I'll just drop these pictures here and get back to my books!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tampere finds

Good morning. Ohh I'm so tired.

 I posted one of my pictures to tumblr some weeks ago, it got few notes, nothing special. But few days ago it exploded! 1300 notes, what?? I counted that about 40 000 people have seen it by that point, ehhhhh. Feels weird to think about it.

Oh well, these pictures are from the weekend when I was visiting Orivesi and Tampere.

A ring from Cybershop

 Some incense from "Aurinko"

Some books, Stephen King is from flea market and the other one I got as a present from my friend<3 p="">

Tampere has gone through a lot of changes from last time I was shopping there. I guess that was a year ago?

These jackets are not from that trip but I'll add them anyway.
Jacket from huutonet

And another one from flea market, this one was real leather and cost me 10 euros ohh yeah. I fucking love fringes.

I seem to have a some sort of hoarding problem when it comes to leather jackets.. Cheap leather jackets.. I must always get them. 

Well I got nothing more to say I guess. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Winnova sucks

Pretty huh? I made it myself, haha.

Lately I have been really mad. Mad about my school. It's one motherfucking pisshole. Guess it has not always been like that, I guess it happened when the schools converted to Winnova, combining many schools to one. Now they have all these problems. These are mostly about the business school but I hear the other ones have similar problems.

Don't get me wrong. I'm pretty happy of my choice of field, but the execution could be much better. You can see that my last technical school was the best school, there was absolutely none of these problems, and after that.. This just feels like a pile of shit.

1. We don't get any grades, all we get is the fucking "S". (Meaning passed course) How are we going to get jobs or get to a other school when they don't have a fucking clue are we shit or less shit?? Doesn't really make you work, you can just pass where the fence is the lowest.

2. They are getting rid of many teachers so they can save money. Something about 1/6 of people getting fired. I heard something about my favorite teacher getting fired too??

3.Our lunch brake is 1h long.. That's waaaayyyy to much time. + the teachers just let us go whenever they want so the lunch can be up to 1h 30min long! Eating takes like 10 minutes, and I don't like to eat at school, so it's so boring for me. Another thing about lunch is that they release us all at the same time to lunch, so there's fucking huuuge lines All this is just a waste of everyone's time.

I heard they tried once to change the lunch to 30 minutes, all the students agreed to it. But it got run over by some teachers who didn't agree??

4. There is nowhere, and I mean nowhere you can pass the time in there. There is no open computer class like in my high school. There is some computers in the halls but they are always full very quickly. All the benches in halls are super uncomfortable. I always go to sit somewhere to read a book.. but my back goes to good to shit in 60 seconds.

5. The information lags. We barely get to know about anything until it's very close.

6. There is some problems about acknowledging our past achievements. Some may get absence marks on classes they already know, even though they say they are getting the certificate as soon as possible. Then the teachers just say that the markings can't be erased? Seriously?

7. The fucking absence system.. After 30 unattended classes you get a reprimand from your teacher. After 60 from the principal and a written warning. I would understand if it was 30 in one period and then it would be reset. But no.. It's the whole damn YEAR! Sure you can let the teachers know that you are ill or something, but when those start to gather in your records, they start asking about your damn health!

8. There's some sort of bullying problem. Mostly among the younger ones, but I heard that there have been involvement from the older ones too?? Seriously? 20 year olds? I don't know what is it.. Is it just this business field that attracts idiots or what. But I have never seen such stupid behavior in my life. And the school is just full of them..  I have not personally been bullied (not mentioning the random yells and talking behind my back, I don't care) but that doesn't mean I can still share this problem.

I'm 100% serious that I will kick their ass if I hear anyone giving me, or anyone else, shit. And I will do it until you bleed, I am not a silent mouse they can just kick around.

9. I'm pretty sure some teachers are not trained to teach. They just repeat whats on the book and except us to learn? Some things are just too hard to learn on your own. That's why we are AT SCHOOL.

10. Our class size is waaaayy too big. On top of that, they just push some other people from other classes on our classes because for some reason they have not done that course yet. There has been about 35-40 of us sometimes. There's only few classrooms we can fit in that point. And some classrooms we have never been in because we. just. don't. fit. In some courses like math, it would be important for the teacher to come help you if you have a problem, but they just can't help everyone.

11. The classrooms are COLD. Some are cold as fuck. Even if you have a jacket on, you are still frozen! It feels like they keep the air conditioning on all times, even if it's +2C outside! The radiators are mildly warm sometimes, doesn't really help.

12. Aaaaand finally. The crappy computer classes. Some work just fine. But some are horrible... I hear they used to update 2 computer classes in a year at one point, but they have reduced the number to 1 in 2 years. Some classes may have their turn like after 8 years. At that point they are basically useless.

I had some other things in mind too, but they seem to have slipped out of my mind. But I guess you get to point. *sigh* I'm glad I got this rant out of me. I'm thinking about making some flyers and put them all around the school, we'll see.

Next post shall be flea market findings and stuff, same old same old.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shoe Love

Nothing important, just some shoe porn. Got these off from huutonet. Pretty cheap too~ Something I never thought I would come across on that site.

Also I love my hairrrrrrr.

By the way. If anyone has a twitter please give me a link, I need some people to follow there!
If you want to follow mine, I added a twitter box to this site. Somewhere on the right side, you can find it. :)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Good hair day

Went to get my hair cut.
I was a bit sad to see almost 40cm of my hair fall from my head. But in the end, I was quite happy!

When I put my hair all poofy, it actually stayed that way all day long! And didn't get flat as a pancake after the first hour.

Gah I could not get any more pictures, only that one crappy one that I took in the morning, why does it get so dark so sooon?

Ohh yeah, I got this from ebay!
(stole the pic from there too)

It came with little earrings too. Also my loonng skirt came in the mail today too! I can't wait to wear it!

Ohh and yeah! Welcome new followers! There's quite few of you! Hope you stick around! :)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why do you dress goth?

A question that can either bring out someones defenses or maybe just a loud sigh.

Well I guess always have had a passion for black. I have always worn strange things, have had lots of negative comments about it too. In junior high school it they really crushed my spirits and I mostly used normal clothes, with some minor touches of my own. Like some arm warmers, band shirts, dark make up... I still remember the day I had the courage to wear bold dark eyeliner for the first time. There were people laughing behind my back, classmates making rude comments and laughing, some fake ass bitch who came up to me and asked "Oh wow how did you do thaaaat? Is it like in your eye?". I didn't know she was just mocking me at the time, I do now.

I also had an account in some picture thing online. You know, where you post your pictures? Some of my friends had an account there too. Also the same ass twat who rudely commented on my make-up had an account there. I posted some pictures, just normal stuff. Then I posted this one picture where I was at a cruise ship cafe, I had a funny face, I also had one of those baseball caps on, those what the "saggy pants" use. I had got it from Tallinn, as a souvenir. I liked it since it had a really cool skull on it and it was all black. I wore it because I liked it, I didn't care if it was really in my "style range" or not. Well anyway, the bitch commented something like this:

H: Onks sulla tommone lippa?
Minä: matkamuisto
H: Ahaa okeei.. Mä jo luulin että sä oot jokin wannabe gootti-hevari-hoppari tai jotai
Minä: ...


H: You have a cap like that? :o
Me: A souvenir
H: Oooh. okaaay.. I thought you were a some kind of wannabe goth-metalhead-rapper or something
Me: ...

I got so angry about that comment. If I would get a comment like that today, I would punch the person in the face the next time I saw her/him.

At this time (about 7-8th grade) I only mostly listened to metal. Mostly liked to be identified as a metal head. Didn't really know much about goth music at all.

In 9th grade I got depressed. I stopped giving a fuck about what people say. My clothing got more and more black, and more what I wanted it to be. Slowly I got over the depression, but the not giving a fuck just stayed. In high school I felt like I could wear what ever I wanted, and I did. I discovered the music in first year of high school. From there it has grown to the way it is now in to a lifestyle. Slowly but surely, I have taken the things in my head, out in the open, for all people to see.

In black I feel home. I'ts just the color that pleases my eye. So why wouldn't I wear black? Black is beautiful. It's the ultimate darkness that makes me feel like myself. I love all things dark. It makes me feel beautiful to myself. Black clothes are in harmony with each other, they are like little pieces of art that I can combine in the ways that I want, to make myself a walking sculpture. With it I can fulfill my artistic needs every day. Gothic culture has the masters of dark wear. After I started following the culture, and I ended up picking little tips here and there. Ways to perfect my little pieces. I get inspired by the music, culture, movies, little creepy crawlies, and just about anything!

If I someone ever told me to wear something else, I would punch them from here to mars. It's my joy and pleasure to look the way I want to. It has taken me years to come to this point, I am not going to change myself, people are just going to have to deal with it. My personality, likes and dislikes come with this look. It's a package deal. But still, I don't take me, or myself too seriously. I can laugh at myself.

From tumblr

Friday, 18 October 2013

Leather and Lace

Holidays have finally arrived! 9 days of sweet sweet vacation!
Samhain is also at hand.

Some people in my class had organized a class party for today, all in our class was invited. I said I'd go few weeks ago, but I got around thinking about it.. and I don't like most people in our class. Their view on the world is just too different for me to have any kind of conversation. With a few exceptions. I'ts just... ugh, I can't stand most of them! And just to think I'd have to stand them when they are drunk? No thank you, just no. I'd have to black out in the beginning to have a good time.

In other news, I have gotten interested in Wicca again. I have been reading The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft, and Wicca. Also a Wiccan bible. I have to say.. in my early Wicca years.. there was much I didn't know. Like a ocean of knowledge that I didn't even take a look at. I'm rather interested in herbal healing and controlling my energy.

On more shallow side of life.
I got 2 new belts.
The right one is real leather, the left one is some vegan friendly stuff. I have been wanting the belt on the left for ages! I'm so glad I finally got it!

Outfit picture goes here:

That cat is so crazy, trying to take photos and he runs all over the place.
Talking about cats.. We are taking another one! To accompany Pippuri while we are at school and work. He really needs a friend to play with too. We are looking around kissojen katastrofiyhdistys if we can find a suitable cat friend.

So, I also got this real leather jacket last weekend. It's from the Syksyn, October Swap Meet. In Teivon ravirata. All sorts of cool thing there, a fucking pretty hearse too! I love this jacket, it's a old model jacket since it really tight fitting on my vaist but the top part is huge! I love it. And only cost me 10e.

I have been very anti social lately. I feel like I have no energy to do talk to anyone. Just want to lay in our bedroom, read some books, watch some movies, listen to some music. Oh yess..

Friday, 11 October 2013

A little halloween tip!

Yesterday I was bored, and decided to make out bedroom a little bit more cozy. I added candles, little bats on the walls, self made dream catchers etc. I also wanted to do something else. So I looked up instructions for this! All you need is yarn and tape (or Blu tack.) Hmm I may have to add some more yarn on the top, but I'll do that later!

If you want to do your own spider web, here's a easy instruction for it:

I may also add spiders to it later.


Ahh sweet sweet weekend.
You have finally come.

Also, sweet sweet fall. I can't love fall enough. All the pretty colored trees and the little places that look like a professional photograph. And I can burn candles alll evening.

Some people hate when it's almost like winter but it almost is like not so they want the snow to come. I don't want the snow, I want it to be like this forever.

Usually when the first snow comes, I my winter depression kicks in. Can we just skip winter please?

Eep! I bought this bag from a friend. I can't love it enough! It's a perfect size for school, so now it's my school bag. My old school bag.. Well.. It had a good run. I have used it since the beginning of 7th grade! It barely stays in one piece.

Hehee this shirt is awsome, I feel like I have little bat wings!

Have a fun weekend everyone! I'll go packing since I'm leaving to go to my parents place today!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday - Oh, how I hate you!

I friggin hate Mondays, especially this one. I had school until 4pm and when I get home... Some builders in this apartment building started to drill the walls?? It was a horrible noise for a few hours. I almost lost my temper.

I bought Bioshock Infinite from Steam sale! I was downloading it all yesterday and today... My damn graphics card drivers were old. So after a hour of messing with that I try again. This time Steam stopped working. So I just calmly re-install it. For some fucked up reason, when I do that, all my games are deleted. It should not do that. Well... Now I have a bunch of games to re-install. I hope I get to play tomorrow.

And todayyy:

Well I guess I'll put this last weeks picture too.

I was supposed to make a really long opinion post, but I forgot half of the stuff I was supposed to write. I guess next time huh?