Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Gray Day

Took some outfit pictures today, and managed to take only few before it started to rain. So I decided to go with what I had and took a blanket to my computer, opened the window to listen to the rain, put on mood lights and chill with a scary story stream while making these pictures ready for the blog. It's a gray day but I love it. 

Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Etsy, thetutustoreuk
Belt - Disturbia
Thights - Leg Avenue
Shoes - Demonia
Collar and cuffs - Random sex shop

 Tomorrow we were planning on going to the beach if it's warm enough. Might not be, but I'm sure there will be other warm days to come. I got a few new bathing suits for this summer a while back and I haven't gotten a chance to wear the other one yet, it's so super cute it demands to be used.

Today ( Wednesday night ) I have been planning to stream Fall Guys on Twitch. I hope the servers are working properly this time, and if you wanna come see me play, chat and chill, Welcome! If you can't make it today, you can tune in another day!

Nothing more for today but...


  1. Replies
    1. Se on kyllä yksiä suosikkihameitani, ihanan pöyheä! Sen takia se tuppaa olemaan usein alushameena antamassa volyymia mutta on tosi nätti ihan yksinäänkin!

  2. I love the layering you do in your outfits! Do you own a lot of Disturbia items? I have contemplated purchasing, but since I'm in the US, it's not a common brand that is purchased...or maybe I'm just old and out of the loop. LOL!!!! Seriously, always looking amazing <3

    1. Thank you so much! I think I only have a few belts from them. And when I got the first belt form a local goth shop some years ago, I had never heard the brand before. But I now have really been wanting to get a bunch of their clothing items too since they have a lot of cool stuff! At least the belts feel like good quality!

    2. Ohhhh, that is very good to know!!!