Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Impulse Cosmetics

Loving this dress from Punk rave! I decided to defy the weather and wear my heel booties and a sleeves dress. It wasn't that cold, but very slippery!

Our poor cat got his paw hurt yesterday. We thought it was nothing very serious, but I decided that I'm going to take him to the vet anyway. Good thing I did, because the wound turned out to be infected. They gave antibiotics and painkillers and said that if they don't work, we might have to amputate one toe. :( Poor kittie, I hope he can keep his toe!

Yesterday I also was in school for 10 hours. We presented our final works in front of the class and it took forever. I was super nervous about it, but I am sooooo glad it's over now. I still have 2 more tests tomorrow which I am anxiously trying to read for in the last minute. But after those there is no more school for me!

Sometime ago I placed a order to:
I found them in tumblr and wanted to give it a go because they have really affordable prices! They make lipsticks, nail polishes, and all sorts of eye make-up. All of them are vegan friendly! I ordered the Mattifying Lip Powder, which is supposed to make any lipstick matt. I have not tried it yet though. And the black matte lipstick I got is pretty good! At least better than my old one. :)

And a question..

Yay or Nay on the bigger pictures on my blog? :)

Friday, 23 January 2015

They see me shavingg

My side hair got a bit long again. So when I was cutting it, I thought that I wanted to cut a little more. So now I only have these little tufts on the sides. But probably those wont last that long either.

More pictures on my instagram!

I have been thinking about shaving my eyebrows..? I mean my eyebrows are just such a stupid shape. But yeah I can't really be bothered to draw them on every day so I might just shave like half of them. I really don't know yet.

Also I feel the horrible need for a constant appearance change. I  really don't know why. I have my first tattoo all planned out but now I just need the money.

Unnghhh next week I have to present my final work to the whole class... Not happy about that at all.
But yeaahhh I'm going to my parents place again today. They said something about going to ideapark in Saturday which I can't wait! I at least try to take some pictures on my trip this time. So beware!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Hobble Skirt

I recently acquired two second hand pencil skirts. I am new to any kind of pencil skirts so I really didn't know what to expect. Seriously, I have never worn a pencil skirt in my life. Why? Well, I never quite liked the look of them before. In my head, the skirt had to be so short that you might accidentally moon people, or so long that it touched the ground.

But yeah recently I have been warming up to them and I bought a couple.

This is the first one, it's from Necessary evil. Putting on this skirt was definitely a whole new experience. When I first slid it on my first reaction was, "oh noee, it can't be too small!" But when I closed the zipper the fit seemed perfect, just one problem... How do you walk!?

I mean the skirt doesn't give up, not even a inch. Only thing I can move is the lover part of my legs, which seemed kind of problematic considering putting on shoes or walking stairs. I still thought it might be too small for me, but it was my normal size and I thought that if it was size bigger it would just be too loose in the upper part. So what's the deal here?

Then I did something anyone would, googled it. "How to walk in tight pencil skirts" I kinda thought it might be stupid to google that, but people were actually talking about it in different sites. The term "hobble skirt" came up.

So, what's a hobble skirt? A hobble skirt is a skirt that is designed to more or less restrict the movement of the legs, making you kinda... hobble. Around 100 years ago hobble skirts were the ultimate high fashion. Women deliberately sew their skirts so that they would restrict leg movement. They saw the hobbling to be a extremely feminine way to walk.

Nowdays you can't see hobble skirts in the street. They are considered just too unpractical. But apparently they are very popular as fetish and bondage wear.

I got excited about hobble skirts and read several articles about the subject. I also watches some videos of people walking with hobble skirts. Ahh! I just fell in love! The confident appearance and the feminine push it gives to your appearance, it's just amazing.

I don't know, this might be really clear to all of you, and you are just wondering why am I talking about this so much. But this is like a new world to me, bloody hell. xD

Well anyhow, the second skirt I got was this punk rave skirt. It's so beautiful! And there's even room to move legs, haha!

Not a skirt but these babies arrived today! I got them at a really good price so of course my weak mind gave in to them... DAMN IT!

No full outfit picture today.. I have been feeling sick and when I feel sick I just can't concentrate on putting clothes on, nor make-up. I have had this damn cough and a cold for over two weeks and I am really getting sick of it. Tomorrow I have a time at the school nurse and I hope she can do SOMETHING, ANYTHING plz. It makes it even hard to fall asleep with all the: "coughcoughhfdjghb". Last night I slept like 2-3 hours.

There was the Awesome games done quick stream that ended yesterday, I used to watch it until I fell asleep, and it helped! But now when it's not on anymore it's just me and my thoughts.. ._.

I'd have to concentrate on school work since in 3 weeks I don't have to step in that school everrr againnnnnn!! But still can't concentrate damn it. xD