Monday, 29 February 2016

Yarrrrr matey! + What's in my bag + makeup bag?

Some time ago I ordered a cool new fascinator . It has a friggin sailboat on it. I have been dreaming about this hat for some time but it was always seemed like such a expensive item to get, + the custom charges.  

But I was so delighted to find this piece from a Finnish alternative clothing online store!

Fascinator - RQ-BL,
Shirt - Lip Service, Second Hand
Skirt - Lindex
Shoes - Demonia
 I kinda wanted today's outfit to match the ship on my head. So I went for a slightly pirate-ish look, haha!

My parents brought me a new tv so at the moment we have 2 big tv's in the living room the other one has ps4 and ps3 connected to it, and the other one has the another ps3 connected to it. I love it that we can play our own things at the same time, or the other one can play, and the other one watch nerflix and we can still be in the same room! So nice.

I haven't bought books in Finnish for a looong time. But I found the encyclopedia of the paranormal from a bookstore sale, and the Kalevala from a flea market. For the non-finns, Kalevala is a our national epic. Basically it's a poetry book that contains Finnish mythology and  folklore.

But now to the weird part! What's in my bag + my make-up bag! I have been wanting to do this for a while so here we go.

Click to see bigger image
Here's the bag I use the most. Here I have skeleton gloves, coffin bottle opener, my digital camera, a green canvas bag (for flea marketing ;) ). Some receipts and random paper, my wallet, my phone, my dream journal, pen, sharpener, eraser, a pad, my 3ds, keys and a little hair clip!

Click to see bigger image
 Now to the make up bags. I actually have 2 that I carry around if I spend the night somewhere. Otherwise I don't really carry make up with me.

From the top: Manic Panic Dreamtone foundation, NYX long lasting setting spray, Matt wear from We care icon, Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder.

The middle row: Sharpener, Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner, Grimas matte white eyeshadow, Manic panic vampire red blush, Garnier Nordic moisture match illuminating light UV lotion, Natural code Skin perfector Matt makeup color Vanilla, StarGazer pressed white powder and Duo eyelash glue.

Bottom row: Mirror/ hairbrush thing, Eyebrow kit from H&M, Beauty uk prime fx foundation primer, another Moisture match that's almost empty, another natural code that's almost empty, Gina Tricot Beauty eyes eyeshadow, spider hairclip, eyelash curler, powder press thing and a makeup sponge!

Click to see bigger image
The second bag looks like this.

From the top: Max Factor erace color ivory, Lumene beauty base eye shadow primer, H&M cover up consealer color ivory. Then there is lots of different brushes from various places, most are cheap ass crappy ones. Lumene blueberry eye makeup pencil color white, Rimmel london kohl pencil black, maybelline expression kajal color white.

Bottom row: In the middle there is Pierre Rene eye shadow that I broke. Rimmel exaggerate eye liner, L.A colors jumbo eye pencil , Loreal mega volume miss manga mascara, lip stick black, Seppälä the brilliant lip color, Rimmel stay glossy black lip gloss, Rimmel london lipstick color 170 Alarm, Lipcote lipstick coat and Mirame lip balm.

I'm not going to tell you about each product because it would take forever. But of course if you'd like to know more about any of these, or my experiences, you can comment down below and I will tell you all I know!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Weather defier

Do you ever have that feeling that you want to dress cute, but the weather is holding you down? Well I don't, ahahaa. Well now, of course I wore a long warm jacket over these. :')

I haven't worn these boots in a while, and I just can't figure out why.

Sometimes when surfing on the internet you find things that seem so obvious that you kinda hate yourself for not getting it sooner. Like I found out that most cigarette brands use animal testing. That's just sick. I have never smoked, nor I ever will, but if you are, maybe this gives you little inspiration to maybe try quitting? They harm the smoker, they harm the people around you, they harm the animals, they are just made to bring pain, and make rich guys richer. Obviously you can do what ever the f*** you want though. 100% your decision.

It just hurts me to see how smoking seems to be still part of the goth scene for some reason. Or am I just imagining it?

Another thing I came across, which is totally a happy one, was that there will be more Moomin episodes in two years! Oh my gosh, I am a huge moomin fan, and I just hope they won't slaughter them with the new episodes. Still can't wait!

Okay I still love this wig so so much but I ordered another black one. It's a bit different. It's nice to change it up once in a while huh? I'll show it to you once it arrives!

Tube scarf - Flea market
Shrug - Actually a tube scarf, flea market
headband - Flea market
Chain harness - Ali Express
Belts - Flea markets
Shoes - Demonia, Second Hand
Skirt - Flea market
 I used to hate wearing this chain harness. When I first got it it was so hard that it hurt my neck and chest. I have been wearing it occasionally and now I can use it slightly longer since I think it's getting softer.

Also my inner child forced me to buy the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire from a sale. Took it's sweet time getting to me thought!

New shoessss! Don't ya'll love new shoes? I got these second hand in a pretty good price. They have some slight ware on them but nothing major. I really have never been much of a wedge type of person, but the style of these is just so lovely. I have to really think what would look good with these.  But yeah I won't use them before summer thought , I took like 2 steps with them inside and I nearly fell and died.
One thing that bothers me tough. WHY are the buckles brass? I might paint them later on either black or silver. I just can't wear em like that. 

Sometimes I think my attention to detail might be a little too excessive. But suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing?

I was thinking maybe doing a "What's in my bag post" soon... I always wanted to do that one. Also other post suggestions are always welcome.

Monday, 8 February 2016

My spirit animal?

Some time ago my friend tagged me on Instagram to post my spirit animal. Since then, I have been thinking about what really is my spirit animal. I had not really given it that much thought before this. I went over options in my head and even relied on the internet for knowledge. 

I read somewhere that your spirit animal is the animal that you feel like you are drawn to. You might not even realize it yourself. Something that has same traits as you.

So I took a hard long look at my blog, my jewelry, my clothes etc. And I noticed a pattern.. I'm drawn to SPIDERS! No shit Sherlock. I mean it's right there under my nose and I just didn't see it.

Lace shirt - Lip Service, Second hand
Belt - From a Friend
Skirt - Second Hand
Shoes - Demonia, Second hand
Lace collar - Etsy
Lace gloves - Ebay.

So let's break it down. I'd like to say I'm artistic, like the spider who weaves amazing webs.
I'm also independent like the spider, I work best alone.
I can also become absorbed in something for a long time and lose track of time, much like spider weaving it's web.
I also have the ability to see patterns very easily, as does the spider.
I also have a look that some people find ugly and terrifying, but some people really like it. Much like the different opinions that people have of spiders. 

Spiders are my lil spirit bugs. Awesome!

Look at my new bag! I had been looking for a cool pvc bag for a long time. And I came across this demonia coffin bag second hand. Needless to say I had to have it.

Do you know your spirit animal? What is it? :)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fairy child

 Fairies... I have been crazy about them for some weeks now. I used to not care learning about them when I was younger. But slowly I have been warming to them, and now I am obsessed.

I have been watching all the fairy related things on netflix and internet as well. Even tough the portrayal of them on some might be a bit odd. I even watched all the Tinkerbell movies, haha.

Even my ootd was influenced by fairies.

Shirt - Flea market
Lace shirt - Second Hand
Belt pocket thing - Second hand
Skirt - Ebay
Tights- Ebay
Boots - Demonia, Second hand

Love this belt pocket thingy that came with a skirt I got second hand! It looks great with a lot of skirts. One always need some pockets for your herbs and potions you know!

Some time ago I also bought some books and tarot cards from adlibris. I have been eager to do little fairy gardens and I can't wait for spring so I can get on it! This book about Fairy Gardening has great tips and ideas on it and it will be of great help.

Fairy gardens are great for balconies since you can do them on flower pots or baskets or... pretty much on anything!

I got these 2 copper cauldrons from a flea market and I thought they could make good fairy garden bases. For now my peas are using them.

After a long time I also got in to making patches again. I have been working on designs that will be on my etsy store in the near future. The Black Widow Sanctuary one and the fairy ones are designed by me, but those ones I made for myself. As well as the 2 others I got from google.

For a long time I have been feeling like I don't have anything going on with my life. Sure I have been distracting myself with these little projects of mine but it really gets a bit lonely, since my boyfriend has started going to work now. I feel like I really want to get out or maybe travel a bit every once in a while.

Hope everyone else is having a good day and will continue to have a great end of the week.
Have a magical weekend!