Friday, 21 February 2014

New Booties

Aww yiss, I love my new boots.

More new boots. My search for long combat boots is finally over.

I got this awesome valentines day present from my friend. Awesome shirt and an amazing card! Haha! She said I maybe should not post a picture of that card here. But I'm gonna do it anyway.

Also made some new patches.. They are fun to pass the time with.

I don't have much else to say. I have been feeling very self conscious about my face so I don't like taking pictures much. But I'll try to work on my confidence.

I also have a problem...

I can't find my black shirt, spot it for me will you?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Giveaway winners!

So, time to announce the winners of this Giveaway! I am going to ramble some stuff in the beginning of this post because I really don't want the winners to be shown in the intro post that pops up in either blogger or bloglovin. So everyone has to go all the way over to this post to find out if they have won, bwahahaha! The way I raffled the winners is I used this site called RANDOM.ORG. I just entered everyone's names + the extra tickets some got by mentioning this giveaway, and it randomly puts them in some order. So I just take the 3 first ones to be the winners!

Ugh blogger is being a bitch again and doesn't want to show me the post intros so i can't see how much do I still have to ramble on.

Well I imagine this is long enough don't you think so too?
I got 26 entries, that's great!

So the winners are...

1. Elisabet Addams

2. Sirja

3. Katariina

Yayy congratulations to the winners!

Thankyou everyone who took part of this contest. My business idea was over powered so I didn't win there, but this was fun anyway!

I will be contacting the winners shortly!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

D.I.Y weekend

This weekend has been nice, just doing bunch of my diy projects.

It's so damn hard to find a small sized black jean jacket. When one finally dropped in to my arms I just had to make it in  to a cool vest. Just one thing I am wondering, should I add more spikes to the back and the front of the existing ones? Like on the shoulder area, just cover that area with slightly smaller spikes? Decisions decisions...

This back patch I made maany many years ago and it has been looking for its place since. It has finally found it.

I also painted and cut this shirt. Old shirt, has been at the back of my closet for a long time, not anymore :) Looks so awesome when I wear it!

Also some fresh patches I painted yesterday! I tried doing some more today but for some reason my focus could not handle it today and my x-acto knife was all over the place. Maybe I am a bit too impatient.

This is not diy but I just wanted to share my sale/second hand findings! Love them all!

I have been having lady problems for days, and they have been baaaad as hell. It seems I hate everything now so I better stay indoors for a couple of days more ehehehe.

Off to beta test The elder scrolls Online! It's my new lover for this weekend. It's just fantastic game but of course I can't tell any more of it. ;)

Everyone remember to enter my giveaway! 6 days to go!
Link to the post

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Vegetarian path?

I have been thinking a lot of my life. Last 2 years I have been eating store bought hot dogs, hamburgers etc. They are easy to make and take away the hunger. But I always end up feeling really bad after eating them. I know they are bad for me and my body knows it too. I have never liked eating meat anyway... the feel of it between my teeth, it just.. ugh..

Last 2 months I have been thinking about a change.. I need to do something! So, I have decided to turn lakto -ovo vegetarian. Going full vegan from my current state would be very difficult so this is my first step. When I feel that I am doing good with it and could do even better I might consider vegan. 

Any veteran vegetarians or vegans out there? The first thing I'm doing is starting my personal cook book. It has been hard for me to think of things to eat. Even when I allowed myself meat! It would be soooo helpful if you, for example, gave me your favorite vegan/vegetarian recipes!  We have a blender so any good smoothie would be awesome! 

I really think this is the way to go. Vegetarianism will help me focus more on what I eat and I hope it will help me become more healthy. Any helpful food blogs are also very welcome!

What else is up?

Well I have gained a wonderful friend, I guess I already mentioned that through my video. Some say you can't make good friends through internet, I think that's shit. Well sure, I have had some friends from internet that have faded out either very quickly, or slowly over time. But then there are those who are for life! And this girl, she is like my soul sister~ Gonna get my ass to Joensuu sooner or later!

Those who have not taken part of my giveaway yet: LINK
The prices are awesome! You don't really have to do much of anything to enter.

Someone asked if I have some sort of contract with the shops the prizes are from. No, I pay everything from my own wallet, and the shops I have carefully picked out myself. Some are shops that I have personally ordered stuff from.