Thursday, 26 September 2013

I can't handle

... how awesome my birthday present is!

And what an awesome thing my pen pal got me<3 p="">

I've been looking rather boring in these few days. There's nothing to see there. It's just that it's friggin cold and I have to travel to school by bike. The minute my money comes in, off to get the bus card I go.

The cat was at the vet yesterday. He got his nuts cut off. Poor thing, he was all messed up when we got him home. He's better now, but I guess he still has a sore throat since he's not meowing?
Does anyone else who had have their cats nudered know if it's normal to it be silent still?

Monday, 16 September 2013

My loot

I have been swimming in flea markets lately. That makes a big hole in my wallet so I had to put a stop to that for a while.. a while... yeah hahaha for a "while". Though I still try to find something for my new penpal!

I'm still waiting some packets to come in mail though. My boyfriend ordered something I have been drooling for a loooong time. I can't wait for that to arrive!

Anyhow.. I got this harness and this skirt recently. Both are second hand.
But the harness...
Oh how I love it!

 Also got these shoes to wear with my long skirt! Also second hand.

Some music too :)

My hair is so long that I need some some more force to keep them up and fluffy. Let's see if these help. I got the chaotic gum from a web store but for some reason the spray was missing from the packet. So I just went to the store and bought it. They promised to send me another spray though.

Also I have been drawing again. :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

20 years of horror

My birthday was last Friday. We did nothing special. On Saturday we were supposed to go to this concert thing that I mentioned about on my last post, but I ended up not having any cash on me and I was tired. We drove around Tampere all day and also walked around ideapark. It was a nice surprise to notice that there was a record fair there! There was all kinds of records, so much rock, heavy metal, punk... OH DEAR HELL ALL THE GLORIOUS PUNK! I noticed a Siouxie and The Banshees LP record, I wanted it so baaad, I went to get some cash and when I got back... it was gone.. I was very sad since it didn't even cost very much. But I got some CD:s instead.

I made those leg things from Jeans I bought from the fleamarket.

This is what I got from that trip, 2 The Cure albums and 1 Joy Division, happy times~

Ohh yeah, something I have been looking forever arrived in the mail today! You guys probably going to see it in the next post. See you then!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Lately I have been having a habit of putting a lot of pictures. First I thought I should cut down a bit. but then again.. nope.

I just had to get a mirror to my closet. Now it's muchhh easier to put on clothes in the morning when I don't have to skidaddle all the way to the other side of the apartment to see if this thing goes with that thing.

I kinda liked this outfit a lot since when I got home, I easily made it comfy.

I'm really looking forward on the weekend. On Friday we will go to my parents and maybe go to a movie. Becauuusee, it's my birthday! And on Saturday we shall go to the Jukola Psychosis

The place is right by my parents house, oh joy! I hear there is some piercing person and a tattoo artist at present! Also lots of other cool stuff~

Monday, 2 September 2013

The fuck??

Last night I woke up.. There was some (drunk I hope) asshole shouting in the front of our apartment building. He was with some poor soul who got locked behind the door. They both live in this building, but the poor soul didn't have a key to get inside. The asshole had, but he didn't let this guy in. The asshole shouted stuff like this:

"We don't let criminals in this building you fucking shit."
" Now days they let anyone live in here, all the bad people, the good people have to live in the forests."
" Only the scum of earth live in this building, except me, BECAUSE I GO TO WORK" ( He said that at least 20x times )
" Fucking people don't go to work because they don't go to school it's their own damn fault"
" Now days they let fucking immigrants live here too, whats their problem?"
" In midsummer, there was a child screaming, and no one went to help him, WHY DIDN'T YOU GO HELP??" ( x 20 times) ( Didn't know what this was about cause we were away at midsummer. But,first of all, I know for a fact that his own damn kids shout all day and all evening in front of this house, there is no reason for the shouting, they just fucking shout. Second of all, why did he GO HELP?

I had a problem with basically everything he said and all I wanted to do is to find a brick to throw at him. There was stuff much worse that he said, but I was tired and and just wanted to sleep so I don't remember all of it. In the end someone came and let the poor soul in. The asshole went quiet after that and I fell asleep pretty quickly.

But seriously what the fuck???

The day continued as it had started, carppy. When I woke up I felt that my head was about to explode. I took a Panadol but it didn't really help. I decided not to put on make up or anything. I just cant look good anyway is I feel as bad as that. I suffered all the way to lunch time, when I got my boyfriend to pick me up. I went home to sleep, I slept for like an hour. My head still felt really bad but I decided to go for the last hour of school. It was not a good decision. I felt like shit.

After I got home I slept another 3 hours, after this I felt much better. But Now I wonder if I can get any sleep at night..

I did take outfit pictures today but they all just looked like shit, maybe because I looked like shit today. So you get some pictures from last week.