Sunday, 29 December 2013

Renaming and re-modelling my blog, little help?

So, some might have noticed that I changed my blog name and everything else.
My former blog name was Rikkinäinen Blogi and it felt weird to have a Finnish blog name since I write in English. So now it's Black Widow Sanctuary!

I'm thinking about changing the url too but I'm not sure if that has some side effects? Will I loose the followers or what will happen? Might someone with experience on the matter please inform me. Thanks.

I have been thinking about changing the blog name for a long time but it was so hard to think of a new name. I guess this name came from my love of spiders. Black widows are just so beautiful so I thought naming my blog after them would be awesome.

I also drew a little logo for my blog.

What do you guys think of the new name and blog?
(I'm still modifying it a little.)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

All these beautiful things

I want to share these beautiful and meaningful things I have gotten recently. I'm super excited about all of these.

A dragon statue I got from a flea market. I have a mirror that the dragon is supposed to be holding but I thought it would be nice if it would be holding this book instead. I just love Bioshock and when finished playing bioshock infinite, I just had to have this book. I can't wait to read it!

Ohh yes, I have been drooling over hookahs for more than a few months. When a opportunity came, I just had to have this one. Since it was black obviously. Now to get me some of that coal and tobacco. I think I'll buy a bigger hookah later though.

I attacked this LP at sight. I had to have it. It even contains my favorite song from them! I'm planning to get a few more LP records from my favorite bands and hang them on my wall. 

A new drawing pad! My old one has been broken for months and months..I got this as a gift from my parents, yay.
Just something I quickly drew to test the pad.

These were my test patches. The other ones came out alright but the Frankensteins bride should have been black paint on white canvas. This was was just horrid. Well, you have to make mistakes to learn, eh?

My friend suggested me to get Spotify, then I indeed did. I have found so much new music that I am just too happy. I also added a widget to the sidebar but it seems that it takes some time to update itself.

I have been so eager to learn how to do make up that I ordered a good bunch of new make up stuff. I can't wait for them to arrive! I guess I'll blog a bit about them next time. Also going to show off my new dress I got as a gift! Laters for now.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Into the Light

Woppiedoo, I think I have gotten a little addiction of bondage/ chain belts. This one was a cheap 5e belt, bought second hand.

Wellp I thought this was a good day to blog since minecraft was released for ps3 today! Whoo! It was cheaper than we thought so I guess we are going to buy it. It's so awesome that it has a split screen option in multiplayer!

Found a Depeche Mode cd from the fleamarket, I just fell in love with some of it's songs, so it was weird that I came across this just a few days later.

Also new shoes to my family of shoes! Picked them up second hand 6 euros, aww yissss. I should organize my clothing closet.. Shoes and clothes everywhere.

Last but not least, some Siouxie and The Banshees, I just love this song.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I have been thinking of doing a video.. I'm thinking about filming when I cut my bangs. You guys can see me fail miserably! Probably a lot of cursing. That would be my first video, I think I'd be pretty nervous about publishing it.

Would anyone be interested on watching my video?

Also I'm planning on staring a small thing to earn a bit of money. I'll start doing patches! I have discovered a new way to make them, more detailed, and more neat and I'm thinking about starting to sell them. I'm going to sell them around 1-3 euros a piece + the shipping cost. First I'm going to make some test patches and I'll inform on that later on. :)

If someone has good ideas for patches, I'd really be grateful. I have already planned out some bats, spiders, ankhs, satanic crosses etc.

And here is a few pictures from today.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The curse of Black Hair

Today I have been wondering about my hair, what do I do with it? My bangs are already so long that they are poking my eyes, ugh. I decided that I will definitely not going to go to a hair dresser to get them cut. instead I used 7 euros (instead of the 13 that would go to the bang cutting) to buy myself hair cutting scissor. Nothing professional but just something to get it done. So I will just cut the damn bangs myself. V shaped one would be cool too.. We shall see.

As for the rest of the hair.. I may get myself a hair trimmer. When this poof gets to awkward length, I' just going to trim both of the sides myself. Cut a damn death hawk myself.

As for the color.. It's already a bit faded. I just realized that it would be good to wash my dyed hair with cold hair, duh. I need a good black color soon. On what I have read on the net, Schwartskopf Live color XXL would be a good color? Any suggestions or opinions on what colors are good?