Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter Solstice

So it's here! Winter Solstice aka Yule. In the morning I had a doctors appointment and it went pretty well.

But YES from now on, days will start to get longer! Wohoo! For a blogger like me, more light the better. Also it helps my mood.

We have been playing magicka 2 today with my boyfriend, such a nice pastime.

Tulle skirt - From Backstreet
Dress - From H&M
Everything else - Second hand

I'll be charging some of my stuff tonight as well.

Have a magical midwinter everyone! 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Clean up

Yesterday was snowy, today it's rainy. Good thing I went thrifting yesterday so I didn't get that wet. Found all sorts of cool clothes, moomin dvd's and a book on vampires!

Winter solstice is coming up so soon! Next monday! ...and so is my doctors appointment... *shivers*
Sorry, I keep complaining about that. :')

We are going to just stay home till the end of the year. Play some games, burn some candles, charge some crystals, draw some stuff, take some pictures, so nice.

Weeee so much new games and it's not even the holidays yet! I finally found the Digimon Rumble arena from a facebook flea market. I used to love this game as a child. The Dragon Age I got from a Gamestop in Tampere. It was previously used, so it was pretty cheap.

The 3 bottom games came from my friend as a gift! I was so surprised like you wouldn't believe when I opened the package! I had been wanting these games since he suggested them to me. Except the Dragonball, that one I had been wanting to play forever. So happy, can't wait to play them all!
Need to make some room in our ps4 to get them all installed though. :')

Yesterday I decided that it's time to organize my clothing closet. It was a terrible mess and shoes were all over the place. I got 4 bags full of clothing to take to the flea market and 2 bags to just to trow away.

I ended up with so much rooom in there! It's so nice for a change. But these clothes are mostly the ones I use very rarely (excluding the shoes).  The clothes I use a lot are in the bedroom and I just don't know what am I going to do with the piles and more piles in there. And I just keep carrying more from the flea markets. Ahahahaa.

I was so happy that I got all the shoes to fit in there and then I remembered I have like 10 pairs more in the bedroom. Sigh. Does anyone else have problems accommodating their clothes and shoes? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Catching up

Oopsie. The every other day post thing isn't doing so well. Sorry about that. Also the fact that I have a doctors appointment on 21st kinda makes me not kinda want it to come so soon. Ahaha.

But oh well! I have been crafting gifts and such, so nothing that interesting.
Outfits have also been quite unimaginative like this one.

Lately I think I have been using this skirt with everything. Why, oh why it goes with everything.

Everything - Thrifted or diy
Same goes to my tube scarves. I always try to force them to every outfit. For some reason I like them so so much. On this outfit I tried to NOT have a tube scarf. It was hard.

I visited the new flea market that opened very close to me, but there was really nothing good, not at that time at least.

Here's pretty much what I have been doing. Drawing and painting and netflix. This one was a gift for my dad on his birthday.

This one was for me. It looks really nice next to the colorful dead leaves of my vine. Protecting our balcony.

I have also purchased some cool games lately! But I'll tell you about them later. c:

Friday, 4 December 2015

Dreaming of Crafting

Today we were shopping for Yule gifts.  I also bought some stuff from the craft store so I could make some presents.

I'm not going to show some stuff I made as presents because I don't want to spoil any surprises! But I'm going to show you this one I made for myself.

I really like making dream catchers..  Making the webbing always kinda goes wrong because of my need to just swing most of it. But I really loved the idea of having a spider webby catcher and I found this video from youtube:
It pretty much covers the whole web part in detail.

After shopping around the city center, I decided I wanted to go to the flea market. So my boyfriend dropped me off there. I wanted to walk home afterwards but it was really pouring ice cold water straight to my face and I was soaking wet and my head was freezing. I had a hood, but I could not keep it up since the wind blew it down right away. I gave up after like 500 meters of walking and called for a pickup.

At least I didn't get soaking wet for nothing.. I found this long dress and a hat. Both are probably from H&M originally. I kinda have a similar hat already, but this one has a bigger... flopper. Haha!

I really want to walk to another flea market tomorrow so I hope it won't rain. At least I'll take a umbrella with me. And I'll probably wear these, so you can see how they look on me on the next post!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Starting December

I was kinda planning something elaborate for my first yule calendar post. But it got spoiled by period pain. Oh uterus, you so sneaky. So I didn't really have the strength to take proper outfit pictures. Only this one.

Those who didn't catch the last post. I'm doing a: "at least every other day" Yule calendar thing. I'll be posting at least every other day, at least till 21st. Possibly till the end of the year.

But guess what? Some weird weird person threw these in the trash bin. Books about crafts and sewing, as well as craft magazines with all the sewing patterns still in them! Well, someone else's trash is someone else's treasure! My precioooouuussss.

I already got some great craft ideas from just flipping trough the pages. Can't wait to get to the craft store tomorrow! More about that later!

As for buying gifts for Yule. I'm a bit further ahead than I was last year. I have this list where I have all the important people in my life, and under them I write ideas on what I want to get for them. The theme this year seems to be diy. Because I'm just so poor. :') I loooove giving gifts to people I care about, even tough I might be a horribly bad at picking out gifts.

This year I'm also going to do a lot of baking. I think baked goodies are good if you just can't think of anything else. At least that way, I wont give anything useless that will just be thrown at the back of the cupboards.

Hope everyone had a great start of December. I'll see you all soon, possibly tomorrow! ;)