Saturday, 29 February 2020

Last minute

I made a secret promise to myself to at least post one blog post every month. WELL, now it's 29th of February, 8pm, it still counts right?

I forgot if I already talked about this, but anyway. I have not been feeling too good about myself since I gained some weight during the Christmas times. Not like a whole lot, but enough for me to feel crummy in every tight clothing I try on. So some weeks ago I started a light diet and added some exercise. I am already half way to the minimum amount I want to shake off, but a kilo or two more couldn't hurt. 
Top - Second hand
Choker - Killstar
Skirt - Lindex
Jacket - Asos
Necklace - Fleamarket
Shoes - Demonia, second hand
Belts - All second hand
Stockings, tights, undershirt - Diy'ed ebay shit
Bracelets - Ebay
My work schedules changed in the beginning of the year.  Even thought it's neat to have every weekend off, I just hate it. I hate that it's 5 days of work without a day off. We used to have a max of 4 days in a row. I also loved having days off in the middle of the week, you could do your shopping and stuff when no one else was around. I hate going to the store in the weekends or after work hours.

It already feels like spring! Sure there are nights when it's a bit cold but the days are longer and there is no snow anywhere!

This sitting picture got a bit too much overexposure but I still liked it enough to try to save is as best I could.

I got my financial situation in a bit of a wobble ever since my layoff, but it's slowly getting back on track! But because of this I had to miss some events I really wanted to attend and it really sucks. As much as I love staying home all the time, there's a limit to it. Would love to just go all out dancing! 

Some time ago I acquired a Nintendo Switch! Mainly because the Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming out 20th of March and I just could not miss out on it! I have been obsessed with Animal Crossing ever since I got Wild World for Nintendo DS 2006. From there on I have bought every game, even the Wii U one is sitting on my shelf even though I never had Wii U. 

Meanwhile I have been playing Pokemon Shield. I also got Ring Fit adventure since it looked like fun and anything to help me exercise is more than welcome!