Thursday, 3 September 2020

The wait

At the moment I am waiting for my internet to improve so I could stream. It doesn't look very good for today. But hopefully on Saturday when I want to do my birthday stream all will look better.
For Saturday night I kinda want to bring boyfriends steering wheel and pedals to the computer room and play Wreckfest and maybe drink while doing that.

For non stream things. I had a slight slump in my mental health and instead of it steadily improving like it has been doing for a month it took some steps back. So I took some days to just painting, playing and sleeping. Why do I get the deja vu feeling form saying that, oh gosh. 

I recently started an oil painting of my cat and hopefully that will be the first painting I feel comfortable sharing here after... years? I used to like sharing my art a lot but nowadays I just like painting for myself and very personal stuff. Those get pushed at the back of the closet but it's fine since it's more about the ritual of making them for me.

Necklace - Tommy Vowles
Waist belts - Boohoo
Chains - Hardware store
Skirt - Flea Market
Shoes - Gothic Shoe Co.
Top - Flea Market
Lace Gloves - Ebay

One thing about the fall coming soon is I start to get the urge to read a lot. Good thing I have a bunch of books waiting for me to grab them. Maybe some Stephen King? 

That's all for today! See you soon!

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