Sunday, 21 May 2017

Summer shoes and planning

The summer weathers have even reached Finland. It kinda put you in the mood to start planning and shopping for summer. Though I am not sure how much I can plan since I'll probably have to work most of the summer with a few weeks of leisure time at least. 

(If you don't want to read a icky story about tooth removal and hospitals, please skip from here to below the first picture.) 
Last week was not very sunny though. 2 weeks ago Tuesday I got one of my wisdom teeth pulled once again. At first it seemed like it went well, even thought I had problems with opening my mouth and it kinda hurt to swallow. But I went on with my life with painkillers and just thinking it will pass. It didn't. On that Saturday we had a work day and I was really hating it. Not to mention the swallowing pain got so intense that I just wanted to die. It was even painful to talk, and you can imagine how horrible it was to be at work where you have to talk all the time.

On the first break I went to the bathroom and tried to glance at the back of my mouth through the mirror. It was hard but I saw a big yellow lump in there and I poked it and it hurt like fukkin hell.

I decided I needed to show it to a doctor or a dentist so I left in the middle of the day. So to keep it short, that night I ended up in the hospital ward in Turku, crying while the nurse tried to comfort me and give me painkillers. I stayed there for 3 days. On Sunday the operated on the lump and the pain pretty much was gone after that. But apparently there was a some sort of infection so they wanted to keep me there for few more days.

I had never been on a ward before and it was horrible. Tubes going in your wains, no privacy, just laying there all day, interesting food that I couldn't even eat and on the top of that, sleeping was hard as hell. If the nurse had not brought me a phone charger when I first came there, I would had gone bonkers.

But anyway I feel better now. I got some antibiotics. However I can't quite open mu mouth all they way yet. Though it's getting a slightly better each day and I hope it will fix itself in time.

So warm today!
Shoes - Fantasy Shoes, second hand
Skirt - H&M
Top - Flea market
Belts - Flea markets
Gloves - Ebay
Undershirt - H&M
But enough of that! I have been trying to plan this summer a little. Reserving some hotels and buying some tickets. 

First thing would be seeing Skinny Puppy 16th of June in Helsinki! 
And then the medieval fair in Turku 1st to 2nd of July
 and then of course the Lumous Gothic festival 14th to 16th of July.

That's what I have for now anyways. Of course I want to do even more stuff since it's going to be my first summer when I actually have decent money. Not decent enough to go to WGT in few weeks though. Which made a bit sad. But now it should be easy for me to save for next year. *sigh*

But anyways, I noticed a lack of sensible and usable summer shoes in my closet. I usually just use my combat boots all year around but this year I wanted to have some more options so I went a bit crazy with it.

First off I got these Demonia Kera -08's from Boutique Lou Lou. I had been eyeing them for a while and it seemed like the cheapest place to order them.

Then I got these Demonia Stomp-16's. Which I weren't really planning on buying, but they jumped out on me on a facebook flea market page. And they're brand new!

 And then another pair from the facebook flea market. Demonia Ranger 301's. These have some slight ware on them but nothing major. Still in great condition!

At least my feet wont run out of stuff to wear this summer!

So, have you already made plans for this summer?