Monday, 22 June 2015

I'll suck you dry

This day was a complete mess!

First of all, my Origin account was hacked last night. No worries, I got it back and changed the password. But the bastard who did it, changed my security question and now I have to CALL the EA support and get some help. I just can't begin to explain how hard it is to me to call to strange places and people. The guy that I contacted said that I can do this also via Live Chat, but I just can't for the life of it, find the goddamn thing anywhere.

After this terrifying event, I got paranoid and basically changed all my internet passwords on all the sites that I could think of. So now all my sites have these super hard passwords and not even once I used the same one. So never will I ever remember all these passwords from the memory, sigh.

Speaking of games. Steam summer sale was a complete disappointment. There wasn't really any good deals. Usually there is, at least in the last few days. The monster game was alright.

On the other hand I liked my outfit today. But my damn hair was a real pain today! It didn't want to stay the way I wanted it to and in the end it just gave up and started to hang around.

After I thought that I would like to take some outfit pictures today, we went to the spot we usually go. Not too far. But wow, there were billions of mosquitoes. We ran away and thought that maybe we can find a nice place by driving somewhere. So we had basically no gas and we circled around the neighborhood. We didn't even find a good place so we just came back home and decided to defy the mosquitoes. So now every place itches!

Damn those mosquitoes suck.

*whine whine*

Hope everyone had a nice midsummer!
Mine was vodka and netflix.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

New Videos!

Some of you know that I have made few videos.. But I haven't really gotten in to the whole youtube thing. A blog is enough right?

Well I have now made a proper youtube channel for my blog. But it's not there to replace this blog or anything. It's there to strengthen this blog. I will make videos of things that will work better as a video than a blog post. On things like follow me around, unboxings, tutorials, tags, hauls and etc. I will also post the videos here.  I can also for example make a video of a trip, and then back it up with pictures and a blog post. :)

Link to the Channel:

The first video is The Goth Tag!

And the second is about my diy box!

Sorry for the longness and stuff. :)

Video suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Time so shave my sides again. Seriously, I would have to keep shaving it every other day to keep it short! Well I guess it's good that my hair grows so fast since I might start to grow my sides out after the Lumous Gothic Festival. Though I'm kinda thinking about shaving my whole head and start from scratch, you know. Or just save my bangs, Haha :D

My balcony gardening has been rather poor this year. I only have two cucumbers and some vines that I hope will climb all the way up the wall. I have been trying to protect them from the cat but ohhh he likes to munch on them.

Forever I have been meaning to do some videos but I just can't get around to do them. A video form lumous festival would be awesome, but it's so awesome to be there that it's hard to remember to film every once and a while. :') Putting videos up will soon be this mythical thing that I do once every century.

Oh boob, I'm so boring. :D *continues to lie in the bed and browse netflix*

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hiding from the sun

I hate living in the city. You just can't go outside and find the nature, no. Only things you'll find are some small plots with a few trees and some weeds growing. We even tried to go to this nature path, that's not too far from here. But guess what, it wasn't really a forest... There were houses here and there, constantly there was people jogging, also constant noises that came from the distance. It wasn't quiet or relaxing at all.

When can I move away from all of this and live far away from people?

Does any of you tan easily? Because I do. It takes only 1 day when I forget my sunscreen at home and there we go, I'm tanned forever.... I do not want.... I never even burn I just tan very strongly. But THIS summer I will not tan, mock my words! *applies sunscreen like a crazy person*

Some of you might have noticed how I have greatly increased my blogging lately. Well I do have much more time on my hands so be prepared to see a lot of posts!

I also have this thought. Is anyone interested in a video where I show all the insides of my d.i.y box? That's the box that I always bring out when I'm about to do some diy or crafts or sewing. It holds all my tools and such.