Monday, 29 December 2014


Yule is over and gone. So happy about that. I got some nice stuff as gifts, nothing expensive or fancy. I got more useful stuff and I really like that. I also got something for myself but I'll show those off later on.

I got this 3DS XL from my boyfriend! It was used so it wasn't that expensive. And the game I bought myself. I had the first animal crossing on my old DS, and I just loved how stress relieving the game was! So of course I had to get this new animal crossing too. So happy~

If you happen to have a 3DS, contact me! I'd be very happy to have friends on my friend list, haha. You can use my facebook or email or the comments down below! Even better if you also have Animal Crossing.

As a present for my boyfriend, I got a Nintendo Wii. We have been having a really good time playing with it too.

I also got 50e worth of playstation store money. And after the minecraft I got for my ps vita, I still have 31e left... It's so hard to choose!

Well.. the yule time was nice and all. We were at my parents place for 5 days and we got good food and everything was okay.. But still I kinda missed our cats and our home the whole time. I have no idea how am I going to handle being away for 5 months! In February I will move to my parents for 5 months because of school internship thing that I will be doing near them. How will I ever be able to handle being away from home, the cats and from my boyfriend? I have no idea.

 I mean our little cat Nipsu will grow so fast that it will be a big adult when I come back... :c

The asymmetric top - H&M
Everything else - Thrifted or d.i.y

On other notes, I have started to do the elastic bondage stuff again. The latest one is this simple 1 ring waist belt with a strap. (Well there's another ring at the back) Next I'm planning a similar one, but it goes over the shoulders.

Some more gifts coming up on the next post, see you there~

Monday, 15 December 2014


Only 1 test to go... phew!
And while I am writing this, I checked my school email, I got a message confirming that I have passed all my previous exams so far! I'm so happy!

I got a little Yule gift for myself! I got these new rocks second hand, only 30e. They were also in a better shape than I thought, yay!

Yesterday I bought Sim City 5 from Origin. It was on sale, only 15e for the compete edition! I have played a lot of the previous ones but I think I like this one the best. It even has a (kinda) multiplayer.

Gahhh I can't wait for the present exchange next week! I know what my boyfriend got me.... and I just want it now! I'll promise to show it to you too! ;)

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Ugh, the closer we get to the end of the year, the lazier I get. I should be doing so much but I started playing WoW instead.. Oops. I downloaded the free version where you can play up to 20lvl. If I still feel like playing after that, I might just buy the whole thing. I saw some other bloggers talking about it and I just really wanted to play it again!

 Yule time is so stressful! I can't wait for it to be over.  

I'm glad it's not like -20 Celsius outside so I can get away with wearing short skirts! I found this one at the flea market earlier this week, I just love it. 

Tomorrow is picture day in school, no, please no.

I also adore my new shoes! Might not use them yet though, it's always so slippery in the mornings. I'd just end breaking something.

I'm thinking about making more videos soon... Any suggestion on videos are very welcome. I have a my day video and maybe a some sort of flea market video in mind.

Now... I'll just go back to the game I suppose... *RPG addict*

Lately I have been seeing some reeaalllly weird dreams and in the dreams, I just always feels a lot like someone is trying to contact me..? Nahhh that's stupid.

Friday, 28 November 2014


It's a marvelous day indeed. The Finnish Parliament has approved same-sex marriages! The only right decision they have done in years... But I think it's a great big step on the road to better equality.

Anyway, my real topic today is Demons.

Demons appear in many beliefs and every one of them have their own perception of demons. I have recently read the book "The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley". The book describes many known demons and the vocabulary surrounding them. I am not sure if this book is written from the Christian point of view or not. But one thing caught my eye over and over again. Despite the common belief of evil demons, the book tells about many demons that were only described to do good. 

For example the demon Andrealphus's powers are teaching perfect geometry
and everything pertaining to measurements, as well as
astronomy. Well maybe from Christian point of view science is evil so I suppose it makes sense, haha!

Also there is  Bealphares. He will tell where treasure is hidden and will fetch gold or silver. Bealphares appears in the likeness of either a fair man or a fair woman and will appear whenever summoned. Bealphares will transport a person from country to country without causing any harm and will answer questions truthfully. He will give all knowledge of the magical arts, grammar, speech and
rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

Demon Buer teaches moral and natural philosophy, the logical arts, and the virtues of all herbs and
plants. Buer heals all distempers and gives good familiars.

Lots of interesting demons to read about huh?
I ordered some more Demonology books because I want to learn more about the subject. It's just horribly interesting! I want to learn more about exorcisms, conjurations, rituals, and history from every point of view possible.

Do I believe in demons? I don't know. I don't believe in gods or angels or anything like that. People say you can't believe in demons if you don't believe in god, demons are said to be fallen angels after all. But oh well, I don't believe in the christian demons. I believe there are just some entities that have both good and bad in them. It's a gray area, you can't know. But I still find it fascinating. 

But I suppose I have to put these aside for a while because I might have to at least try to concentrate on school. But this is so much more interesting. Can't I just major in Demonology? Hahaha!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

EMP web shop, part 2

This post is made in cooperation with web shop.

The first part you can find here: Part 1

These are the last 3 items I got from them.

I am wearing 2 of the things here. First off the Vixxins Bust Vest. The EMP web shop seems to be out of them. I think I got some of the last few ones. And I had to get it in size M because it's such a small size.

The other one is the Skor- bolero from Poizen Industries. which I am wearing under the vest. I like it a bunch, but The laces on the hood and on the arm things are waayy too long. I have to cut those shorter.

They are out of this product too, sorry! 

And lastly I have the Corded Skirt by Gothicana. I Have mixed feelings about this skirt. It's just way too long for my taste. Here in this picture above here, I have folded the end of the skirt so it appears the way I would just love it. And I might just sew it in place like this.

Here is the skirt in it's natural state. Which way would you guys like it?

I now realize that they do say how long it is on their website, but when I ordered, I just looked at the pictures where it's on someone who must be horribly long since it looks much shorter on her. (I'm 171cm) Oh well, nothing a good sewing wont fix!

All in all, I am mostly very happy on the stuff I got and it was nice to have this cooperation opportunity! Thank you.

Links take you to the Finnish EMP shop, but just scroll down the page and you will find their shops in different countries if you live somewhere else!

Monday, 24 November 2014

All the RPG's

Last Saturday I was at the Alternative blogs Finland meet up. It was nice to see everyone, but I am just so bad in group situations that I just crash. Oh well.

Ugh yellow lamp makes me all yellow. After this picture I have been practicing using the camera settings better. It was pretty medium priced camera and there is a good amount of settings that I have quite not yet sank in. I'd like to learn to use it better.

More pictures from the meet up and so on you can find from my instagram: hukutettu_nukke
or Wanderin the Borderlands or Desperate Hell

Last week me and my boyfriend visited the local game shop. I got Ni No Kuni for ps3 and he got Diablo 3 for ps3. I got Ni No Kuni because my friend talked about it a lot and it seemed like a really nice game. And she was right. I just love these kinds of RPG games. Then we played Diablo 3, it's so much fun when you can get up to 4 players to play it in one console!

We have also been tossing the idea of getting the PS4.. Since the tax returns are coming next week! But we'll have to think it through!

School... school is horrible! I have so much to do before the end of the year! I just can't get anything started. I feel depressed, tired and overwhelmed.

Funny how school books just seem appalling, but Demonology books are like candy, ha! I can't wait for my new books to arrive!

Friday, 7 November 2014


So, my boyfriend had his hair cut in to a mohawk. Shortly after, I had a terrible urge to do it too! So I went and bought a hair trimmer. On that same day I got in front of the mirror and buzzed away loads of my hair from both sides!

I really like the cut I managed to make on my own. I haven't tried the hawk yet, but I'll get around to do it later.

With this haircut, my ears are so visible. And because of that I got a terrible urge to take more ear piercings! I'd like to take them at a real piercing place, because the jewelry ones are so unhygienic. But geeez, I asked a local piercing place what would they charge for a simple ear piercing. They said 40e and up.. No.

 I know there is one place in Tampere that charges 30e (ugh their prices have gone up..) so I'll guess I'll have to go there again. Unless someone out there knows a good place in Tampere or Pori with a even better price...? 

At the moment I am visiting my parents, and it's so cold! Many layers were needed!

I really want to take pictures outside with the snow! I hope it stays for a while so I can take those when I get back home~ I'm also hoping to get some nature photos when I'm visiting here. It's so beautiful now.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Make your own pixie skirt

Today I made my own pixie skirt! It's easy! Here's how:

What you will need:
1 plain skirt
Miscellaneous fabric pieces
Sewing machine or a needle and some thread

1. Find a old plain skirt. If you don't have one you don't use at the back of you'r closet, just find one from the flea market. The appearance of the skirt doesn't matter that much. Only thing showing should be the waist band.

2. Find different kinds of fabrics. More different they are, the better. I had lot of left overs from my sewing projects so it was easy for me. For example if you have old clothes you don't use anymore, you can just rip those up for you'r skirt. You can also buy a little bit of tulle fabric from a fabric store.

3. Start cutting different kinds of pieces from your fabrics. It's totally up to you, what kind of pieces you want to cut. You can make them long and narrow, or a square that you can attach from the middle, cone shaped, what ever.

4. Lay your skirt out on the floor. Take some pins, and start attaching your pieces just below the waist band all around the skirt. Pin some pieces over the other pieces so your skirt will seem more full. If you have a piece that is really long, just attach it from several places. If you have some tulle fabric or lace, just toss those in the mix.

5. Sew the pieces in place. When you think you have enough pieces attached. You can either take a sewing machine and just sew below the waistband. Or you can just take a needle and some thread and attach them one by one.

6. When your pieces are in place, you can try on the skirt. If some pieces seem too long you can just cut those short. If some places don't seem as full as the rest, just sew in more pieces!

- If you have a tulle skirt, you can wear it under the skirt to make it even more poofy.
- If you don't like all black, just mix different colors!
- If you don't want any poof effect, use thin and droopy fabrics.
- If you'd like it to be even more ripped looking. Make little cuts on the fabrics.
- If you want. you can make a waist belt out of some fabric, to hide the rugged edges. Just tie it over the waistband.

Tadahh, and you are done! You can also add chains, charms, ribbon... whatever!

Other good tutorials to check out (both require a sewing machine):

Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween haul 2

Another week of alone time. I have just been playing minecraft alot. I can't think of anything else to to really. I do have a dentist tomorrow, which I am NOT looking forward on.

But I am just trying to keep my mind focused on the thing I am going to do after the dentist. I will go to the city center and look for more Halloween stuff. And maybe some Halloween themed clothes if possible. It's kind a luck's game in Finland to find Halloween clothes but I'll give it a try.

In the matter of fact I already had some luck in Lindex! The kids section were selling cool bat and spider tights. Also there were these bat leggings! Even more lucky me, they had them in size 170cm and they fit great. Still, they should put some Halloween stuff on the adult section too..
The glow in the dark things weren't from Lindex but I got them on the same trip.

Last week when my friend was here, we went around some flea markets. I found some black candles, which can be hard to find, and this pumpkin lantern. I like it because it isn't too orange.

And today I got these from Prisma... The cookie cutters I got mainly because I wanted the bat shaped one. But the other ones are nice too. Also I could not resist these cute little spiders ahhh!

I think there will be some more Halloween hauls on the way. Everyone is free to express their annoyance to my Halloween hauls if they wish to do so. But I just get so excited every October, Halloween is the only holiday I take part on, and it's not even official here.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Small Halloween haul!

I was on my way to buy some food from Prisma today.. When suddenly.. wild Halloween stuff appears! Holy shit!

Ugh I was late from school on the first day, aint that just great! But oh well, my friend is coming for a long visit tomorrow! Aghhh I can't wait, we can go around flea markets and all that stuff! Wiii! *obsessive cleaning*

But yeah to the point, this was the stuff I picked up. I would have bought more if I wasn't on a budget.. There really was not anything thaaat special, but even these little things make me so happy~
There is some bottle labels, rubber bats, candy bucket and some spider webs. I so have to raid all the other stores and see if their Halloween stuff is up yet!

Have you guys found any good Halloween stuff yet!?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Yellow leaves

One thing is certain, you can't wear skirts like this when there is a little kitten on the house. But I do it anyway. I layered a h&m skirt and a skirt I found from a flea market. I really like how they look together. 

So my internship at the local pet shop is over now.. I am really sad about it. I have to go to school next week, I'd much rather return to work. The whole atmosphere of the school is horrifying to me. I was there only for a minute few days ago and I already felt the hate and the pressure on me. Well.. It's only until February next year and I'll be out of that place.

Next 2 weeks my boyfriend will be out of town. So I'll be left at home with two cats for the whole time. I'll have some time to write some blog posts and maybe even make a video? Alone time will be somewhat welcome. But two weeks seems a bit much..   
Did another diy vest too. Sewed some striped fabric on it and I thought it looks nice. 

A fellow blogger Miss Chaos tipped that she found a tripod on Halpa Halli that cost only 9,90€! I had to go and get one for myself too! You know, for those forest trips.. I was expecting a crappy tripod, but it's actually pretty awesome for the price! You can get the camera on pretty much every angle you want. Good enough for me. :) 

My boyfriend got me Final Fantasy Realm Reborn! It's updating now.. I cannnnn't wait to play it! It seems like a very good MMORPG. I do like the elder scrolls online too, but I'm too poor to buy more months to it now. Oh noes. 

Samhain is also getting closer and closer.. I just adore the atmosphere of fall, maybe that is why I have been feeling very happy lately~ 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

EMP web shop, part 1

The web shop contacted me, asking would I like to make posts on some of their products in exchange of a gift card. I thought about it, and I agreed. I mean why not?

So this post and another one that I am doing in the near future are made in cooperation with the the web shop.

First thing I got from there was this floppy sleeved shirt!  The brand name is Spiral. It's really nice, I am just loving the sleeves. It's kind of a slippery material, not what I expected. It's also looong, which is very nice. If I was just like 5-7 cm shorter I think would be able to wear it as a dress! (I'm 171 cm)


Second shirt that I got was another floppy sleeved shirt! The brand name is Gothicana which I guess is EMP's own goth clothing brand. I just could not help but to get this one, because I just love the print, the sleeves and the fact that it's longer on the sides! Too bad though that it is just not as fitted on the waist area as I would have hoped. 


That's it for part 1. Be on the look out for part 2, I left the goodies to that one!

Links mostly take you to the Finnish EMP shop, but just scroll down the page and you will find their shops in different countries if you live somewhere else!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Today was super nice! I had tons of fun at work. We had some new lizards at the pet shop and they are just super cute. I just want to take them all home with me. But yeah, I am thinking of taking 2 of the Giant African Land Snails home with me! Right now they are like head of a pin sized. It would be really awesome to watch them grow in to giant snails! Happy cat-snail family!

Yesterday I placed an order to I just daang can't wait for them to arrive!

Today I also met Leena. I really like her blog and I have been meaning to meet her like forever! We live in the same city after all. She was super nice, and so pretty also! ^^ It would be really nice to even have one or two friends in Pori. It gets to damn lonely sometimes. 

There is still some things that I stress in the back of my head.. I should get them done very soon.. Ughh.. Lazy feel.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Birthday things

It was my birthday last week. There wasn't that many people that visited and I didn't really want to make it a big deal anyway. But still I wanted to look nice.

This is the second day outfit.

I didn't get much presents but I got something I really like for myself!

Pretty aren't they?! The previous owner had not used them even once. I can't wait to get to use these beauties.

And thiiiiiis is what my boyfriend got me! I haven't had time to even open it yet! And that is because...

A new family member! His name is Nipsu. We have been trying to get him and our other cat, Pippuri, to bond. But Nipsu seems to be scared of Pippuri, he growls at him a lot. I hope in time they will learn to like each other.

Ahhh this is what my friend got me! It's a mug, and it's frigging amazing. It's now in my treasure cabinet with the other things I care a lot about.

Today I was in Prisma and decided to see what kind of hats they had. I really liked this one and it cost 14,95€. So I took it with me,

Someone was selling lamb bones on facebook. So I thought I might do some jewelry from them! I am still thinking how to use them. So they are just lying around the house now.

Remember to come and like my facebook page! 

And my instagram!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gothic shoe collection, in pictures

I had the poll where I asked that what way would you like to see my shoe collection. Picture post won 6-10. So here we gooo! I'll start from the boring ones and  make my way to my lovely darlings. :)
Sorry, some of them are dusty or in cat hair.

First off, some comfy shoes. The right ones are pretty new, I use them at work. I got them from Halpa Halli, cost around 2,10€. And the left ones I have had for a loooooong time full of holes and look pretty crappy. But I still use them sometimes. I think I got them from Kuljun kartano.

Then we have my converse knock offs. I have used them a lot in past summers. But this summer, not so much. They were from a shoe shop in Ideapark some years ago.

Then there's my combat booties. The ones at the back I have been using like 5 years. Pretty beaten up. I originally got them from a shoe shop in Tampere. The ones on the front are ones I got from a flea market, just some months back. They were cheap (8€) and in very good condition so I tough that they would be a good replacement for my old ones.

My only flats. These were bought for my graduation ceremony and stuff. I have only wore them once or twice after that. I don't really like flats at all.. They are so ugly, uncomfortable and.. just no.

  Then we have my long combat booties. Got them second hand, but they were in pretty good shape, but I think I do have to get new strings on them sometime soon.

 Leather heels, I got them from my mom a really long time ago. I keep them around because they go really well with some longer skirts.

And then these weird shoes. I got them from a flea market some time ago. They were like few euros and I sometimes wear them under some really long skirts.

My motorbike heels. From a flea market also. I just fell in love with them for some reason.

Every goths necessity. Some granny heels! Also from a flea market with few euros.

 Squeaky booties! They are some sort of plastic so they get hot and squeaky. Still like them. Flea market also.

Only shoes I have that are from H&M. And the fake leather started to peel after the first use. Way to go H&M. Good thing I got them from a sale.

Feet killer heels! There were a souvenir from Lithuania. I guess that's the only reason I still have them. You can't walk 10 meters with them without your feet getting killed. They are pretty though.

Monster shoooees! They are super heavy and cat has chewed on the shoelaces. I got them many years ago from a shoe shop in Ideapark.

Short motorcycle boots. Flea market find also.

Then there's my long moto booties. Flea market all the way.

Weird studded shoes. Guess someone got them from andiamo originally. But I got these from the flea market of course. ;)

Vagabond wedges. Flea market, only few euros. Weeee~

Another pair of granny heels. Flea market, flea market..

 Some weird demonia knock off shoes. Got them second hand.

And some genuine demonias. But I don't remember the exact name. Second hand.

 Demonia clash 430. I have taken the chain off, Didn't like it much. These are second hand also.

Some more second hand demonias. Gothika 200 if I remember right.

And then their sisters, Demonia Gothika 209. Second haaaand.

Demonia rangers I guess these are the newest of my shoes. But second hand also. :)

My demonia swing 815's. Second haaaand.

Demonia Swing 220's. As second hand as second hand can be.

Here we have the c-c-c-combo breakerrss, they are actually from Pennangalan. But yes, second hand.

Last but not least. My winks from Not sure about the brand, but I adore them.

In total I have 30 pairs of shoes. But how many is too much? I personally think I don't have too much shoes. But I think if the number would ever go over 50 pairs. I would think about getting rid of some. Depends on how much storage I have at the moment.

But this does give me some prescriptive, I seriously thought I had a lot less shoes. Why is it that I never find good shoes to match my outfit? Ehehe.

How may shoes do you have?