Friday, 29 May 2020

Sitting around

Back to work on mondayyyy. Yippeee. I'm so happy that it's finally summer weather and my summer vacation ends. Great. At least we filled our hot tub yesterday and we got a new grill a while ago so we are gonna have a fun night today. Need to just get something to grill and beers and Breezers. Has anyone tried the new lemon and elderflower Breezer? It's delicious. Seriously.

Here, enjoy some pictures of me form yesterday!

Boots - Current Mood, Dollskill
Vest - Diy'ed
Bustier - Boohoo
Bondage belt - Ebay
Skirt - Ebay
Net body underneath - Widow, Dollskill
Choker - Killstar

Ugh my roots are starting to show, as well as my quarantine and vacation weight. On that regard I guess it's good in a way to get back in to rythm and start taking care of myself again.

 Well I better get to cleaning so hope you all have a great start to summer!

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Purple haze

 Today's pictures are a bit different from normal. I love RGB lights, my desktop computer is full of them, my keyboard, my mouse, my mouse pad, my speakers... all rgb. So I decided I wanted my dressing room to look like a strip club and went nuts with it. I took our nanoleafs which were not currently used and put them up in there, bought some rgb bulbs and a rgb light curtain. Also for the pictures I dragged my ring light there, witch also has a rgb. I was also thinking about putting up a led light strip that would go all around the room but I'm not sure if that's a bit too much.

Harness - Killstar
Belt harness - Killstar
Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Widow, dolls kill
Rug - Killstar
I like these pictures and I kinda want to test it further. I also have a post with my old picture style coming up next, but I'm not sure how I want to continue after that. We will see!

I'm not super loving the pink but I adore how it looks with the blue lights..

Anyways, where has the time gone? In two weeks I am back at work and it makes me mad to even think about it. I still have so much gaming and drinking and feeling depressed to do before I get back there, yuck. It's been two months since I was at work, how do I even remember how to do it anymore, seesh.

Yesterday the mail brought me the highest heels I have now! Just by 1cm tough. The heel on these is 20,3cm. I splurged on these pleaser flamingo 1020's. Which I ordered through Deadfine. Surprisingly easy to walk with, I might need to get a pair of beyonds sometime later, I think the heel on those is 25,4cm.
 I just love love love these ones, especially how they look in my strip club dressing room.

 I FINALLY got my jewelry organized. I think I saw something like this someone on instagram had to organize their chokers and I really loved the idea. I used to have a bunch of key holders around the room and I had to pile up the necklaces on those which was a bit awkward. But this is perfect! I can see all of them at once and take out the one I want. Loving it. 
I bought this from Biltema and the hooks were separate, but pretty inexpensive. The thing itself only cost something like 6-8 euros.

Hope you have a great day and I'll see you again soon!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Happy summer I guess

I'm kinda pissed. My layoff was supposed to end at the start of next month. But nooooo, they forced me to start my summer vacation then so I will have my summer vacation in May. In Finland May is basically still winter. Though rarely it's the warmest month of the year, who knows, but I reaaaallly don't want to have the vacation now. Bunch of shit.

I'm just going to wear all my summery things I have been saving for warmer weather, no matter what's the temperature or what's coming down from the sky. I'll freeze my ass off, I don't care. Today was warm though, I like it. This was my outfit for a pizza run, cause what else there is to do than make yourself slightly less ugly.

Shirt - DIY from old band shirt
Belts - Flea markets
Skirt - H&M
Choker - DIY
Necklace - Ebay
Boots - Hard Leather stuff, Ebay

Well no matter, I have been still enjoying home time. I even kinda feel it's going too fast!
On thing I have been excited about is converting old band shirts into other kinda clothing. For example this Slayer T-shirt that I made in to a top, I also made corseting for the back so I can make it very form fitting if I want. I also have other projects I might show you later. For example I have this big XL Christian Death shirt I am not sure what to make of it. It might make a cute mini dress.

This outfit really brought back memories, slayer shirt, bunch of belts, bunch of leather bracelets and combat boots, it's like I'm 16 again.

I also did something different for my makeup today. Well it's not that much different I just added false lashes, which usually for me is too pain in the butt to do. But I really like the look, might start using them more. Only thing better than taking your bra off at the end of the day is taking off your false lashes ooohh maaan.

I have been thinking about like doing a little different post next maybe. Someone requested shoe collection.. I would have to do a youtube video and I don't really knooow if that really is the kinda thing I want to do? Maybe like a wardrobe staples or signature pieces or something like that. Well I do have TIME.

Whatever I'll go eat the rest of that pizza.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Home alone

Oops, I missed a month. No matter. Also I am sorry if sometimes it takes me a while to publish your comments. I greatly appreciate every comment and I want to be able to see every single one and answer them, that's why I have the monitoring on.

Also what on earth has happened to the world meanwhile? I'm sure you all are already so full of it so I won't get to it too much. My layoff started like a week ago, and immediately I got sick. Just a cough and a sore throat. Probably not the thing that's been going around, but annoying still. I have been feeling better today, so I decided to take some new pics and get back on track.

The current information is that we would get back to work in in a little more than 3 weeks. But you just never know with all this going on. They might just put us all on summer vacation for another 4 weeks after this layoff  or give us more layoff. Who knows.

Top - Originally a dress by Mercy, diy'ed in to a top
Top skirt - Lindex, Second hand
Bottom skirt - Ebay
Boots - Pennangalan, second hand
Tights - DIY
Collar - Killstar
Belts - Second hand

So far I am absolutely loving the quarantine time. I am sure that's not what everyone is feeling.. But
it's just amazing to be able to relax at home, not feeling guilty about being home all the time because you just literally have nowhere else to go! You aren't missing out on anything. 
My boyfriend is also away from home some days more so I am just completely alone with our cats and I am just loving it. I miss him sure, but it's just a nice change of pace.

Mostly with my free time, I have been playing Animal Crossing on my Switch, done some sewing and watching netflix. I have just been trying to heal my throat and rest as much as I can. I was also supposed to start streaming games on Twitch but our internet connection at the moment wont allow it. We need to get an external internet antenna and install it and blahblah, we'll see if I can get it going in a few weeks! I'll let you know on Instagram and twitter and facebook when I'm streaming if you want to watch!

GaH, I have not been writing much in english in such a long time and it feels a bit wobbly and inconsistent. I need to do it more.

I did do a diy project a while ago! I bought this bag from Zalando a while back in full intent to diy it. So I was searching through my craft box and I found some old crappy harnesses I bought from ebay forever ago and never used since there were things wrong with it. So I dug up my sewing machine and cut up the harness and this is what I came up with! I have been searching for a bag like this for a good while now. The studs, the straps, the faux leather, the o-rings.. I just wanted these things in bag form and here it is!

What do you think?
Anyways I'll update a few time this month, so see you soon!

Have you found things to do at home or are you already freaking out? 

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Last minute

I made a secret promise to myself to at least post one blog post every month. WELL, now it's 29th of February, 8pm, it still counts right?

I forgot if I already talked about this, but anyway. I have not been feeling too good about myself since I gained some weight during the Christmas times. Not like a whole lot, but enough for me to feel crummy in every tight clothing I try on. So some weeks ago I started a light diet and added some exercise. I am already half way to the minimum amount I want to shake off, but a kilo or two more couldn't hurt. 
Top - Second hand
Choker - Killstar
Skirt - Lindex
Jacket - Asos
Necklace - Fleamarket
Shoes - Demonia, second hand
Belts - All second hand
Stockings, tights, undershirt - Diy'ed ebay shit
Bracelets - Ebay
My work schedules changed in the beginning of the year.  Even thought it's neat to have every weekend off, I just hate it. I hate that it's 5 days of work without a day off. We used to have a max of 4 days in a row. I also loved having days off in the middle of the week, you could do your shopping and stuff when no one else was around. I hate going to the store in the weekends or after work hours.

It already feels like spring! Sure there are nights when it's a bit cold but the days are longer and there is no snow anywhere!

This sitting picture got a bit too much overexposure but I still liked it enough to try to save is as best I could.

I got my financial situation in a bit of a wobble ever since my layoff, but it's slowly getting back on track! But because of this I had to miss some events I really wanted to attend and it really sucks. As much as I love staying home all the time, there's a limit to it. Would love to just go all out dancing! 

Some time ago I acquired a Nintendo Switch! Mainly because the Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming out 20th of March and I just could not miss out on it! I have been obsessed with Animal Crossing ever since I got Wild World for Nintendo DS 2006. From there on I have bought every game, even the Wii U one is sitting on my shelf even though I never had Wii U. 

Meanwhile I have been playing Pokemon Shield. I also got Ring Fit adventure since it looked like fun and anything to help me exercise is more than welcome! 

Thursday, 16 January 2020

New year new shit

My 4 week winter vacation is over after this week. Didn't do much of the things I wanted, but at least I feel well rested for now. 

I'm a herp derp who thinks they can change just like that, when the year tuned 2020 I felt like I wanted to start getting back to blogging and Instagram and all that nonsense, it's going well so far.... Right...? Also another thing related to that. I wanted to not be so hard on myself. I used to take a bunch of pictures and then just do anything with them because they were not 100% perfect. Or I would take 100 pictures and still not be happy and take 50 more, it's insane. I can't keep that up every day.

These pictures aren't perfect on my standards, but what the hell, here you go.

Top - Halpa Halli
Choker - Killstar
Waist belt - ASOS
Skirt - Second hand
Shoes - Demonia Swing 815
Thighs and stockings - DIY
It has been an odd winter, there isn't snow anywhere.

I love the yard on our current house. I'm not sure how much I have talked about it, but we moved to a big-ish house, we are renting for now but might or might not buy it at some point. I just adore life in a house compared to an apartment. You can be as loud as you want, you can shower in the middle of the night, you can keep your blinds open since our back yard is pretty sheltered. You can jump around your own private backyard taking outfit pictures without any worries. It's lovely.

Did you make any resolutions for 2020?

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The "almost done dressing room"

Happy 2020!

Here is the progress of the dressing room. I was planning on making a post, when it was completely finished. It still needs a rug, some lights, some jewelry hangers to be hung up... etc. But at the moment I don't know when it will be finished, if ever. I hope you enjoy these pictures anyway!  

Second hand dresser that I painted black.

This spider thingy was originally a candle holder by partylite. I got it from a flea market and the glass holders were missing, so I made my boyfriend cut out the holder rings so I could use it for my earrings.

Also a sechond hand make-up table. I painted it black and re-upholstered the bench. I still probably need to switch out the mirror at some point since it has some flaws. 

At the moment I am laid off from work a couple of more weeks. I had so much plans to get back to blogging and Instagram and maybe even twitch at this time. But the first day I have the house to myself I have a horrible migraine and I just got news that made me depressed as hell and I don't know what to do with myself. Or what to even think. I'll try again tomorrow.

Why does life always have to hit you down.