Monday, 30 November 2015

Yule Calendar

I'm thinking about doing a Yule calendar of sorts. I'm going to try and make a post here every other day till 21st. Because that's when Yule starts.

Or if I just can't get off my lazy ass, I might skip a day and do 2 in a row. Or I might do a post every day if I really get myself going, haha. So it's a pretty casual challenge that I threw for myself.

As for what I am going to post about in the next 21 days. It's possibly outfit pictures, what our Yule atmosphere is like, possibly some baking, little holiday adventures, crafts and diy, and so on.

Ragged skirt - Poizen Industries, Second hand
Everything else - Second Hand

So get ready for a little spammaroo starting tomorrow! (or the day after that lol)

I was also thinking. I get a lot of questions on where my clothes are from and what brand they are etc. It's kinda problematic since I really want to help people get that item of clothing if they really like it. But on the other hand 90% of my clothes are  thrifted so I can't always help. But from now on out I will add some more or less helpful information under one of the pictures.

I will add the brand of some items, if they are from like a alternative brand or something. It may help the search. I will also add where I personally got it from. I hope it will help at least some times!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Growth Spurt

 Last night I made a potion that grows your hair in one night...

Well not really! But I love this wig! I really missed having long hair and this makes my hair situation so much more bearable. It's the same style that my green Halloween wig was in my Halloween post:

Edit: Some people might want to know where the wig is from so I'll add a link here:
Ebay link

I backcombed the wig and keep it on a wig head so I can get my hair ready in like 2 seconds haha! That's new.

Anyway all the snow it gone and it's just raining at the moment. Sucky sucky weather.

And OH! I got a early ticket to see The Cure on Helsinki Finland next year!! It's the fan ticket which is supposedly nicer and more graphic than the tickets they are going to sell on Monday.

The getting of the ticket was a real mess! I woke up like 10.55 on Thursday and went to facebook. I noticed they are going to sell early tickets, I was like "Cool, I wonder when" "Thursday 26.11.2015 at 11.00". My eyes widened. I look at the clock.  It's 11.05. As fucking fast as I could I go to the where they sell them. At first it showed that they were all gone. But they have a really crappy system which means you have to keep  refreshing the page to get the ticket you want. If you get it.
I was so lucky to get the ticket pretty soon after that!

Then I of course I remembered that I need to get my friend one too! I wasn't able to tough, because it would not let me have 2 bills at once. But yeah, I am super happy that later that day she got a ticket too. After like hours of refreshing, haha. We both goth tickets in the area in front of the stage which is awesome. Hope we can get close to the band.

It has been my lifelong dream to see them live someday and I can't wait till next October! We also reserved a hotel already next to the concert place. IT'S HAPPENING.

Monday, 23 November 2015

It's cold

Oopsie, a few weeks passed since the last update. But the fact is that... daylight... there is none.
My sleep cycle has kinda turned and when I wake up, I kinda have 1 or 2 hours with daylight and then its dark again. It sucks.

But yess, lots of things happened. I was at the crafts fair that was held some time ago in Tampere. Such a big fair and loads of people and all sorts of crafty things. I got myself some watercolor supplies since I have been eager to do stuff with watercolors.

I also got my test results form my doctor and she said that only thing that was wrong with me that my potassium(? kalium suomeksi) level was too low. My doctor kinda speaks not so good finnish so it was slightly hard to understand her on the phone. But luckily you can see the things she wrote about it on the internet. She ordered me some potassium tablets and some heart pills for my high pulse rate... I haven't taken any tablets yet..

First of all I didn't have money for them. But I got my parents to buy them some days after. But now I'm kinda worried that the machine that I use to monitor my pulse and blood pressure doesn't show what it's supposed to show. So before I take any heart pills I'm going to go to the medical center to check if it shows what it's supposed to. Second of all.. I hate taking pills.. The heart pills are okay since they are super small so I can swallow them easily. But the other ones... They are quite big and I hate swallowing tablets, you can't even crush them or anything. Ugh...

I also have a thing that I'm worried about. I think about it a lot and last time at the doctor I tried to ask her about it but I was too scared. I have to gather my courage and ask her the next time I'm there. It's probably my imagination. I always imagine all sorts of illnesses for me and I'm sure I have them. I just need to get this over with so I can think about something happier.

 But yeeaahhhh, we got snow few days ago! It kinda makes the whole darkness not quite feel so dark so it affects my mood greatly.

We got a big ass comfy sofa in the living room! Before this sofa, we had a horrible brown leather sofa that smelled and was super not-comfy. And because of that I never spend any time in the living room. Which was a shame, because my boyfriends computer is in the living room and I was always at the bedroom so we didn't spend that much free time together. But now! I have lodged my computer, drawing tablet, and my ass in the living room! I love just being in the same room all the time. Playing together and stuff. We made a cute little gaming corner here. I'm not going to show pictures because it's messy and always will.

We also got these 2 gamesssss! Me, my boyfriend and his sister played the little big planet 3 story mode thing in one night. It was loads of fun. My boyfriend mostly has played the battlefront but I did get to play it for a while also, and it was very fun! Hoping to play it more soon.

Gahhh they also opened a new flea market in Pori.... It's like... 500 meters from where I live.. Like just over there.. Like that's way too close, what will happen to my money ohmygosh. xD I haven't been there yet but I'm hoping maybe today or tomorrow..

Friday, 6 November 2015

4 Cat Eyes

Very comfy and casual outfit today. It was a dark day, very cloudy and rainy. And I felt like crap so I just slept most of the day anyway. We did pop up to the store in the morning to get some food tough. For the first time I also found the vegan "meat pies". Vegetarians and vegans in Finland seems to have gone crazy over them and they seem to be always out of stock. I haven't tasted them yet but I'm looking forward on it. Even tough they really aren't healthy.

I also tried to make a video this morning but when I was half way editing it, I thought it wasn't as good as I would have hoped so I thought I'll just redo it someday.

My hair is in that awful transition stage. It's not long enough to do anything with, nor is it short enough to look neat. Also I don't want to dye it yet so I'll just have to bear with it. I did order a black wig. I fell in love with the style of my green Halloween wig, so I bought the same wig in black! But who knows when that comes..

But yeahh, I still feel like my head is going to explode so I'll go back under the covers and maybe watch some tv. I don't know if I can sleep anymore since I've slept so much today. I'll try.

For you gamers out there I recommend my boyfriends new blog!
Check it out! :)

Anyone else sleep in today?

Sunday, 1 November 2015

All Hallows Eve

So, yesterday was Halloween night and I spend it at my friends party. I had thrown together this evil clown costume for that event. I was supposed to make my own weapon for this costume also, but I just couldn't decide on it.

I just adore this wig... I got it off of ebay pretty cheap, so obviously I thought it would be shitty and flat and thin. But It's fluffy and gorgeous!  I'll probably use this even after Halloween. :')

I also made a short video where I added some clips of my Halloween, hope you like it!

How was your Halloween? :) What did you dress up as?