Sunday, 26 April 2015


Phew, so a month went by and a lot happened in that single month. It was a month that made me realize what I want from myself in the future and it makes me very happy.

First of all, I turned down the summer job that was offered to me. It was in a another city, which would have meant that I would have had to live with my parents all summer. Also I am not cut out to sit in front of a cash register, it's not for me. I rather be poor than miserable.

Also because of reasons I was made to quit my schools apprentice thing. I was very upset about it a even few days after. But this is the first day I feel good about it, I could not give a shit about it anymore. I got a new apprentice job just a few kilometers from our home in Pori, so that meant I got to move back home early. I am so happy here. But I am SO mad at my teacher, I hated her before and I still hate her. She once again complained how I can not use piercings and a face full of makeup in my new apprentice job. Complain 1: Is she fucking blind? I don't have any other piercings than my ear ones?! Complain 2: I never ever put makeup on when I work, I am just that lazy. She said that she needed to say it AGAIN because I used to use have heavy make up to school every once in a while. Does she think I can't tell apart the jobs where I can look they way I want, from the ones where I have to restrict myself? I fucking hate her so much. Complain 3: Bet she didn't say anything about these to anyone else.

I had to do some (expensive) unplanned travelling back to Pori  because of all this, so I don't know if I can attend my friends birthday in a few weeks. I'll do my best because I'd really love to be there!

But the reason I feel good about being home is just that it made me realize I am in a COMPLETELY in the wrong trade. Hahahahaaa so I realized this 3 weeks before I graduate haha fuck. Well at least I realized it pretty early, not after I work for 10 years in a job I hate.

I need a trade that is artistic, inspirational, creative and where I can express myself! Or my life long dream of opening my own business, where I can be myself. At least that way this business trade would not be a complete waste of my time.

This book is so interesting I almost can't put it down!

I was kinda sad when I only had 1 trip to Tampere flea markets in these 3 months. Either I had no time or no money. I did visit some in Kangasala regularly but those kinda sucked. When I got back to Pori, I went trough alll the flea markets and found a shitload of stuff. It made me want to cry happy tears when in the first table of the first flea market I found these babies:

10€, brand new, and in my size! *happy tears*

I have been very VERY scared of leaving the house with my new camera, so I ordered this camera bag from aliexpress. The remote shutter is also form there and ohhh how easy it makes the outfit photos Ah.. I usually do add a outfit photo in my posts, but I have not been in the mood of taking them lately. I need to dye my hair again and also I have been just going around as a mess, haha. But yeah I'll promise you a new post next week. :)

Anyone else tried gel eyeliner..? I just found this miracle of make up and fell in love in the first time using it. Sure the application with the brush kinda needs some practice but other than that.. I love it! I can also use it as a kajal on my waterline and it stays on alllll day. Which is so much better that the pencils kajalas I have used before this.They stay on my waterline a maximum of 1 hour, which sucks. + the pencil crumbles, and the bits get in my eye... Just love that this product doesn't go anywhere. But I do admit it is a pain to remove after a day since it does really not want to go ANYWHERE. xD

In my diy department I made some horns! They turned out okay, but not 100% the way I wanted. If anyone would like to know how I made these I would be more than happy to make a tutorial, they are so easy to make and you can find all the things you need at home! :) Would also give me a good reason to make another pair for myself. ;)

In the gaming department I have been playing Heroes of might and magic V. My boyfriend got it for me as a present and I am so excited, since I used to play Heroes III for hours as a little kid. I love the V since they saved a lot from the III and kinda improved it!

Ohh, I can't wait for summer and Lumous.. I already have 1 outfit planned. Well saves me the last minute panic.

Tomorrow I start at my new apprentice place, so wish me luck. :)