Sunday, 28 July 2013

The night time

The Saturday will turn to Sunday in just few minutes. And yet, I can't sleep. On Friday my boyfriend got back from the army, but now he's sick. And I really don't want to go wake him up so I could sleep, so I guess I'll sleep at the living room then. Poor guy, he has to go back there tomorrow..

What have I been doing? Oh well, I got the second part of my driving license done. So now I don't have to worry about that anymore. Yay for that.

Felt like going skeletal last Wednesday.

This place is a mess, as you might see from the pictures too.. I just started cleaning today but I still have a loooonnng way to go.

That Living Death Souls shirt I found from the fleamarket, with 4 euros. It has 2 parts, this web thing and the skeleton thing with a hood.

Also these pants with 4 euros and this velvet shirt with 1 euro. Nice day for a fleamarket that was.

I think I'll just curl up on this couch and sleep a little. Good night everyone.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 10, I'm feeling it

This seriously sucks. Me and my boyfriend have not been apart for over 4 days in... a year? And over maybe. Damn army. Like.. what can a person do alone for weeks?
Tv, tumblr, tv, nap, get cat food, eat, blogger, facebook, tv... Sad part is that I don't feel much like drawing at the moment.

I miss my second half

At least yesterday I got my butt up and went to see a internet friend of mine for the first time. IRL. I was pretty nervous ( all my previous first internet friend meeting have gone like crapshit ) but all went well. I had a good time. We went to some flea markets and to the Pori Jazz festival.

Actually the first time I met my boyfriend irl, I thought that I made the most horrible first impression ever. I was just so shy and so quiet. He was so sweet and nice and... aghh just so great that I felt embarrassed of my shyness. When our first meeting had come to an end. I left his house, and just moments later I got a message. It was him, asking when will we meet again. That was the point I knew that he didn't care that I was shy, I guess we were both a bit shy when I think about it. That was also the point when I fell madly in love and I knew he would love me the way I am.

Okay, got a bit off track there..

The upper picture is before I left the house and the second one is when I got back.. As you can see I added a necklace and a bracelet just before I left.

It was soooo windy, my hair wall all over the place. No way to control a shit-long hair.

When I got back home, I went to steam. Ohm mi gawrd.
Skyrim Legendary Edition for 23.99e. Offer only 8 hours...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

New things and crazy

Back hooome~

Just got home from my trip. Phew, I made a horrible mistake when I decided to put on so much clothes. I almost died in the train because the sun just tried to kill me.

I made these things on my combat boots from old stockings. Just wanted them to look a bit different. Oh how very dirty they are...

Didn't buy much at my trip. Got this bone key chain and an old batman button. A grand total of 1.10e spent.

These I got before I left, from a flea market. Been looking for a collar like that for ages!

Talking about things that I have been looking for ages.. This striped jacket thing~ ( Was so lazy that didn't even take it out of the closet. ) A big thanks for Siiri who gave me a tip that she found hers on H&M. I went to get it the next day :'D. There was only 2 left at that time, lucky me that it was my size.

Ugh, I have to take the second part of the driving school around these months.. Good thing that they cant take my licence away anymore hehehe...

Oh dear I miss my boyfriend so much.. I have been having these strange ideas since he left. Today I thought that I would be cool to take a some sort of speakers, play Blutengels - Dancing in the light, go to some train station at night, and just dance alone there... What..

Also I saw this dream that I had short hair, around my shoulders. I'm considering to cut them that way. Then I saw a second dream in the train. I had this great mohawk with a 1mm length sidecuts and bangs. Ohhhh now that's coming after the short hair.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Restaurantapäivät happening

This part in Finnish :)

Kangasalla järjestetään ties monetta kertaa putkeen perinteiset Restaurantapäivät 12.07-13.07! Järjestäjänä toimii Tampereen Seudun Mobilistit.

Tapahtuma on hyvin vanha-auto painotteinen. Jos siis pidät vanhoista autoista tai tarvitset osia oman autosi kunnostukseen, kannattaa ehdottomasti tulla.

Vaikka et olisikaan autoista niin kiinnostunut on joka vuosi löytyy tavaraa melkein laidasta laitaan. Tiedän koska olen ollut näillä päivillä lähes joka kesä yli kymmenen vuotta. Viime vuosina on varsinkin ollut paljon vaatteita, elektroniikkaa, mopoja, antiikkia, huonekaluja, kirjoja, pelejä, pelikoneita... mitä ikinä pystytkään kuvittelemaan.

Nyt ei ole kyse pienestä pihamyyjäisitä jonkun takapihalla, nyt puhutaan sadoista myyjistä ja tuhansista autoharrastajista.

Ehdottomasti suosittelen tulemaan paikan päälle vähän kauempaakin.
Enemmän tietoa paikasta ja ajoista löydät tästä linkistä:

Itse olen paikan päällä ainakin koko perjantain myyjän hommissa, lauantaista en ole vielä varma.
Onko muita tulijoita?

And back to English :)

I feel kinda lonely. My boyfriend is gone to the army, and it feels so weird living alone for the first time ever. Well, at least the cat is keeping me company.

Today I found a new fleamarket in town, had to check it out. Found some pants and a belt. It felt sooo weird putting on pants. I have not worn pants in ages. But they were black and white striped so I just could not help myself.

Oh, and also I got to a school. Not in the school I wanted... But well, close enough. And with good luck in 1.5 years I will have as some sort of a profession.

Well talk to you later everyone.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The cottage trip

I see I have gotten some new followers. Nice, welcome aboard!

These outfit photos are from today. Tho I had to change them at one point when I decided to go biking. :D
I went to a flea market today found some nice clothes, I'll show them later. Also got this.

Oh happy day.

Last week me and my friends went to a summer cottage for a few days. It was nice and relaxing, and fun too. Here's some pictures from those days:

 Have a nice summer!