Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Ghostly being

Last weekend I was at the Horror and Tease show by Tampere Burlesque! It was kind of a Halloween burlesque-, drag-, sideshow show! I had a blast and I got to bust out my Halloween costume for the first time this year! Hopefully I will have a few more chances to wear it since it was really fun to step out of my comfort zone by wearing no black at all.

It took me a bunch of time to put this outfit together, I started gathering it months ago. I also had white contact lenses for it.. But well I had never worn contact lenses before and I kinda forgot to practice on putting them on and taking them out so I just decided not to use them that night. They are 1 year lenses though, so if I care for them properly, I will have plenty of time to practice and make use of them!

Wig - Ebay
Shirt - RQ-BL, Ebay
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - Pleaser Exotica ,Boutique LouLou
Socks - Punanaamio
Tights - Ebay
Gloves - Boutique LouLou

 I had a whole bunch of compliment on my costume that night and I was so unprepared for it. Oh why must I be so socially awkward. We went to a burger king after the party and it was kinda interesting with all the drunk people out there. It was kinda funny to see how much more people react to this all white outfit. It was so much more than how people react to me when I dress up normally. Which could just be this same outfit in all black.

I just really want to do this outfit and add black accents to it. Like black eyeliner and black belt or corset, black bracelets.. Just to play around with it as a every day outfit for fun.

Also the bag is from Killstar! It was very difficult to find a bag that was white and still a bag I could wear with everyday clothing too. But I think I found it! Still think I really want this bag in black too!
I have been let down by Killstar in quality quite a few times, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got this bag! I have really no complaints about it yet.

Here are some pictures from some of the shows. They were all amazing. I can't even decide on a favorite. I had my boyfriend with me and he took all of the pictures this evening and he did a nice job! I had gloves on and I really just wanted to focus on the show that night anyway.

I deliberately chose pictures what would not spoil anything from any one's show. They were truly astounding and worth seeing live. 

It was a really fun event and hopefully I get to attend next year as well! I also very much recommend it for everybody! Music was good, atmosphere was good, the host was brilliant.. what's not to like. 

Monday, 1 October 2018

Waiting for Samhain

Summer is pretty much over and here comes Fall! I have already busted out all my pumpkins and even picked up a few new ones! Can't wait for next week when I get to go to Tampere and so some Halloween themed shopping.

Here is a little glimpse of my bookcase! There's a bunch more occult/paranormal/witchcraft etc books elsewhere, but they are not very organized. 

For a small project I have had this new vest under construction. I'm still not sure if it's done. I don't have all my crafts stuff here yet so I might have some more different studs to add. Chains maybe? Suggestions?

I have a big Munsters patch at the back I tried to  take a decent picture but Nipsu had some other ideas. What a cam whore. All of the patches in this vest are from etsy. In my last vest I painted most of the patches myself, but I have run out of my home made patches and it's such a time consuming thing that I just thought fuck dat. 
The shops the patches are form are TheCellarPatches, EvilThreadPatches and neoshiki.  If you want some good patches for yourself

I finally got my kittie home. Though I have been worried about him a lot since we split him and the other cat Pippuri from each other in the break up. He seems fine though, he just needs someone to play with him every day since he's very playful. We are thinking about getting a friend for him later on.

I have this picture on top of our tv since I do find myself missing Pippuri every once in a while. 

As for other live updates. I have my halloween costume all planned out! Some of the things I ordered for if have yet to arrive but I'm hoping they come in time. Next week on the weekend, me any my boyfriend are planning on a trip to Tampere to a Horror and tease Show! A halloween party with a whole bunch of burlesque, drag and sideshows! I'm hoping on wearing my costume then! There's also a halloween party my friend is throwing but it kinda overlaps with Sexhibition so we don't really know where we are going.

Also super excited! My boyfriend and his friends rented out a big space near us where we can fix and restore cars! So immediately I jumped on the phone and bought my other dream car form my dad! It's a Volkswagen Transporter (T2). It's quite not the Hippie bus, well it looks pretty much exactly like the iconic hippie bus except the front end is somewhat different. Google it if you want. Or wait for pictures of it when we get it hauled over. It needs work, and I have never restored a car before, but luckily my boyfriend is there to guide me every step of the way. 
My plans are to turn it in to a some sort of camper van, at the moment the back is empty, so it's a good clean slate. Maybe I'll paint the car black, put a roof rack on it? We shall see! So I'm sorry there is just going to be some pictures of it along the way! 

I also started inktober! For the first time ever, I'm hoping on getting all the way through it!

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Summer adventures

Our summer vacation has begun. So here's photo dump of a bunch of stuff we did on the first week!

First we headed to Turku where we boarded a cruise ship. 23 hour cruise to Stockholm. Bought some vodka and perfumes, ate good food, enjoyed the view, it was a super nice start to our vacation.

We are supposed to board a ship once more this summer. We are going to take our car with us and go to Tallinn. But more on that later on. 

After the cruise we hang out a few days at home and then headed out again.

First we headed to the Tank museum at Parola. My boyfriend had wanted to go there for a while.

Then we set camp at my parents place in Orivesi. On that same night we set our sails to Hörtsänän arboretum. It's also in Orivesi. I suggest you check it out if you are around! 

Melting in the heat.

We found this weird chapel among it all. Inside there was a cross, bench and a writing. Pretty cool.

I got so fucking tanned on this trip it's ridiculous. 

The next day we headed to Särkänniemi amusement park. Where we spend the day from nearly opening time all the way to closing time. I had not been there for like 10 years, it was nice to get my head spinning again. After the park closed we drove to Kangasala and had some good food at a local grill.

The next day, we went to see some car museums at Kangasala. The one in Vehoniemi and a Rally museum not far from there. Next to the rally museum there was another car museum thing where we found this guy.

Later that day we went to Jämsä to see my friend. I hadn't seen her in a year or so. It's hard to make our schedules work sometimes but it's so nice to even have a little time to catch on. 

A day later, when we started our journey towards the north I saw these two churches and I had to just stop an take some picture of them. The top one is the old church at Petäjävesi. Apparently it's a UNESCO world heritage building build around 1700's.

The bottom one I just can't remember where it was. It's somewhere between Petäjävesi ja Jämsä. But it's pretty as well.

Around Alajärvi there were a few nice view spots we visited. The top one is from a downhill skiing place called Laskis I believe. I got some weird childhood trauma flashback from there. I guess we had been there skiing at some point from school.

We also went to this other very beautiful place. I believe it was Pyhävuori. 

That night I got bit of a meltdown. Got a bit overwhelmed and homesick. My boyfriend thought that it would help me if we stayed the night in the car next to nature. And it did. He had build a system at the back so we can very comfortably sleep in there. 

We picked a really beautiful spot next to this lake. We hoped we would get to be alone. But yeah, few times I woke up in the middle of the night when there were some drunks swimming and people launching their boats. But yeah, we slept pretty well.

Next morning we headed to Tuuri deparment store. I haven't been there in like 15 years and it was interesting to see how it has changed. Well me, I bought like 6 blu-ray movies and a bunch of make-up. They have a really good selection. 

After that we headed to the last stop of our tip. The Ähtäri Zoo. It's probably also 15 years ago when I was there last time. I really wanted to see the pandas.

The pandas were very beautiful. I kinda felt bad for them. They had a cool-ish inside part and a big yard. But they could not really use the outside much, they got exhausted after playing outside for 5 minutes. It has been +30 Celsius here in Finland like a month and a half, every. single. day. It really made the trip more exhausting too. 

Some European bisons to bid you farewell. 
More adventures coming soon! 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Lumous Gothic Festival 2018

Here we go again. A picture flood for you form the Lumous Gothic Festival in Tampere. All of my outfits were gathered the day before and they aren't very well thought through. But well what you gonna do. 


PVC top - Black level, Second hand
Bat Choker - Storenvy, Hello Batty
Shoes - Demonia
Skirt - Honour clothing

First was the Doctors if I remember correctly, they were fine, don't really remember much. After them was Randolph's Grin, I have a few pictures from them here. They are worth checking out if you like electronic music with gloomy vocals.

The last but not least was Metallspürhunde. I did like them a bunch! Not just the music but the performance too! I especially liked it when Michel the singer started eating money(fake) and then also started shoving money in other peoples mouths. Including mine, haha. I did not eat mine though, I saved it as a memento from this year. Because I'm a herd derp.

Had a lovely time dancing like always! Usually at Lumous I end up going to sleep after the last performance on Friday and Saturday. But I got a bit curious of how the evening continues after that so me and my boyfriend stuck around to almost closing time on Friday. I have to say, why aren't there goth clubs in Finland just like THIS. Love'd the ambiance and relaxed dancing.


On Saturday we went to the Dark Market, didn't find much from there though. Like a book of Vampire stories and a canvas bag, that's all. But me and my boyfriend ended up going around Vapriikki, we went to the Finnish Museum of Games and a rock museum too (like crystals and stuff, not like... rock)!

Skirt - Burleska
Shoes - Pennangalan, Second hand
Pvc top - Black Level
Bolero - Killstar
Collar - https://www.occultusofficial.com/
Anyhow, my favorite band on saturday (and of all)  must have been Auger. I got a vibe from them, something along the lines Blutengel or something, I'm not sure. But I did really like them.

I'm not even gonna talk about the ending band Terrolokaust, it was a bit of a pain to stay in the club through it. But yeah that's just my opinion.


On Sunday there was the Gothnic at Näsipuisto. There I was so happy to see my friend and her girlfriend after such a long time! (and their cute little doggy!) Though I'm glad I will get to see them again next month!

After me and my boyfriend were done with the picnic, we went to the vantage point and planned our trip to Särkänniemi amusement part this summer.

Skirt - Burleska
Shoes - Pennangalan
Top - second hand
Bolero - Burleska
In the evening, first time ever. We went to The End Club of Lumous. It was somewhat what I expected it to be, but then again nothing like it at all. But yeah the rule "Don't talk about the end club" :') So you going to have to check it yourself if you want to know. I'm definitely going to go next year too it was super fun!

On Monday we had some time and we went through some record shops and this is what I ended up picking up! My music self just got a lot happier.

We also got free Moomin world tickets from my parents! Guess where we are going this summer! ;)  

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Where have I been?

I'm sorry for just disappearing on you guys! Still alive here! My life has been one crazy train after another. But let's just jump right in to it.

Me and my boyfriend of 7 years broke up a few months ago. I'm not going to get in to why's, but I guess we just kinda grew apart.

I had not really even gotten over it, and a new guy jumps in to my life.

For a while I tried to find a new apartment for myself. I decided that I didn't want to quit my job and leave Uusikaupunki. In the end, I somewhat like this place and job.

This city is on a super fast grow right now because of the big factory that's hiring thousands of people at once. And because of that there is NO apartments. Well yeah, there is, if you want to pay the same rent you would be paying in Tampere center or even Helsinki. So I had no luck with finding an apartment.

So this new guy and I started dating and he thinks I should move right in with him. I thought it's not such a good idea to do it so soon.

Long story short, I ended up moving to his place. That's where I'm now.

What about me and my ex's cats? Well we decided we would each take one because we had our favorites and they weren't really that good friends in the end.

My new boyfriend had a cat called Ronja though, she didn't get along with my cat so I had to let my ex keep my cat for the time being.  Ronja ended up being very dear to me in the 3 months I got to live with her. But she was a old lady, about 18 years old. She ended up becoming really ill and not eating at all so we took her to the vet. Turns out there was something wrong with her liver and my boyfriend had to choose between putting her down and starting a extensive treatment that would probably just give her a few more months at best. So we did what we had to do, though it left us both heartbroken. 

At least I'll get my cat here now, though we decided that we will take him after summer break because we are planning on doing all sorts of stuff. Travelling around Finland and such, and I don't want him to be alone for too long. So lots of travel posts coming soon.

Because all of this crazy stuff happening I cancelled the WGT trip. For a while I though I would have to be buying all this expensive stuff  like a washing machine, bed, car etc. So it turns out I didn't have to do that, but all of this has been too exhausting for me to be also planning a trip to Germany. So I decided to not go this year either.

Still going to Lumous this week as planned. I have my tickets now and hotel paid and my boyfriend will join me! Hope to see some of you there!

On to the more trivial things! My boyfriend build me a gaming computer! It run's pretty much anything and of course I wanted it to have all the leds and RGB you can possibly have. With water cooling of course. If someone is interested I will add all the info on the parts here. It's still missing parts and is a bit unfinished but it's in use at the moment.

Processor: Intel Broadwell-E i7-6850K, LGA2011-v3, 3.6 GHz
Graphics card: Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti STRIX OC
Ram: 6x G.Skill 8GB Trident Z RGB, DDR4 3200MHz  (Going to add 2x more, that woul make a total of 64GB of Ram)
Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX X99 GAMING
Power Supply: Seasonic 1000W FOCUS+ 1000 Gold
Hard Drive: Seagate 1TB BarraCuda ( Going to need to add more )
SSD: Kingston 240GB SSDNow UV400
Case: Thermaltake Core X71 Tempered Glass Edition
With windows 10 unfortunately
+ A whole bunch of water cooling stuff


I also have a yard now! So my boyfriend build me a flowerbed. I put a lot of neat stuff there but I'll show it to you later on. Hope everyone is having a nice summer. I'll try to get back in to blogging slowly. :)

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Depeche Mode in Helsinki

So me and my friend went to see Depeche Mode in Helsinki on Sunday! I would have so much other updates too but I'm going to focus on stuff about this trip and hopefully make another post soon!

This time we decided to take seats instead of floor tickets. Sure the view wasn't as good as it would have been on the floor, but I managed to get some decent seats anyway.

So yeah what's there to say, they were amazing! David was on flames, it was a real joy to eyes and ears.

I'm so glad they played stripped, I was over the moon and back to be able to hear that song live.

There would have been a after party at a bar after the gig, but the band ended a bit before eleven I think and we were pretty exhausted. From Hartwall arena we took a local train back to the Helsinki center. Oh my gosh, almost everyone from the concert wanted to fit on the same train back, even though there runs a train almost every 5-10 minutes. It was really scary. I hate crowds as it is. 

The whole concert felt like it was over in an instant. I was in such trance through the whole thing. 

I'm a bit sad I didn't take any pictures of our hotel. It was this castle'ish place in the center called Glo Hotel Art.

We got some merch also. The scarf was a must have, even though it's a bit short. 

We also did some other shopping in Helsinki on Monday. We went to Somsola which is a crystal shop. Got an amethyst cluster and a chunk of obsidian and my friend bought me this pendulum! I have wanted one forever. Also got the Crow feet platter from the Destiny Store. I think it would be really cool if I would place one of my glass dome displays on top of the platter..

Just last week I got a new record player and I am feeling the need to hoard some vinyl. Gonna blog about that later. Got these two expensiveish records from Levykauppa ÄX. If I would have had the money I would have gotten like 10 LP's from there and it was really though to choose just these two. The black celebration fit really well with the trip I suppose, it's my favorite album from them after all. 

Also I saw this taxidermy butterfly in a flea market showcase. I fell in love with it instantly and even though its was a tad expensive too, I just had to take it home with me. There was two other ones as well but this one just resonated with me somehow. My friend ended up taking home one of the other two. 

All in all a great trip! I took a few days off from work to go, and it was a really nice change of scenery for a while. But I dunno, I don't hate going to work these days anymore. Sure I have those times when I would rather die than got to work. But all in all it's not terrible. There's a bunch of nice people there after all. Though some of those people have left and it always makes me a bit sad to see another one go. 

But anyways, hope everyone is doing well and I'll be sure to try my best updating as much as possible!