Monday, 29 December 2014


Yule is over and gone. So happy about that. I got some nice stuff as gifts, nothing expensive or fancy. I got more useful stuff and I really like that. I also got something for myself but I'll show those off later on.

I got this 3DS XL from my boyfriend! It was used so it wasn't that expensive. And the game I bought myself. I had the first animal crossing on my old DS, and I just loved how stress relieving the game was! So of course I had to get this new animal crossing too. So happy~

If you happen to have a 3DS, contact me! I'd be very happy to have friends on my friend list, haha. You can use my facebook or email or the comments down below! Even better if you also have Animal Crossing.

As a present for my boyfriend, I got a Nintendo Wii. We have been having a really good time playing with it too.

I also got 50e worth of playstation store money. And after the minecraft I got for my ps vita, I still have 31e left... It's so hard to choose!

Well.. the yule time was nice and all. We were at my parents place for 5 days and we got good food and everything was okay.. But still I kinda missed our cats and our home the whole time. I have no idea how am I going to handle being away for 5 months! In February I will move to my parents for 5 months because of school internship thing that I will be doing near them. How will I ever be able to handle being away from home, the cats and from my boyfriend? I have no idea.

 I mean our little cat Nipsu will grow so fast that it will be a big adult when I come back... :c

The asymmetric top - H&M
Everything else - Thrifted or d.i.y

On other notes, I have started to do the elastic bondage stuff again. The latest one is this simple 1 ring waist belt with a strap. (Well there's another ring at the back) Next I'm planning a similar one, but it goes over the shoulders.

Some more gifts coming up on the next post, see you there~

Monday, 15 December 2014


Only 1 test to go... phew!
And while I am writing this, I checked my school email, I got a message confirming that I have passed all my previous exams so far! I'm so happy!

I got a little Yule gift for myself! I got these new rocks second hand, only 30e. They were also in a better shape than I thought, yay!

Yesterday I bought Sim City 5 from Origin. It was on sale, only 15e for the compete edition! I have played a lot of the previous ones but I think I like this one the best. It even has a (kinda) multiplayer.

Gahhh I can't wait for the present exchange next week! I know what my boyfriend got me.... and I just want it now! I'll promise to show it to you too! ;)

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Ugh, the closer we get to the end of the year, the lazier I get. I should be doing so much but I started playing WoW instead.. Oops. I downloaded the free version where you can play up to 20lvl. If I still feel like playing after that, I might just buy the whole thing. I saw some other bloggers talking about it and I just really wanted to play it again!

 Yule time is so stressful! I can't wait for it to be over.  

I'm glad it's not like -20 Celsius outside so I can get away with wearing short skirts! I found this one at the flea market earlier this week, I just love it. 

Tomorrow is picture day in school, no, please no.

I also adore my new shoes! Might not use them yet though, it's always so slippery in the mornings. I'd just end breaking something.

I'm thinking about making more videos soon... Any suggestion on videos are very welcome. I have a my day video and maybe a some sort of flea market video in mind.

Now... I'll just go back to the game I suppose... *RPG addict*

Lately I have been seeing some reeaalllly weird dreams and in the dreams, I just always feels a lot like someone is trying to contact me..? Nahhh that's stupid.