Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Today was super nice! I had tons of fun at work. We had some new lizards at the pet shop and they are just super cute. I just want to take them all home with me. But yeah, I am thinking of taking 2 of the Giant African Land Snails home with me! Right now they are like head of a pin sized. It would be really awesome to watch them grow in to giant snails! Happy cat-snail family!

Yesterday I placed an order to I just daang can't wait for them to arrive!

Today I also met Leena. I really like her blog and I have been meaning to meet her like forever! We live in the same city after all. She was super nice, and so pretty also! ^^ It would be really nice to even have one or two friends in Pori. It gets to damn lonely sometimes. 

There is still some things that I stress in the back of my head.. I should get them done very soon.. Ughh.. Lazy feel.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Birthday things

It was my birthday last week. There wasn't that many people that visited and I didn't really want to make it a big deal anyway. But still I wanted to look nice.

This is the second day outfit.

I didn't get much presents but I got something I really like for myself!

Pretty aren't they?! The previous owner had not used them even once. I can't wait to get to use these beauties.

And thiiiiiis is what my boyfriend got me! I haven't had time to even open it yet! And that is because...

A new family member! His name is Nipsu. We have been trying to get him and our other cat, Pippuri, to bond. But Nipsu seems to be scared of Pippuri, he growls at him a lot. I hope in time they will learn to like each other.

Ahhh this is what my friend got me! It's a mug, and it's frigging amazing. It's now in my treasure cabinet with the other things I care a lot about.

Today I was in Prisma and decided to see what kind of hats they had. I really liked this one and it cost 14,95€. So I took it with me,

Someone was selling lamb bones on facebook. So I thought I might do some jewelry from them! I am still thinking how to use them. So they are just lying around the house now.

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