Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hoarding crow

Lazy day

Those who follow my instagram might have already noticed a picture of our new family member.

There it iiissssss. I have been dreaming of slr camera since forever. So I decided to put my dreams in to reality! So I got a Canon EOS 700D. I have been playing with it for a few days and I pretty much have gotten the hang of it. But I there's so much to learn, and I can't wait! Anyone who wants to be my test model? :)

Also my "new" Demonias!

Ughh, still like a month and a half of the job in Orivesi. After that my school is done. Then I get to live in Pori for a few weeks and then I have to go to Orivesi again for few months.. Why? Because I got a summer job in Orivesi. It's nice to have a job for summer, but it kinda holds me from doing much else. + I have to live away from my boyfriend and cats. :c Crap buckets.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Graveyard hunting

Once again, summer is on it's way. And I was yet again thinking what to do this summer. Every spring I make big plans and schedules on what I want to do, but usually I can't even manage to do half of them. Usually I don't have money or anyone to go with or I just feel lazy.

Loving my new choker!

So this summer I have decided to focus on 3 things. Only 3.

First thing is Lumous Gothic Festival. I want to go there with my friend again, and this year I will force my boyfriend to tag along!

Second thing is to go Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki, this year we must do it since last year we didn't get to do it. :(

The third and last thing is Graveyard hunting.
I have been longing to do a mansion tour on. Especially on the ones that are haunted. But it's hard. Some mansions have a hotel, which are expensive as hell, some you can't get in, some are fenced so you can't even get close.

So I thought, what else has the atmosphere I like..? Graveyards! Oh how I love graveyards in the summer time! You can get such a beautiful pictures especially on the old ones! The great thing about graveyards, is that every city has them and they are open for anyone! So I thought I would document as many graveyards as I can in the summer time! Maybe even have small sessions with my ghost radar.

But no, I am in no means meaning to disrespect anyone. I know how some people get annoyed by goth people in the graveyards taking pictures. But the cruel fact is that graveyards are for dead people, dead people don't really care.

It would be awesome to have a friend to do this with, help me with the pictures and the overall awkwardness that I have going around in public with a camera. But since I don't have any friends living even remotely close to me, I guess I'll try to ask if my boyfriend would like to assist me. It would be really fun to do with him too, but only if he is willing. If he is reading this, what do you say? C:

I have something coming in the mail, but I'll get in next weekend. It's something I have been wanting forever and I can't wait to get my hands on it...!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Your eyebrows are beautiful

Recently I read a post made by Megan Kyla, the writer of the Coffin Kitsch blog. It was about eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. It really got me in to the writing mood and I was going to make a huge ass comment on her post, but decided to make a whole new post about it.

Now days I am a big fan of thin and drawn brows, but that was not always the case. I used to be that horrible person that laughed at people who shaved their brows and then drew them back in. Why was I like that? Well, I had some really close people who felt strongly that it was ugly to draw your eyebrows. Commented on them on the street, send me pictures of drawn brows as a joke. Like I should laugh at it. Even asked me that why are girls so stupid that they do it. And yes, I did laugh.

Of course, that was years ago. I have really grown as a person since then. I used to make fun of lots of things in peoples appearance, there was this norm in the goth community to make fun of those skinny ass blondes with fake tans, fake nails, fake hair... Of course that affected me. I saw endless amount of comics, strips etc. about how they were the "enemy". "Oh oh, look how different these people are, no way they could ever be friends or get along." These were of course made with humor and I should had not taken them seriously.

I am so happy that I have realized how wrong I was. All of us are just people. And all of us just like different things. How fucking boring the world would be if we all were goths or hipsters or rockers or whatever. People like different things and that what makes people great.

I promise that what ever you wear, put on your face, pierce, color, tattoo, or modify. I won't be the one saying anything negative about it. That's how you like it, that's how you should wear it!

I can't begin to tell you how angry it makes me to see pictures on the internet, that make fun of other people's appearance. Yeah I like to browse pages like 9gag or riemurasia. But these pages are full of offensive pictures. Every time I see one of those pictures I have to stop browsing. That's just so I don't throw my phone to the wall or punch a hole in my laptop. Just imagine if your picture ended up there for everyone to make fun of. How would you feel?

I am constantly made feel bad about my appearance and how I choose to dress, so I can't stand anyone doing it to anyone else.

It's okay if you do not like something on someone, and it's okay to think that "oh well that's not something I would do/wear myself". But it's not okay to say it out loud! And it's even less okay to insult people in the internet about it. It makes me so damn mad!

Ranting mood is the best mood ehhh..? :D Wellp on to other things. Yesterday I shaved my sides again and I got rid of those little sideburn hairs. They were nice but they were a pain to style. Also this way my new ear piercings show much better! I have a terrible urge to fill my ears with metal. So I got 2 new holes at the Underground Store in Joensuu.

Something also arrived in the mail! I ordered this Lipcote from ebay, and I have to say that I'm in love! It's a clear coat that you put over your lipstick. It keeps your lipstick in place while kissing, eating, drinking, what ever you use your lips in! I don't know how have I even lived without this. Definitely going to use lipstick even more often.