Friday, 24 October 2014

Make your own pixie skirt

Today I made my own pixie skirt! It's easy! Here's how:

What you will need:
1 plain skirt
Miscellaneous fabric pieces
Sewing machine or a needle and some thread

1. Find a old plain skirt. If you don't have one you don't use at the back of you'r closet, just find one from the flea market. The appearance of the skirt doesn't matter that much. Only thing showing should be the waist band.

2. Find different kinds of fabrics. More different they are, the better. I had lot of left overs from my sewing projects so it was easy for me. For example if you have old clothes you don't use anymore, you can just rip those up for you'r skirt. You can also buy a little bit of tulle fabric from a fabric store.

3. Start cutting different kinds of pieces from your fabrics. It's totally up to you, what kind of pieces you want to cut. You can make them long and narrow, or a square that you can attach from the middle, cone shaped, what ever.

4. Lay your skirt out on the floor. Take some pins, and start attaching your pieces just below the waist band all around the skirt. Pin some pieces over the other pieces so your skirt will seem more full. If you have a piece that is really long, just attach it from several places. If you have some tulle fabric or lace, just toss those in the mix.

5. Sew the pieces in place. When you think you have enough pieces attached. You can either take a sewing machine and just sew below the waistband. Or you can just take a needle and some thread and attach them one by one.

6. When your pieces are in place, you can try on the skirt. If some pieces seem too long you can just cut those short. If some places don't seem as full as the rest, just sew in more pieces!

- If you have a tulle skirt, you can wear it under the skirt to make it even more poofy.
- If you don't like all black, just mix different colors!
- If you don't want any poof effect, use thin and droopy fabrics.
- If you'd like it to be even more ripped looking. Make little cuts on the fabrics.
- If you want. you can make a waist belt out of some fabric, to hide the rugged edges. Just tie it over the waistband.

Tadahh, and you are done! You can also add chains, charms, ribbon... whatever!

Other good tutorials to check out (both require a sewing machine):

Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween haul 2

Another week of alone time. I have just been playing minecraft alot. I can't think of anything else to to really. I do have a dentist tomorrow, which I am NOT looking forward on.

But I am just trying to keep my mind focused on the thing I am going to do after the dentist. I will go to the city center and look for more Halloween stuff. And maybe some Halloween themed clothes if possible. It's kind a luck's game in Finland to find Halloween clothes but I'll give it a try.

In the matter of fact I already had some luck in Lindex! The kids section were selling cool bat and spider tights. Also there were these bat leggings! Even more lucky me, they had them in size 170cm and they fit great. Still, they should put some Halloween stuff on the adult section too..
The glow in the dark things weren't from Lindex but I got them on the same trip.

Last week when my friend was here, we went around some flea markets. I found some black candles, which can be hard to find, and this pumpkin lantern. I like it because it isn't too orange.

And today I got these from Prisma... The cookie cutters I got mainly because I wanted the bat shaped one. But the other ones are nice too. Also I could not resist these cute little spiders ahhh!

I think there will be some more Halloween hauls on the way. Everyone is free to express their annoyance to my Halloween hauls if they wish to do so. But I just get so excited every October, Halloween is the only holiday I take part on, and it's not even official here.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Small Halloween haul!

I was on my way to buy some food from Prisma today.. When suddenly.. wild Halloween stuff appears! Holy shit!

Ugh I was late from school on the first day, aint that just great! But oh well, my friend is coming for a long visit tomorrow! Aghhh I can't wait, we can go around flea markets and all that stuff! Wiii! *obsessive cleaning*

But yeah to the point, this was the stuff I picked up. I would have bought more if I wasn't on a budget.. There really was not anything thaaat special, but even these little things make me so happy~
There is some bottle labels, rubber bats, candy bucket and some spider webs. I so have to raid all the other stores and see if their Halloween stuff is up yet!

Have you guys found any good Halloween stuff yet!?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Yellow leaves

One thing is certain, you can't wear skirts like this when there is a little kitten on the house. But I do it anyway. I layered a h&m skirt and a skirt I found from a flea market. I really like how they look together. 

So my internship at the local pet shop is over now.. I am really sad about it. I have to go to school next week, I'd much rather return to work. The whole atmosphere of the school is horrifying to me. I was there only for a minute few days ago and I already felt the hate and the pressure on me. Well.. It's only until February next year and I'll be out of that place.

Next 2 weeks my boyfriend will be out of town. So I'll be left at home with two cats for the whole time. I'll have some time to write some blog posts and maybe even make a video? Alone time will be somewhat welcome. But two weeks seems a bit much..   
Did another diy vest too. Sewed some striped fabric on it and I thought it looks nice. 

A fellow blogger Miss Chaos tipped that she found a tripod on Halpa Halli that cost only 9,90€! I had to go and get one for myself too! You know, for those forest trips.. I was expecting a crappy tripod, but it's actually pretty awesome for the price! You can get the camera on pretty much every angle you want. Good enough for me. :) 

My boyfriend got me Final Fantasy Realm Reborn! It's updating now.. I cannnnn't wait to play it! It seems like a very good MMORPG. I do like the elder scrolls online too, but I'm too poor to buy more months to it now. Oh noes. 

Samhain is also getting closer and closer.. I just adore the atmosphere of fall, maybe that is why I have been feeling very happy lately~ 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

EMP web shop, part 1

The web shop contacted me, asking would I like to make posts on some of their products in exchange of a gift card. I thought about it, and I agreed. I mean why not?

So this post and another one that I am doing in the near future are made in cooperation with the the web shop.

First thing I got from there was this floppy sleeved shirt!  The brand name is Spiral. It's really nice, I am just loving the sleeves. It's kind of a slippery material, not what I expected. It's also looong, which is very nice. If I was just like 5-7 cm shorter I think would be able to wear it as a dress! (I'm 171 cm)


Second shirt that I got was another floppy sleeved shirt! The brand name is Gothicana which I guess is EMP's own goth clothing brand. I just could not help but to get this one, because I just love the print, the sleeves and the fact that it's longer on the sides! Too bad though that it is just not as fitted on the waist area as I would have hoped. 


That's it for part 1. Be on the look out for part 2, I left the goodies to that one!

Links mostly take you to the Finnish EMP shop, but just scroll down the page and you will find their shops in different countries if you live somewhere else!