Friday, 28 November 2014


It's a marvelous day indeed. The Finnish Parliament has approved same-sex marriages! The only right decision they have done in years... But I think it's a great big step on the road to better equality.

Anyway, my real topic today is Demons.

Demons appear in many beliefs and every one of them have their own perception of demons. I have recently read the book "The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley". The book describes many known demons and the vocabulary surrounding them. I am not sure if this book is written from the Christian point of view or not. But one thing caught my eye over and over again. Despite the common belief of evil demons, the book tells about many demons that were only described to do good. 

For example the demon Andrealphus's powers are teaching perfect geometry
and everything pertaining to measurements, as well as
astronomy. Well maybe from Christian point of view science is evil so I suppose it makes sense, haha!

Also there is  Bealphares. He will tell where treasure is hidden and will fetch gold or silver. Bealphares appears in the likeness of either a fair man or a fair woman and will appear whenever summoned. Bealphares will transport a person from country to country without causing any harm and will answer questions truthfully. He will give all knowledge of the magical arts, grammar, speech and
rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

Demon Buer teaches moral and natural philosophy, the logical arts, and the virtues of all herbs and
plants. Buer heals all distempers and gives good familiars.

Lots of interesting demons to read about huh?
I ordered some more Demonology books because I want to learn more about the subject. It's just horribly interesting! I want to learn more about exorcisms, conjurations, rituals, and history from every point of view possible.

Do I believe in demons? I don't know. I don't believe in gods or angels or anything like that. People say you can't believe in demons if you don't believe in god, demons are said to be fallen angels after all. But oh well, I don't believe in the christian demons. I believe there are just some entities that have both good and bad in them. It's a gray area, you can't know. But I still find it fascinating. 

But I suppose I have to put these aside for a while because I might have to at least try to concentrate on school. But this is so much more interesting. Can't I just major in Demonology? Hahaha!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

EMP web shop, part 2

This post is made in cooperation with web shop.

The first part you can find here: Part 1

These are the last 3 items I got from them.

I am wearing 2 of the things here. First off the Vixxins Bust Vest. The EMP web shop seems to be out of them. I think I got some of the last few ones. And I had to get it in size M because it's such a small size.

The other one is the Skor- bolero from Poizen Industries. which I am wearing under the vest. I like it a bunch, but The laces on the hood and on the arm things are waayy too long. I have to cut those shorter.

They are out of this product too, sorry! 

And lastly I have the Corded Skirt by Gothicana. I Have mixed feelings about this skirt. It's just way too long for my taste. Here in this picture above here, I have folded the end of the skirt so it appears the way I would just love it. And I might just sew it in place like this.

Here is the skirt in it's natural state. Which way would you guys like it?

I now realize that they do say how long it is on their website, but when I ordered, I just looked at the pictures where it's on someone who must be horribly long since it looks much shorter on her. (I'm 171cm) Oh well, nothing a good sewing wont fix!

All in all, I am mostly very happy on the stuff I got and it was nice to have this cooperation opportunity! Thank you.

Links take you to the Finnish EMP shop, but just scroll down the page and you will find their shops in different countries if you live somewhere else!

Monday, 24 November 2014

All the RPG's

Last Saturday I was at the Alternative blogs Finland meet up. It was nice to see everyone, but I am just so bad in group situations that I just crash. Oh well.

Ugh yellow lamp makes me all yellow. After this picture I have been practicing using the camera settings better. It was pretty medium priced camera and there is a good amount of settings that I have quite not yet sank in. I'd like to learn to use it better.

More pictures from the meet up and so on you can find from my instagram: hukutettu_nukke
or Wanderin the Borderlands or Desperate Hell

Last week me and my boyfriend visited the local game shop. I got Ni No Kuni for ps3 and he got Diablo 3 for ps3. I got Ni No Kuni because my friend talked about it a lot and it seemed like a really nice game. And she was right. I just love these kinds of RPG games. Then we played Diablo 3, it's so much fun when you can get up to 4 players to play it in one console!

We have also been tossing the idea of getting the PS4.. Since the tax returns are coming next week! But we'll have to think it through!

School... school is horrible! I have so much to do before the end of the year! I just can't get anything started. I feel depressed, tired and overwhelmed.

Funny how school books just seem appalling, but Demonology books are like candy, ha! I can't wait for my new books to arrive!

Friday, 7 November 2014


So, my boyfriend had his hair cut in to a mohawk. Shortly after, I had a terrible urge to do it too! So I went and bought a hair trimmer. On that same day I got in front of the mirror and buzzed away loads of my hair from both sides!

I really like the cut I managed to make on my own. I haven't tried the hawk yet, but I'll get around to do it later.

With this haircut, my ears are so visible. And because of that I got a terrible urge to take more ear piercings! I'd like to take them at a real piercing place, because the jewelry ones are so unhygienic. But geeez, I asked a local piercing place what would they charge for a simple ear piercing. They said 40e and up.. No.

 I know there is one place in Tampere that charges 30e (ugh their prices have gone up..) so I'll guess I'll have to go there again. Unless someone out there knows a good place in Tampere or Pori with a even better price...? 

At the moment I am visiting my parents, and it's so cold! Many layers were needed!

I really want to take pictures outside with the snow! I hope it stays for a while so I can take those when I get back home~ I'm also hoping to get some nature photos when I'm visiting here. It's so beautiful now.