Friday, 29 May 2015

Screw you

So I graduated today. :)
And here's my outfit.

The ceremony was horribly dull and boring and went on forever! I'm glad it's over now. :)
Happy summer everyone!

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Curse you loose hairs!

Today was the rehearsal of tomorrows graduation ceremony. It was sucky, so boring and bleh. I wish I didn't have to go tomorrow, but I just need my certificate as fast as possible.

For the first time in my life I am wearing fake nails. They are pretty cool pointy ones, but they are also pretty long. Because of that, some everyday tasks are proven to be quite the pain in the ass.
For example, I can't put on my oven mitts, nor can I tie my hair in to a ponytail. Also putting on stockings is a real pain. Already lost one nail to that. But I'm glad that they are easy to just glue back.

I don't know if my nail glue is sucky or what. My friend suggested on using superglue instead of the standard nail glue, maybe that will help, haha.

The mail brought me "Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards"! I got them second hand from a facebook flea market, so they are not in perfect shape. But it's all there and that's all that matters to me.

The cards have the most beautiful pictures of unicorns and pegasus'es. I have always loved all sorts of magical creatures especially unicorns. So it felt like these were just made for me! I have a huge interest in fortune telling. I don't believe in it with my full heart, but I still find it to be fascinating. Even helpful sometimes.

Do you believe in fortune telling? (Tarot, runes, oracle cards, horoscopes, from a hand, numerology, etc.)

Saturday, 23 May 2015


It's overrr. My school that is.
Next week is the graduation party and I have found a perfect "screw all of you" outfit for that occasion. I'll post pictures then. :)

Ughhhh my hair looks horrid! I am going to cut and dye it tomorrow so no more of this hideous brown color. 

We were at this flea market happening thing here in Pori today. We didn't really go around so I didn't buy anything. We were there to just see my boyfriends relatives. After that we went to my boyfriends sister's place and watched a movie: "I am legend". It was pretty good, I recommend if you like zombie or end of the world stuff.

I so ate too much candy and chips and chocolate too blergh.

Now I think I will make a new header for my blog, I have such a drawing inspiration at the moment that I think it's time to bust out my drawing tablet!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mother nature

Today me and my boyfriend were on a walk in the near by forest. We were supposed to go yesterday but it started to rain as soon as we got outside.. I really miss hanging out on places like this.

I only have 5 days of work until I graduate! I am beyond happy about that.

But I do kinda have a clothing problem. We are going to have a like a big ceremony with the school where we get out certificates, and of course it would be nice to wear something a bit more formal... ugh I don't know. I do have a dress that I wore at my graduation from high school, but I feel more like dressing completely not-formal.

Maybe ripped stockings, platform boots, mohawk and a minidress? ;) Something that says: "Screw you".

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Kinda nice weather we have been having. No need for a jacket really.

I have been learning about the Key Of Solomon lately. I have yet to buy the actual grimoires, but the internet is a excellent source of information. I got in to it when I read about different demons on my demonology books, and I saw the key of Solomon to be repeated quite a lot. 

 There are a lot of different pentacles that are pictured in the manuscripts of the grimoire. And they all serve a certain function. When I saw this amulet on a facebook flea market, it shined to me like a bright star in the middle of infinite darkness.

The 1st Pentacle of The Moon, oh yes. It is supposedly used in invoking the spirits of the moon(along with the other 6 moon pentacles) and also opening doors, both physical and otherworldly.

"He hath broken the Gates of brass, and smitten the bars of iron in sunder." ~Psalm cvii 16

I have really filled up my Adlibris -wishlist. There is so many new things to learn about and countless books I wish to read! The thing about me and books are that I wish to OWN my books. Sure I could go look for some of these books in the library, but it just isn't the same.

I mean when something comes up in a book that you remembered reading something about in another book, how easy it is to just go to your bookcase and look it up. But if the book was from the library, who has the time to go in and out of the library. Especially when my library is so far away.

I wish to have my own little library someday.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Costume Horns -Tutorial

So here is a detailed explanation on how I did my horns that can be seen at the end of this post:

These ones I made a little different but basics are the same!

Step 1
First off you'll need these things:
1. A pot you can pour your paste in.
2. paintbrushes
3. Acrylic paint (or paints) of your choice, I have chosen black.
4. scissors
5. wheat flour
6. some sort of a plain headband (Mine is from the craft store)
7. newspapers
8. masking tape

Step 2
Making the paste.
Get a cooking pot of some kind. It doesn't have to be big since you wont need that much of the paste. Now then, I have been having some problem on how much should I put water and how much flour. The recipe that I got states that you put 1 cup flour and 3 cups of water but I would suggest you at least put 4-5 cups of water in to a one cup of flour.

You can for example put 1dl of flour and at least 4dl of water in the pot. That way the amount of paste wont be huuuge. If the paste still seems too thick, add more water as you go.

Step 3
Put the pot on the stove.
Mix the flour and the water before you put the heat on.
After that you can just straight ahead put the stove on full heat.

Step 4
Mix the paste the whole time it is on the stove. It will burn if you wont.
Wait until it boils.
After is boils you can add more water if it seems too thick.

Step 5
After it has boiled, take it off the hot stove to cool off.
Don't worry about lumps.

Step 6
After the paste is not hot anymore, you can pour it in the plastic pot.
You can close it before you start the next step.

Step 7
Here's your chance to get creative, take a page or two of the newspaper and crumble it up.
With the help of the masking tape, start shaping your horns or antlers.
It does not have to be prefect.

Step 8
See how the horn sits on your headband. Try to make the bottom part as flat as you can, so will sit neatly.

Step 9
Make a pair for your horn

Step 10
Shred some of the newspaper in to a different size and length sheets.

Step 11
Don't be shy, dip your hand in the paste, it's the easiest way to get the right amount of paste on your sheets. You could also use a brush of some sort.

Step 12
Apply the paste on the both sides of one newspaper sheet.

Step 13
Start applying the sheet around the horn while smoothing it. Keep adding sheets until it is as smooth as you want.
But keep in mind that the more sheets you apply, the bigger the horn gets.
If you want to add some texture to the horn you can for example smooth it less or add long folded sheets under the top layer.

Step 14
After you have covered both of the horns, they should look something like this.
Now let them dry for some hours to make the next step easier.

Step 15
Now that they have dried a bit, the masking tape will stick better to them.
Position your horns to the headband and secure them with the tape.
Don't worry, they will be covered.

Step 16
Use the sheets and the paste to cover the tape and secure the horns to the band.

Step 17
Let the horns dry over night.
It would be best if they did not lean to anything while drying.

Step 18
After the horns are dry, take out your acrylic paint and start painting!
Remember to paint the paper on the inner part of the headband.

Step 19
After you are done painting. Place it to dry again. 
If you are using acrylic paint, it should be touch dry in a couple of hours or less.
But if you want to add decoration, I recommend waiting some hours more.

Now they are done!
You can wipe the headband clean with a moist paper if there is any paste stains on it.
After that you can for example glue some fake flowers or fabric pieces or lace or anything you can think of to decorate your horns!

If you have long hair you can easily cover the headband to only show the horns, but I have shaved sides so I can't demonstrate that well. :D

There you go, if you have any questions, please comment down below and I'll be sure to answer you!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Exorcise me

Wowweeh! I reserved a hotel room for Lumous Gothic festival yesterday. Got me pretty excited!

Ohh I love my new workplace! My boss and the other person I work with are super duper nice. The boss often lets me go home early and this Friday she gave me a bag of candy before I left work. Ah, can I just work there forever?

But seriously, I'm glad summer is about to start, so much time for myself...

For those who didn't know yet, I opened my own etsy store:

For now I sell only earrings. But I'll start to make patches there soon, when I get the chance to perfect my patch painting methods. The other earrings I am selling are the same ones I am wearing in these pictures! :)

Tomorrow I think I will make the horn tutorial I talked about in the last post. I am tho yet not certain should I make it as video or as a series of pictures. Hummm...

Many thanks for my boyfriend for taking these pictures.
Today me and him cycled to the only flea market that was open today. I am in such a bad shape... At least I found a nice cheap skirt there. It was such a nice weather today. Hope it is like that rest of the weekend. I would really love to go take some pictures outside.