Wednesday, 26 August 2015


My oracle card of the day:"Imagine - What would you see, feel, think, and hear if you wish came true?"

I would see a shadowy forest. The trees would be so dense that only some sunlight can get trough to light the undergrowth. In the very middle, where there is a small glade, I would see a cottage in the middle of it. A tiny cottage that has been built next to a small river that runs through the forest. The cottage is old and completely covered in vines but still it feels cozy.

I would feel completely relaxed. Only a small breeze of wind gets through the dense forest and it moves the plants around slightly. Making the most calming sound you have ever heard in your whole life.

This is home.

Sadly I'm in a concrete box. Surrounded by people, loud noises, light, and polluted nature. I hope that this will not be my home much longer. I know I talk about this a lot. But it's the biggest thing I wish to change in my life at the moment.

If you would like me to draw you a oracle card to guide you today, just let me know in the comment box . :)

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Few days ago I finally did the thing! By that I mean took a buzzer and buzzed some more hair off me head. So for now on, I'll try not to cut it at all, except my bangs of course. I am dreaming of a looong haair!

I truly like the almost hairless look! But I imagine when it grows a bit, it will be a bit of an annoyance! So I might invest in a long black wig or something.

So anyway, I got this shirt with feathers and lace from Helsinki! I was there flea marketing and having fun with my friend. I also found bunch of other stuff from the flea markets, like the lace cuffs I am wearing in these pictures.

I was so eagerly waiting to get to "Götan Maailma". Which is an oddity store in Helsinki. But can you fucking believe our luck when we finally got there... It was closed that week, WHYY!? Oh well, maybe next time.

We also went to Linnanmäki amusement park! It was so much fun! My feet were killing me though, talking about bad shoe choices. My feet still look a bit nasty.

These pictures are taken by my friend.

I fucking love the tea cup ride, even thought it doesn't look like it at all haha!

And after Linnanmäki we went to eat in this vegetarian restaurant called "Soi Soi". It was a very small place, run by only few people, there I ate a tofu burger and it was fucking delicious. Would recommend!

 While wandering around we also found this amazing shop... I should had taken pictures. It was a big shop dedicated to rockabilly style, and by big I mean they had a lot of small rooms, each decorated differently and each one more amazing than the other! There some amazing winkle pickers and stuff like that. I really can't even remember the name of the shop but if someone knows what I am talking about please comment down below!

Gahhh! I almost forgot! We have been blessed by a new family member called the PS4! Can't wait to get some games on it, especially the new batman game would be amazing..

Monday, 10 August 2015

Summer shenanigans + OOTD

About a week ago I went to see the Louhisaari castle-mansion. It was such a beautiful building and the interior was to die for! I don't have too much pictures from the inside since they prohibited photography. But I do recommend that you go and see it for yourself!

I only had my small pocket camera with me so the pictures are what they are, but try to bear with me. :')

It is said that the mansion is haunted by a woman who died sealed away in her own bedroom. We saw that bedroom and it was amazing... Would definitely love to spent a night there! Too bad that ain't allowed. While visiting I didn't sense any spirits though.

In the same day we also visited the botanical garden in Turku!
Here is some pictures from there.


It was a very pretty place also! 

After this trip I spend a day at my parents and then a weekend at my friends place. I had not seen her in a while and it was super nice to see her properly and catch up!

We toured some flea markets and stores in Jyväskylä, I didn't really find much. From some gift shop there, I picked up this skull mug and a coffin bottle opener, so cute!

After I got home I had a terrible urge to go trough all the flea markets in Pori and found some really nice stuff! The best thing is definitely this easel! It cost around 5€ and it can be folded so that it is super easy to carry around. I have wanted me own easel forever*, feeling so happy! 
(* I laughed so when I noticed how I wrote that part, but I decided to leave it like that... :D)

Also found this adorable partylite skeleton candle holder for a great price! 

Shoe tiiiiime! From different worlds.. The bottoms granny boots are from a flea market but the Funtasma "stripper" heels are from a facebook flea market. I just don't know what is it with stripper shoes I love so much. I want them all, and with mega platforms... 

Aaaand finallyy! New hair that I cut yesterday! I'm slowly getting bald.. Haha! I am planning to cut the rest (except my bangs!) off after I get bored with this hair. After that I'm planning to let it just grow super long! Good thing my hair grows pretty fast anyway. 

Next week I'm on my way to Helsinki for a few days! Me and my friend are going to Linnanmäki amusement park and loads of other awesome places! So stay tuned!