Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Ghostly being

Last weekend I was at the Horror and Tease show by Tampere Burlesque! It was kind of a Halloween burlesque-, drag-, sideshow show! I had a blast and I got to bust out my Halloween costume for the first time this year! Hopefully I will have a few more chances to wear it since it was really fun to step out of my comfort zone by wearing no black at all.

It took me a bunch of time to put this outfit together, I started gathering it months ago. I also had white contact lenses for it.. But well I had never worn contact lenses before and I kinda forgot to practice on putting them on and taking them out so I just decided not to use them that night. They are 1 year lenses though, so if I care for them properly, I will have plenty of time to practice and make use of them!

Wig - Ebay
Shirt - RQ-BL, Ebay
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - Pleaser Exotica ,Boutique LouLou
Socks - Punanaamio
Tights - Ebay
Gloves - Boutique LouLou

 I had a whole bunch of compliment on my costume that night and I was so unprepared for it. Oh why must I be so socially awkward. We went to a burger king after the party and it was kinda interesting with all the drunk people out there. It was kinda funny to see how much more people react to this all white outfit. It was so much more than how people react to me when I dress up normally. Which could just be this same outfit in all black.

I just really want to do this outfit and add black accents to it. Like black eyeliner and black belt or corset, black bracelets.. Just to play around with it as a every day outfit for fun.

Also the bag is from Killstar! It was very difficult to find a bag that was white and still a bag I could wear with everyday clothing too. But I think I found it! Still think I really want this bag in black too!
I have been let down by Killstar in quality quite a few times, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got this bag! I have really no complaints about it yet.

Here are some pictures from some of the shows. They were all amazing. I can't even decide on a favorite. I had my boyfriend with me and he took all of the pictures this evening and he did a nice job! I had gloves on and I really just wanted to focus on the show that night anyway.

I deliberately chose pictures what would not spoil anything from any one's show. They were truly astounding and worth seeing live. 

It was a really fun event and hopefully I get to attend next year as well! I also very much recommend it for everybody! Music was good, atmosphere was good, the host was brilliant.. what's not to like. 


  1. Aivan ihana asu ;___; oot ihan supersöpö! Varmasti herätit huomiota, valkoinen hyppää niin hyvin esille mustaan verrattuna.

    1. Voi kiitos! Niinähän se kieltämättä hyppää :D

  2. I LOVE your Halloween outfit!!! You looked fabulous! That show by Tampere Burlesque sounds like a lot of fun.
    P.S.: I love your YouTube videos too :D

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