Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Summer adventures

Our summer vacation has begun. So here's photo dump of a bunch of stuff we did on the first week!

First we headed to Turku where we boarded a cruise ship. 23 hour cruise to Stockholm. Bought some vodka and perfumes, ate good food, enjoyed the view, it was a super nice start to our vacation.

We are supposed to board a ship once more this summer. We are going to take our car with us and go to Tallinn. But more on that later on. 

After the cruise we hang out a few days at home and then headed out again.

First we headed to the Tank museum at Parola. My boyfriend had wanted to go there for a while.

Then we set camp at my parents place in Orivesi. On that same night we set our sails to Hörtsänän arboretum. It's also in Orivesi. I suggest you check it out if you are around! 

Melting in the heat.

We found this weird chapel among it all. Inside there was a cross, bench and a writing. Pretty cool.

I got so fucking tanned on this trip it's ridiculous. 

The next day we headed to Särkänniemi amusement park. Where we spend the day from nearly opening time all the way to closing time. I had not been there for like 10 years, it was nice to get my head spinning again. After the park closed we drove to Kangasala and had some good food at a local grill.

The next day, we went to see some car museums at Kangasala. The one in Vehoniemi and a Rally museum not far from there. Next to the rally museum there was another car museum thing where we found this guy.

Later that day we went to Jämsä to see my friend. I hadn't seen her in a year or so. It's hard to make our schedules work sometimes but it's so nice to even have a little time to catch on. 

A day later, when we started our journey towards the north I saw these two churches and I had to just stop an take some picture of them. The top one is the old church at Petäjävesi. Apparently it's a UNESCO world heritage building build around 1700's.

The bottom one I just can't remember where it was. It's somewhere between Petäjävesi ja Jämsä. But it's pretty as well.

Around Alajärvi there were a few nice view spots we visited. The top one is from a downhill skiing place called Laskis I believe. I got some weird childhood trauma flashback from there. I guess we had been there skiing at some point from school.

We also went to this other very beautiful place. I believe it was Pyhävuori. 

That night I got bit of a meltdown. Got a bit overwhelmed and homesick. My boyfriend thought that it would help me if we stayed the night in the car next to nature. And it did. He had build a system at the back so we can very comfortably sleep in there. 

We picked a really beautiful spot next to this lake. We hoped we would get to be alone. But yeah, few times I woke up in the middle of the night when there were some drunks swimming and people launching their boats. But yeah, we slept pretty well.

Next morning we headed to Tuuri deparment store. I haven't been there in like 15 years and it was interesting to see how it has changed. Well me, I bought like 6 blu-ray movies and a bunch of make-up. They have a really good selection. 

After that we headed to the last stop of our tip. The Ähtäri Zoo. It's probably also 15 years ago when I was there last time. I really wanted to see the pandas.

The pandas were very beautiful. I kinda felt bad for them. They had a cool-ish inside part and a big yard. But they could not really use the outside much, they got exhausted after playing outside for 5 minutes. It has been +30 Celsius here in Finland like a month and a half, every. single. day. It really made the trip more exhausting too. 

Some European bisons to bid you farewell. 
More adventures coming soon!