Monday, 1 October 2018

Waiting for Samhain

Summer is pretty much over and here comes Fall! I have already busted out all my pumpkins and even picked up a few new ones! Can't wait for next week when I get to go to Tampere and so some Halloween themed shopping.

Here is a little glimpse of my bookcase! There's a bunch more occult/paranormal/witchcraft etc books elsewhere, but they are not very organized. 

For a small project I have had this new vest under construction. I'm still not sure if it's done. I don't have all my crafts stuff here yet so I might have some more different studs to add. Chains maybe? Suggestions?

I have a big Munsters patch at the back I tried to  take a decent picture but Nipsu had some other ideas. What a cam whore. All of the patches in this vest are from etsy. In my last vest I painted most of the patches myself, but I have run out of my home made patches and it's such a time consuming thing that I just thought fuck dat. 
The shops the patches are form are TheCellarPatches, EvilThreadPatches and neoshiki.  If you want some good patches for yourself

I finally got my kittie home. Though I have been worried about him a lot since we split him and the other cat Pippuri from each other in the break up. He seems fine though, he just needs someone to play with him every day since he's very playful. We are thinking about getting a friend for him later on.

I have this picture on top of our tv since I do find myself missing Pippuri every once in a while. 

As for other live updates. I have my halloween costume all planned out! Some of the things I ordered for if have yet to arrive but I'm hoping they come in time. Next week on the weekend, me any my boyfriend are planning on a trip to Tampere to a Horror and tease Show! A halloween party with a whole bunch of burlesque, drag and sideshows! I'm hoping on wearing my costume then! There's also a halloween party my friend is throwing but it kinda overlaps with Sexhibition so we don't really know where we are going.

Also super excited! My boyfriend and his friends rented out a big space near us where we can fix and restore cars! So immediately I jumped on the phone and bought my other dream car form my dad! It's a Volkswagen Transporter (T2). It's quite not the Hippie bus, well it looks pretty much exactly like the iconic hippie bus except the front end is somewhat different. Google it if you want. Or wait for pictures of it when we get it hauled over. It needs work, and I have never restored a car before, but luckily my boyfriend is there to guide me every step of the way. 
My plans are to turn it in to a some sort of camper van, at the moment the back is empty, so it's a good clean slate. Maybe I'll paint the car black, put a roof rack on it? We shall see! So I'm sorry there is just going to be some pictures of it along the way! 

I also started inktober! For the first time ever, I'm hoping on getting all the way through it!


  1. Oh, wow everything sounds so exciting your rebuilding a camper van that's some feat. Wishing you all the best for it.

    1. Thank you! I really can't wait to get started!