Saturday, 9 July 2022

Lifes shit and then you die

I'm still alive, kinda, maybe.
I have been away from my social medias for over a year. Part of it is just plain lazy most of it was emotional agony and trauma I was put through by my ex. Took me a while to heal and feel good about myself again. He turned out to be one hugely shitty person and I should have seen it coming. I was emotionally abused for 2 years straight. Lied to daily. 
Finally it all came out and I left.

I moved to Tampere, tried to get my life together. It felt like a hard thing at first, but after the move I realized I have never been truly happy in my old life. First time I was truly happy was in this tiny studio apartment, in a city I love, having my own space, being able to fully be in control of my own life. Also found a part time job which is the best job I have ever had. Found an amazing partner who is the kindest person I have ever met. One I know would never hurt me. 

I think the whole experience really made me grow as a person. As cliché as it sounds.
I know what kind of people I want in my life and all others can kiss my ass goodbye. 

I was kinda planning on making a long as post with punch of pictures I have taken during the last year. But I just wanted to post these first. So I guess stay tuned for that. I'll get in more detail what my life is like now in that post. I'm just really jazzed about this jacket I made. Its not yet finished but I'm a bit unsure where to go from here with it.

Jacket - Second hand, diy by me
Skirt - Second hand
Boots - Hard leather Stuff
Necklace - DIY
Pouch - Sewn by me
Belt with chains - Etsy
Top - Dollskill

I'm a bit rusty with outfit pictures and all this blogging stuff so excuse me. I wore this outfit to and Evanescence concert, which was a while ago. 

Anyways see you soon! (fingers crossed)


  1. You have my sympathy for all the emotional agony and trauma you were put through by your ex. Obviously you deserve much better.
    You look awesome in all of the outfit photos above!
    The jacket you made looks amazing, I love the outfit.
    I also love your eye-makeup and lipstick.
    Best wishes for a healthy, successful and happy Summer and year ahead!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

    2. You are very welcome!!!
      I hope you not only regain all your emotional strength and well-being quickly, but hope you continue to emerge much stronger and more dominant than ever!
      I would love watching any new videos of you if you feel like making and uploading them to your (Black Widow Sanctuary's) YouTube channel.
      I would also love to see and read whatever you feel like Tweeting on your Twitter @HukutettuNukke.
      P.S.: My last blog post was on 13 February, 2022 and was titled: Recap 2: More Full Brief Panty-Modelling Photos LABELED FREE FOR RE-USE :D xx <3

  2. Good you' re back :)

  3. I'm happy to see that you're back blogging and that you're doing good! Love your style, it's so creative and inspirational.