Saturday, 10 September 2022

Amsterdam trip

 My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam for my birthday!
We stayed for 4 days and went to so many places and museums and had so much fun.
Here are some pictures. Some of them you might have seen if you saw them on my insta stories.

Excalibur Bar
Loved this bar, got their t-shirt also, I'll show it at some point cause its so cool!

Basilica of Saint Nicholas

Artis Zoo

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience was pretty cool, they took us to a tour on the old factory got to taste some beer, had weird light shows, got to make our own Heineken bottle with our choice of text and bring it home, and there was a bar at the end where we got some more beer. BEER!

Torture museum

Maritime Museum


House of Bols
Also an interesting tour in the history and making of Bols gin and also got a drink of our choice at the bar. I fell in love with the elderflower Bols but I think I cant find that from Finland. :(
We actually only went there because we tried to get to Van Gogh museum but it was sold out.

Body Worlds

Red light district

Just some places we visited, didn't take pictures of everything. Took more pictures than usual which is good enough I suppose. Could have stayed for more days, so much was left that we didn't have time to see. A very beautiful city all in all.

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