Thursday, 24 September 2020

Start of Fall

I have a constant sleepy feeling, I think I need to start exercising every now and then to not feel like a big baked potato.
But anyways. I got 2 months free trial on skillshare. Initially I wanted freshen up my oil painting knowledge so I could make the best painting of my cat I could. But that kind of got jammed since I noticed I don't have a big enough canvas for it. So before I can proceed with that I need to find a proper sized canvas.

Life seems slow. 

It makes me giddy seeing the leaves changing and Halloween stuff popping up in stores... I really don't have any money at the moment to spend on such things, but just seeing them makes me dive in to the Fall feels.

Seriously I can't even remember when was the last time I styled my hair this way.. Must be like 5 years ago. I really wanna test all sorts of different styles to see which ones work best for me.

I constantly wanna stream but I just feel so tiered that sleeping seems more appealing right now. Need to get my shit together. Makes me sad that sleepiness and general exhaustion keep me away form my art projects and other stuff I love doing. Kinda funny how most of my blogposts recently seem to be pictures of me + me complaining how sleepy or depressed I am. Oh gosh.
I hope Fall, Samhain and Halloween will inspire me a bit.

Top - Shein
Collar - Killstar
Shoes - Gothic shoe co.
Skirt and cross belt - From a company with questionable ethics
Gloves - Ebay


  1. Could you help me get this Partylite bat.
    I pay good for it.

    1. Your link does not work for me sorry. Would love to help a fellow halloween collector out, but the finnish partylite is usually pretty poor in terms of halloween.

  2. It works for me. Google after Partylite Halloween 2016. I want the haning metal bat. Night of the bats.

    1. Ahh I know what you mean, I have that one. But partylite does not carry that one anymore and I really don't want to part from mine. I also checked some Finnish second hand places that have a lot of partylite stuff but couldn't find that one. Sorry!

  3. great pictures! i love your outfit <3