Sunday, 4 October 2020

Fall Leaves Appreciation

 Today me and my boyfriend visited the Uusikaupunki cemetery for the first time ever. There is a small section of old graves and I wanted to see them! There were few interesting gravestones, one of which towered like 4 meters in the air, as well as one that was eaten by a tree. There was also a maple that was struck by lightning. All these wonders and I took pictures of me and the leaves. I was in too much awe I guess. 

 I have had this Punk Rave dress for ages but I have not worn it much, but today it felt like it really fit my Fall mood. Though it feels like the sleeves of this dress are an annoying length on me, but the hood is a killer!

I am pretty excited about the weather getting colder since I can start doing many layers to my outfits again! Warm and comfy layers! Though I hope it doesn't get too cold. That's not good either.

Dress - Punk Rave
Belt - Killstar
Shoes - Flea Market

I got myself a jump rope! I have not jumped rope since like 3-4th grade, but I heard it's great exercise and I wanted to add it to my routine next to yoga and Ringfit. I'm glad I still can jump rope after all these years! 
I really want to shake off some excess kilos that haunt me. I did get rid of some previously, but I kinda fell back when depression hit.

I'm pretty sad we don't have a big maple tree in our yard. We have couple of small ones and a medium one behind our trashcan thing. But nothing really beats the quantity of leaves that fall from a grand maple.

I hope you are having a great Fall!

I have gotten my sleeping schedule back on track for streaming as well! So hopefully I am able to do some steams next week and not fall asleep after one hour. 
See you soon! 


  1. The dress looks amazing on you.

  2. Those orange leaves are beautiful! You're so right about maple trees. I treasure the one I planted at my house.

    Jumping rope sounds like fun exercise. :D

    1. I know right!

      It is fun! But it also takes a lot out of you in just few minutes

  3. Upeita kuvia ja upea sinä! Hyvää syksyä <3

  4. Onpas nättejä kuvia ja upea asu! Sopii tosi hyvin yhteen miljöön kanssa. :)