Friday, 29 May 2020

Sitting around

Back to work on mondayyyy. Yippeee. I'm so happy that it's finally summer weather and my summer vacation ends. Great. At least we filled our hot tub yesterday and we got a new grill a while ago so we are gonna have a fun night today. Need to just get something to grill and beers and Breezers. Has anyone tried the new lemon and elderflower Breezer? It's delicious. Seriously.

Here, enjoy some pictures of me form yesterday!

Boots - Current Mood, Dollskill
Vest - Diy'ed
Bustier - Boohoo
Bondage belt - Ebay
Skirt - Ebay
Net body underneath - Widow, Dollskill
Choker - Killstar

Ugh my roots are starting to show, as well as my quarantine and vacation weight. On that regard I guess it's good in a way to get back in to rythm and start taking care of myself again.

 Well I better get to cleaning so hope you all have a great start to summer!

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