Saturday, 20 August 2016


Today was nice. I went flea market shopping with Leena
I found 2 dvd's and a kite! But anyways I had fun even tough I was so tiered after a long workweek.

My back has been aching for a week now, so I'm glad that next week will be my very last week of work... I hope... I'm going to need some serious de-stressing afterwards. I'm going to built a fort on the couch and watch all the moomin episodes! Very adult.

Vest - Flea market
shirt - masquerade, their website
Belt - Storenvy
Skirt - H&M
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - Flea market 
 The dvd's I got were interview with the vampire, and one moomin dvd to add to my collection! Yay! 

When we were leaving the flea market we encountered a cool older woman who was so excited to see a Joy Division patch at the back of my vest. She said she was surprised to see younger people these days listening to them, since she used to listen to them a lot back at the 80s. Also she told us how hard it used to be for her to get a hold of the records back then. Especially here in Finland I can imagine the struggle. Hehe, wonder what she dressed like back then...?

Here's the kite! It's a bat! So cool! Some of these days I'll go flying it with Leena since she got one too! Just hope I don't break it first thing.

Hope ya'll having a nice weekend! What have you been up to? :)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

It can rain all the time

Whowhee, where did the summer go? Kinda feels like I didn't even see it.. It's all rainy and cold. Not that I mind a little rain.

Me, I have just been working... It's really starting seriously affect my mental health though. I do cry in the mornings when I realize I have to leave for work now. 5 days a week of pure depression, how nice. Just... 10... more... workdays... to.. go.. GNNGGHH. I can do this!
Hopefully the blogging rate will increase too when I get out of there.

Shirt - Punk Rave, ebay
Skirt - Lindex
Stockings - Ebay
Shoes - Fantasy  shoes, second hand

 I so adore this shirt I got a while ago! I have been admiring this punk rave shirt on ebay for a good while now, and I finally decided that I need to have it. It has a matching jabot that comes off! The shirt looks really amazing even without the jabot, and it's great that you can use it with other clothes too. 
I bet this shirt would look divine with a long skirt as well! Have to try that next. 

Also a thing I got a while ago is this bag from Banned! I just love how it reminds me of a tombstone..
It's actually quite a decent size so I can fit a lot of crap in it.

I wore that bag when I went to see the Suicide Squad as well! 
The movie was pretty good. There wasn't really anything too surprising but I just loved Jared Leto's performance as Joker. There wasn't much of him in the movie but it's okay. Since you know, it wasn't Joker's movie. 

Before the movie we went to this cool shop we have here in Pori. They sell used and unused dvd's and games. But they also sell all sorts of very cool decor, like skulls, dragons, dolls... etc. I had not visited this store for a very long time and it was a burst of joy when I got the see what they have to offer these days! All I got for now tough was this unicorn chalice, which is amazing still. But I assure you I will be going back for more.  

The little crystal isn't from that store, it's from a "Jewel Gallery"Jalokivigalleria. Last week I went to Loimaa with my dad and brother and I was delighted to see that they had this store at some gas station, haha. 

When in Loimaa I bought these CD's from a swap meet event. Joy Division's Unknown pleasure and Still. The unknown pleasures is still in it's plastic wrapping and I am kinda reluctant to remove it for some reason. 

And yesss. Some Digimon in the middle of all the Pokemon. I had been longing for this game for months but then I finally found it at a decent price and it came with me. I do have to say I love this game so far! The story is pretty interesting and so so many digimon oh gosh! 

Now I'll probably play this game for the rest of the day... Yeah.. Some Malibu rum and Digimon, yeeessss~

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Cemetery adventures

Today me and my boyfriend had a really fun day of pokemon go and taking photographs at the local cemetery! It's cool that our local Käppärä cemetery has a total of 5 item points and a gym, so we walked them all multiple times. Spend many hours doing so.

It was fun to see other players doing the same point spamming as well!

Dress - Laughing Vampire
Shoes - Demonia, Flea market
Tights - Ebay

Now, I'm not much of a photographer as you can see, but I enjoy learning and trying and doing so here you go!

I really like iron fences...

The mausoleum was already closed for the day when we got there, which was sad. I have not been in there but we thought we would come back another day!

I finally got a new phone! My boyfriend surprised me with a Samsung Galaxy 3J 2016. It was super sweet of him! I couldn't play pokemon go with my old one so he thought it was finally time to get me a new one. The old one had been breaking down for months now anyway. Go team Mystic!

I already got this cool Halloween theme on it too!

Yeah yeah, I have gotten to the Pokemon Go train too. How could I not, I have been playing X and Alpha on my 3DS pretty much recently so ain't it just the nicest addition.

I personally think the game has actually improved my life. It feels awesome to hang outside and look for item stops, exercise and just have fun!

So I don't friggin care if you don't care about it.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Lumous 2016

Yessh, so lumous was last weekend. I had a really great time and I hope others did as well!
This year I didn't make a video, nor did I actually even take much any pictures. Shame on me! I was just so sleepy the whole weekend that the festival was just this big fog.

Today thought I made an effort to re-create my club looks for you! I don't have much anything else to do today anyway.


Corset - Dracula clothing
Shoes - Pennangalan
Choker - Storenvy
Skirt - Flea market
Shirt - Lindex

On friday morning I had to work... But I managed to get my butt to Tampere well on time. Got some alcohol and a little something to eat. Then we headed to the club.. But ohh, I have had so much to drink already. Before the final band Shiv-r, I had to stumble back to the hotel room and pass out. At least I managed to get there on time.

I don't remember much anything of my way back to the hotel but I do remember the lady at the hotel counter asking me: "Did you have a nice evening". I must have looked like shit. xD


Saturday went a lot better. I got a pretty good night sleep and we headed to the Dark Market.

From the market I wanted everything. But I felt like I kinda don't need shit at the moment. Just before heading out though I saw this table full of books and it felt like I NEED all of them. But after browsing through them I picked up this book about The magic songs of the Finns. I have had this book on my adlibris wishlist for a good while now, and I just had to buy it.

The book contains all sorts of magic enchantments for helping in every day life in the ye old'e Finland. :'D It's very cool and interesting!

From the market I got nothing else, but afterwards I got to hang out with my friend Veronica for the first time! Oh she was so nice and it was super fun to finally get to hang out with her! We went to eat and did a bit of shopping. I got these sunglasses with kitty ears from H&M sale and this fucking expensive wooden storage box from Aurinko.

Later on I wanted to see the Masquerade on Dog's home, but we weren't sure when they were going to be on. So we were late... But at least I got to see them for a little while. And the pushy salesman who sold their LP's, sold me the Ritual album. I would have bought it anyway though. But he said that this one was the very first one of this album they sold, haha. Should of had gotten it signed. 8C

After that I think we went to rest for a bit and I changed in to my club clothes.

Corset - Dracula Clothing
Shoes - Pleaser, ebay
Skirt - Ebay
Scarf - Flea market 

I was so stoked to finally get to use my new thigh high pleasers! Aren't they gorgeous! I would have gotten a versions with a taller heel but I really want to use these as a daily wear category and I think this heels is perfect for that!

Also my iron fist bag saw the night life for a second time.

I didn't really care for the bands that played in the club on staurday... They were danceable but not really for me. It kinda seemed that just before the last band came on the place got packed and so my expectations were high.. but blergh, no. But at least I got to hand out with Miss Chaos  . She was super nice and I hope to see her again!

Sunday morning I had to head back home since I would have to work on Monday morning. Some year I will stay for the The End club, but this was just no the year.

Yeah yeah, my outfits weren't that great this year. But consider that I had to but all of it together the night before, I think I did okay.

And thank for my friends for putting up with me the whole festival..!

If you want to see my previous Lumous shenanigans you can see this post from 2014 and this one from 2015.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pre-Lumous Panic

Ohh noeees tomorrow is a workday once again.. Oh boy.

I was supposed to figure out all of my Lumous Gothic Festival outfits this weekend because it's happening next weekend, but I just ended up being a lazy ass. I did plan some of them on paper but you just can't figure outfits on paper since you don't know how will they really look together.

I found out last Friday that all my next weeks sifts will be evening ones... Which will suck. I'll go to after midday and come back home late at night. So I won't have any time to do anything on the weekdays. Except maybe in the morning if I wake up early enough.. Which I wont.

Vest - second hand diy
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Ideapark
Legwarmers - My mom
Socks - diy
Chains - Ebay
Choker - Second Hand

Even on Friday when the festival starts I was supposed to end my sift wayyy in to the night. But I managed to talk myself on to a morning sift. Thank goth. So I can manage to get to Tampere pretty early just before the Dog's Home stuff starts. Hopefully I won't be dead tired. :'D

I did kinda start looking for clothes to wear.. I threw a lot of them on the bed and then just stared at them for hours.. They are still there. My brain just doesn't want to put things together right now.

But anyway I'm sure I'll get something with me when the time comes on Friday.

I'm very much hoping that I'll see many of my blogger friends and follower friends and stuff at the Lumous! So pleeeaaase come say hi if you see me! I'll try not to be too awkward but I won't make any promises...

I'm still not kinda sure what kind of a blogging thing I'll be making this year but I'm thinking about a video. But then I would definitely have to get more footage than last year.. Haha, I'll try.

As for gaming. I bought Stardew Valley from the steam sale just before it ended. It's just such a damn addicting game I have to admit. Even today I played it for hours even tough I should had been doing something else. It's kind of a mix of.. Harvest moon, animal crossing and minecraft. Pretty cool since those are some of my favorite series!

Guess I'll get back to playing since I wont get anything else done today anyway.. ._.

Tuuttehan sanooo moikka lumouksessa!? 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

June shenanigans

I have to say I hate when bloggers tell they are sorry that they were away for a long time. They can be  away if they need to be or want to be, haha. But anyway.... sorry :''D But I have my reasons!

Vest - Second hand, diy'ed
Top - Charity store
Choker and necklaces - Flea market
Skirt - H&M
Stockings - Ebay
Shoes - Fantasy shoes, second hand
Bracelets - Ebay and second hand
Earrings - Ebay

Guess it's been more than a month since I last updated.  Lotttttss of things to tell, oh boy.. Take a good position in your couch or chair or bed or where ever, and here we go!

Few weeks ago I was visiting my friend in Joensuu, which is all the way in the other side of Finland. I decided to take a cheapo bus instead of a train since it cost like 1/3 of the price even though I had to change the bus in half way. Still.. The ride took 10 hours. 10 frigging hours. If I would have sat that time on a plane I would had been in Japan dang it. Never again. Except maybe next time when I feel cheap again.

Anyways I had a great time! We went to club Syndrome which conveniently was held on that weekend. The music there was... unnghh.. well... DJ Sadenia was good, and made me dance a lot but the muisc after her was really not to my taste at all.

The only photo I took at the trip. Taken with a potato.

I also got a new ear piercing at underground Joensuu! It's a thing that I have one each time I visit Joensuu since they kinda have cheap prices over there.

We also visited a some flea markets and I found loads of stuff to take back with me. Which kinda was not convenient since I already had tons of stuff with me, and then I took back like two bags more stuff. :'D

After I came back from Joensuu I started work! Yes I got a job! It's in a factory where they make bread and buns and all that. And my job there is to pack them in boxes and bags.

I have been there for 1 and a half weeks now and I'm slightly maybe starting to get the hang of it. But the start was horrible. I felt kinda like I had been thrown in the middle of things without any help. I still slightly feel like that though.

But the work is still very much physically exhausting! My legs and arms and back are all killing me and I have bruised and scratches all over. Good thing about it though, is that I have gone few kilos over my ideal weight and there I can just sweat it all off, haha.

Annoyingly tough, they didn't mention the "no any piercings" rule before the first day, so have been having to take my freshly pierced ear piercing off every time I go to work. And it really is slowing down the healing progress. Luckily I have been managed to get it back on every day tough.

We also have a job clothes that are all white.. So I can't wear anything I like all week, except in the weekends. It's really bumming me out.

As for running this blog, I will try my best at the weekends at least. Might not be able to do it every weekend but I'll try. This job is  only for 2 more months (so far) so I guess I'll get back to normal rythm after that.

Found the coolest sign from the flea market! xD Even tough I don't have a tarantula... yet!
But yeahhhh! 2 weeks till the Lumous gothic festival! I have my ticket ready to go and I just cannnn't wait! Just wondering when ever I will be able to figure out the outfits. I am at work all weekdays and when I come home I just dorp dead. + Next weekend I might not be home.

Luckily I have been thinking them in my head for months now so I don't have to start from scratch.

In the "I got a job" celebration I ordered myself some sweet sweet shoes from Pleaser! Which I am planning to use at Lumous for the first time, you'll have to wait till then to see em! :')

So.. Anyone got anything good from the Steam summer sales? I have bought Long live the Queen, Portal knights, Hatoful Boyfriend and Lili:Child of Geos. These are all kinda casual, perfect for a slight after work game time.

Anyways, at the moment I have taken my make-up off, and thrown on my pyjamas and I'm plannig to spend the rest of the night with these friends:

Ps. Here's my actual hair at the moment!

PPS. I haven't done haul type posts in a long time since I think no one really gains anything from them since most of my stuff come from the flea markets and such. But I suppose it could be inspiration for second hand hunting instead of buying all your stuff new. What do you think about second hand haul posts?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Double OOTD + Primer rant

Here I am. Late once again. I was supposed to update last week but I got awfully sick. I was worried that I wouldn't even make it to the school entrance exam that was the beginning of this week. But I got well in time!

Well I went to the exam in Kouvola and did all the things, but by the end of it I felt that I didn't want to go to school there... The school was all nice and cool and the subject I think might be fun to study. But it's just that place.. After living in places like Turku and Pori where you can get anything you need with just a 30min bike ride, to move to a city like Kouvola seems really appalling.

I mean everything in Kouvola is in this small little area. But there is only the necessities. Pretty much nothing else. The flea markets were also just so so so terrible. In Pori we have so many and so awesome flea markets that no way no city can compete.  Flea markets are terribly important to my lifestyle and I can't imagine living with just few crappy ones.

Of course no offence for anyone who lives in Kouvola, but I just didn't like the overall athmosphere of the place. Anyway I did the test so I could have a month to think about it. I'm pretty sure I would get in since there were around 20-22 people taking the test and they take 20 in...

And anyone who is wondering, I applied to study restoration of furniture's, buildings and etc. 

Anyway here's ootd:

Shirt - Flea market
Skirt - Punk rave, second hand
Shoes - Fantasy shoes, second hand
Belt - Ebay
Choker - Etsy
Necklace - Glitter
Tights - Ebay
And here is the outfit from yesterday:

Shirt - Flea market
Corset Belt - Ebay
Belts - Flea market
Skirt -  Lindex
Shoes - Second hand, Fantasy Shoes

I wasn't originally going to publish the yesterday's ootd here. For some reason I didn't like the outfit that much so I just posted it on instagram. But for some reason people on instagram reaaaallly liked it so might as well post it here too. I kinda warmed up to it I guess. I don't know if it's the skirt that bothered me or what... Don't you just hate when you almost won't publish something and then you go "oh what ever" and publish it and everyone really loves it and you are like "no people.. no...".

Now this is something I usually don't care to talk about but.. I got some new make up. I have heard good things from the Lumene Longwear blur foundation so I thought I'd give it a go. So far I really don't see much difference between this one and the usual one I wear which is Natural Code Skin Perfector Matt Makup. The Lumene one might be just a tad more covering and it has spf 15 which is a nice addition.

As for the Gosh eyeshadow it was just something basic I needed, nothing really to say about it. Does the thing it is supposed to do.

NOW we get to the Lumene eyeshadow primer. The left one is the one I bought some days ago and the right one is the one I have had for months and it's running out. I'm the kinda person who likes to replace their make up well before they run out. Especially if I know I use it a lot.

When I went to Citymarket to pick up this primer I was mildly annoyed by the fact that they had lifted the price to 13-14 euros. I remember getting it with 9 euros at some point.. They also had slightly changed the packaging and it had gone from being "Arctic Lingonberry" to "Arctic Cloudberry". Which I don't really even know what's it for or what does it do. Maybe it has some effect to the skin..?

Okay mildly annoyed so far.. I get home and toss the primer in my makeup bag. Then I thought I would compare the packaging to the old one. I lift them both up and just get even more annoyed. The new tube was 5ml and the old one is 7ml. I know that might not seem like a lot, but it's a lot when we are talking about eye shadow primer. WHY?!

This sounds like the most stupid thing to get mad about, and I don't usually care to talk about make up that much since I don't really even care. But this thing just seemed wrong to me. Whyy whyy are you doing this Lumene whyyyy? I for one hate buying new make up. It's so expensive and I always think that money could had been used better maybe. Now I have to buy this stupid little tube even more often and pay even more of it? No thanks.

Someone tell me if the new tube is just a different product and if I ranted for nothing. xD But well I didn't find the old one from the store nor from their website anymore.

First world problems huh?