Monday, 10 October 2016

The Cure at Helsinki + Helsinki haul!

Last Friday me and my friend went to see The Cure in Helsinki! I had been their fan forever and it was just such a surreal feeling to see them live... 

We got there early and we had field tickets, I just can't believe how close we got to them. Like they were right in front of us!

Do I spot some new rocks? :') Hehee... Anyways, I really liked the show! Robert Smith threw a bit of jokes and small talk between the songs and it made the concert not feel so official and stuck up. I don't know if that persona that showed is just a stage thing but I would really like to believe he's like that in person too.

The field life wasn't all roses and flowers... People touching you all the time, jumping next to you, trying to shove themselves in front of you... screaming like it's the end of the world. Overflowing bag hurting my neck (because I was just too cheap and excited to pay for the cloakroom). I know people express their enthusiasm differently but I really do prefer the calm admiring approach over the screaming and fainting kind.

I'm kinda sad that the pictures I took from the whole band didn't really turn out so well. But ohhh at least you'll see a lot of Robert Smith :'').

I did feel somewhat bad for the people standing behind me since I had backcombed my wig to the max and it really stood out. Probably made it harder for some to see. Sorry! But I did get lots of compliments on it from older men tho, haha!

Before the show we stocked up on some merch. The t-shirts there were ridiculously pricey so I settled on this canvas bad and pin-back set, though those weren't so cheap either. The bag was 20€ and the set 5€.

We had some time before and the day after the concert to shop! Pretty quickly we found a party(?) shop from Forum which had looadddds of hallween stuff on stock. From there I grabbed this shiny life sized skull piggy bank and a spiderweb table cover!

We also visited a flea market! Found this neat hat! It's kinda mourning hat'ish and I really like that!7

From Gina Tricot I picked up this belt pocket thing and some eye shadows. I had been looking for their black eye shadow everywhere. The one I have now is almost gone and it's the best matte black eye shadow I had ever had. But it looks like they are discontinuing it since I found these form the sales bin... Well at least I'll survive with these for a while!

This jacket is also form the flea market!

And we also visited UFF's store. It took some digging around but I did find this sinister skirt and this spider webby shirt with no brand name. Probably have to exchange the strings on it since they are a bit tattered, but otherwise it's fabulous! Uhh sorry I didn't even take the tags off yet.. :'D

Ah well I didn't really take outfit pictures or anything like that. I just kinda threw something on in the morning since I had spend the days before playing... Oopsie! But well you'll see a lot of me usually on my posts so it's nice to do something different for a change!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Stockholm trip

We have returned from our boat trip to Stockholm! All in all it was a very nice trip and a nice change of pace. It also kinda makes you appreciate home after a trip like that.

Here's what I got for myself! Though my boyfriend bought the Dragon Blood. The Kraken rum is from the ship as well as the small skull vodka and the clear skull candle holder along with the Moomin magnets. From Stockholm I got the Skull and the Kat Von D Lock it foundation in the color 42 and the same brand lipstick in the color Slayer.

It was my very first time visiting Sephora, it was interesting, lots of people running around like crazy.

I also got a bunch of other stuff for friends and such but I wont show those so I wont ruin the surprise! + Of course a lot of candy.

I really liked this picture I took just before we left home!  

This was our hotel room in Stockholm. The hotel was Comfort Hotel Stockholm. It was fairly far away from the ship terminal but we decided to walk anyway... I was kinda hoping to use the metro to get there but it was kinda overwhelming for me. :'D Someone even stopped to help us for a while when we tried to mess with the ticket machine but we just ended up walking anyway.

Well we didn't really stop to take much photos. We just felt like enjoying ourselves instead. Shopping, wandering and just sitting in random places and watching the world go by.

When we got back home, my boyfriend got pretty sick. Don't know where he got it but I guess it's easy to catch something when you are travelling. Just hoping I wont catch what he got since The Cure concert is next week! Gahh! Super exciting!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fall shopping tips

I have had this weird flu or something for a week now. I have been hurting in really weird places and all that. So we postponed our trip to Stockholm to this week. Now I kinda feel better and I'm pretty sure we can go in the end of the week!

But anyway even if I like it or not, I usually end up internet shopping while I'm bedridden. And this time was not an exception.

I did find some cool stuff, so I thought that I would share these with you if you would happen to like them and want them for yourself!

From PartyLite:

So from PartyLite I got these two things!
The candle jar thing was 24,90€ and the bat was 29,90€

The hanging bat thing is so cool too! You can put a candle behind it and hang it somewhere. OR you can take the chain off and just place it upright in the table!

Also from partylite I would had wanted these ones...

 But the bundle with 3 candle holders is 24,90€ and the cauldron is a whopping 44,90€! 
My total would had been too much for the budget so I'll still think about whether I get these or not.
At least in the Finnish partylite, these will be available till 15.10.2016!

From H&M:

Joy division shirt form the men's side 14,99€
I really love these shirts, they are so soft!

So the links take you to the Finnish websites but I know partylite and H&M has shops all over world so you can probably find these in most countries websites!

And also here's something just for the Finns!  


Pumpkin 3,95€ and I think the weird skull candle thing was also the same price!

So see you next week hopefully with some cool pictures and stories from our trip!
Have a nice fall y'all!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

23 years of failing

Whopee! Today I turned 23. 
Can't I just stop ageing now? Or at least in the few years. Someone invent immortality please. Or if you guys know any vampires that would help out too.

In the morning we went to a charity shop and a flea market. Found some good stuff too! Including a book about Nick Cave.
After that we went to get some junk food. A comfy birthday is to my liking! 

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Second hand
Belts - Flea market
Shoes - Fantasy Shoes, Second hand
Choker - Etsy
Rosary - Glitter

I'm also somewhat happy about how my makeup turned out today!

I used to not like pencil skirts very much, but they have really grown on me. I especially like how they look in a trad look.

Also this bag arrived today! It's form Banned. I got is second hand but it's pretty much good as new! I have wanted this for so long, I can't wait to use it on our tip to Stockholm! I can finally fit all my stuff somewhere, hehe.

And this song is always mandatory at a day like this.
Now it's time for some rum...

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Yassss! The work had ended. Though I was kinda sad that I didn't get to continue because I made so many friends there. But I am still mostly relieved. No more aching back nor aching anything. Time to look for something else!

At least I have lots of time to blog now, hehe. I already ended my moomin marathon and I guess I need something to do. Maybe some flea market touring... 

Dress - Ebay
Gloves - Ebay
Shoes - Fantasy shoes, second hand
Skirt under the dress - Punk Rave, Second Hand
Ring belt - Glitter
Other belts - Flea markets
Hair rose - Flea market

To celebrate the end of my work, and also my upcoming birthday, I just booked me and my boyfriend a 3-day trip to Stockholm! We're leaving in two weeks and I'm so excited! Going to take a lot of pictures and shop all the shops!

I do like to read, but for some reason I have never really read much anything from H. P. Lovecraft. How crazy. But now I have decided to fix that, since I found this 900 page monstrosity form the flea market! Now I should have plenty of time to read as well.

Also another thing from the flea market is this Digimon game! I remember always wanting this as a kid but it never really came up. Now it's finally time to whack this crazy game! 

Hope your week is going well!

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Today was nice. I went flea market shopping with Leena
I found 2 dvd's and a kite! But anyways I had fun even tough I was so tiered after a long workweek.

My back has been aching for a week now, so I'm glad that next week will be my very last week of work... I hope... I'm going to need some serious de-stressing afterwards. I'm going to built a fort on the couch and watch all the moomin episodes! Very adult.

Vest - Flea market
shirt - masquerade, their website
Belt - Storenvy
Skirt - H&M
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - Flea market 
 The dvd's I got were interview with the vampire, and one moomin dvd to add to my collection! Yay! 

When we were leaving the flea market we encountered a cool older woman who was so excited to see a Joy Division patch at the back of my vest. She said she was surprised to see younger people these days listening to them, since she used to listen to them a lot back at the 80s. Also she told us how hard it used to be for her to get a hold of the records back then. Especially here in Finland I can imagine the struggle. Hehe, wonder what she dressed like back then...?

Here's the kite! It's a bat! So cool! Some of these days I'll go flying it with Leena since she got one too! Just hope I don't break it first thing.

Hope ya'll having a nice weekend! What have you been up to? :)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

It can rain all the time

Whowhee, where did the summer go? Kinda feels like I didn't even see it.. It's all rainy and cold. Not that I mind a little rain.

Me, I have just been working... It's really starting seriously affect my mental health though. I do cry in the mornings when I realize I have to leave for work now. 5 days a week of pure depression, how nice. Just... 10... more... workdays... to.. go.. GNNGGHH. I can do this!
Hopefully the blogging rate will increase too when I get out of there.

Shirt - Punk Rave, ebay
Skirt - Lindex
Stockings - Ebay
Shoes - Fantasy  shoes, second hand

 I so adore this shirt I got a while ago! I have been admiring this punk rave shirt on ebay for a good while now, and I finally decided that I need to have it. It has a matching jabot that comes off! The shirt looks really amazing even without the jabot, and it's great that you can use it with other clothes too. 
I bet this shirt would look divine with a long skirt as well! Have to try that next. 

Also a thing I got a while ago is this bag from Banned! I just love how it reminds me of a tombstone..
It's actually quite a decent size so I can fit a lot of crap in it.

I wore that bag when I went to see the Suicide Squad as well! 
The movie was pretty good. There wasn't really anything too surprising but I just loved Jared Leto's performance as Joker. There wasn't much of him in the movie but it's okay. Since you know, it wasn't Joker's movie. 

Before the movie we went to this cool shop we have here in Pori. They sell used and unused dvd's and games. But they also sell all sorts of very cool decor, like skulls, dragons, dolls... etc. I had not visited this store for a very long time and it was a burst of joy when I got the see what they have to offer these days! All I got for now tough was this unicorn chalice, which is amazing still. But I assure you I will be going back for more.  

The little crystal isn't from that store, it's from a "Jewel Gallery"Jalokivigalleria. Last week I went to Loimaa with my dad and brother and I was delighted to see that they had this store at some gas station, haha. 

When in Loimaa I bought these CD's from a swap meet event. Joy Division's Unknown pleasure and Still. The unknown pleasures is still in it's plastic wrapping and I am kinda reluctant to remove it for some reason. 

And yesss. Some Digimon in the middle of all the Pokemon. I had been longing for this game for months but then I finally found it at a decent price and it came with me. I do have to say I love this game so far! The story is pretty interesting and so so many digimon oh gosh! 

Now I'll probably play this game for the rest of the day... Yeah.. Some Malibu rum and Digimon, yeeessss~