Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Happy summer I guess

I'm kinda pissed. My layoff was supposed to end at the start of next month. But nooooo, they forced me to start my summer vacation then so I will have my summer vacation in May. In Finland May is basically still winter. Though rarely it's the warmest month of the year, who knows, but I reaaaallly don't want to have the vacation now. Bunch of shit.

I'm just going to wear all my summery things I have been saving for warmer weather, no matter what's the temperature or what's coming down from the sky. I'll freeze my ass off, I don't care. Today was warm though, I like it. This was my outfit for a pizza run, cause what else there is to do than make yourself slightly less ugly.

Shirt - DIY from old band shirt
Belts - Flea markets
Skirt - H&M
Choker - DIY
Necklace - Ebay
Boots - Hard Leather stuff, Ebay

Well no matter, I have been still enjoying home time. I even kinda feel it's going too fast!
On thing I have been excited about is converting old band shirts into other kinda clothing. For example this Slayer T-shirt that I made in to a top, I also made corseting for the back so I can make it very form fitting if I want. I also have other projects I might show you later. For example I have this big XL Christian Death shirt I am not sure what to make of it. It might make a cute mini dress.

This outfit really brought back memories, slayer shirt, bunch of belts, bunch of leather bracelets and combat boots, it's like I'm 16 again.

I also did something different for my makeup today. Well it's not that much different I just added false lashes, which usually for me is too pain in the butt to do. But I really like the look, might start using them more. Only thing better than taking your bra off at the end of the day is taking off your false lashes ooohh maaan.

I have been thinking about like doing a little different post next maybe. Someone requested shoe collection.. I would have to do a youtube video and I don't really knooow if that really is the kinda thing I want to do? Maybe like a wardrobe staples or signature pieces or something like that. Well I do have TIME.

Whatever I'll go eat the rest of that pizza.


  1. Katsoin näitä kuvia jo instassa, että huhhuh, siellä on ollut hyvä naama-/outfit-/hiuspäivä. <3___<3

    1. On kyllä melko harvinaista että oma naama, outfitti ja hiukset suostuu yhteistyöhön saman päivän aikana, joskus sentään lykästää!

  2. Ihana asukokonaisuus, tulee niin kesäfiilikset siitä! :)

    1. Kiitos! Tää olis kyllä ihana kesäfetarilookki mutta eipä taida semmosta mahista tulla :'D