Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Planning a dressing room!

Normally this time of the year in my blog I would be all over Samhain. BUT we moved a couple of days ago and it's still somewhat in progress. At the moment I am busy planning my dressing room! In this house we have 3 bedrooms and of course I claimed the biggest one to serve as a room for my clothing, shoes, accessories etc. The size is about 287x460cm

The 2 of the rooms used to be bedrooms for kids and they had some drawings on the wall. We painted over those with white paint so it is nice and clear surface to start planning on. I also went ahead and bought some mirrors from Jysk. The other one is the biggest mirror I could find 78x180cm. It's white but we are going to paint the borders black, same story with the ground standing dressing mirror.

Ikea has these Pax closet frames that you can accessories how ever you want, so I am planning on getting 2 pairs of those. And 8 bars to add to them as well as 2 to 4 selves. Between these closets I am planning to install an additional pair of bars for clothes! You could buy doors for these cabinets but I really want it all out where I can see everything, so no doors!

I'm also planning to get 2 billy bookcases in the opposite side of the room. These will serve as room for my shoes and bags. Of course there is also room for them on top of the cabinets and if it's still not enough I'll add some wall selves

I would also love love looove if I could find a good makeup table. I have always dreamed of owning one! This one I pictured here is just one option but I would love to find a gorgeous second hand one as well!

The dresser on the left is also a maybe. It would be just as awesome to find a second hand one.

The stool thing in the middle of the room would be awesome for putting on shoes as well as serve as a... stool to have easier access to the top of the cabinets. Still need to think is this the right one for me.

But that's all just the big furniture. I'm also planning hooks on walls for belts and jewelry, different assortment of lights, a carpet etc. I need to get all the big furniture in place first however so it makes it easier to visualize the smaller things. I'll make more posts about the progress of my dressing room as the project advances.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? All is welcome!

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