Saturday, 5 August 2017

Velvet wings

My short summer break is already ending. I'm going to have to start my next work week tomorrow with a night sift. I have never had a night sift before and I'm kinda sure I'll just fall asleep at some point. We'll see. At least I have to stay up until the early morning tomorrow so I can try to adjust a bit, probably just gonna end up falling a sleep on the couch with a controller in my hand.

This vacation time I have mostly just been loitering. Like always. 
Playing Witcher 3 still.

Took our cat's and we went to visit my mother-in-law in Pori. I finally got the time to go around the flea markets over there after a half a year break. I cycled 20 kilometers that day and found only a few things, nothing exiting. Kinda have to admit I was disappointed. Anyway, flea markets are what they are, they aren't always full of goodies. Maybe next time.

Velvet Shrug - Kitsune Couture, Dark Market
Velvet skirt - Tokmanni
Leather top - Flea market
Belt - Ebay
Shoes Second hand
Gloves - Ebay

I got this velvet shrug from the Lumous Gothic Festival's Dark market. The seller's business was called Kitsune Couture. Always so happy to support Finnish small businesses. But oh my, it was the fabric that drew me in. Velvet with floral patterns, can I just have everything in this fabric.  And anyways I was looking for a shrug like this so it was just perfect!

I ordered a few shirts from La Decay / Bat-cave Productions. There is sooo many I would had wanted but I just had to settle in these for now. For some reason I ordered them in men's size M. I thought maybe I would diy them somehow, but I just can't get my mind to decide how.

I think I forgot to show you these things I got from the medieval fair in Turku Some time ago. The Mallevs Maleficarvm also called the "hammer of witches" has been in my to read list for ages and I'm so glad I finally got a copy! The rune book also called out to me, as well as many other books there, but I just couldn't take everything, choosing is hard. I also got a poison bottle, a belt bag and a carved bone pendant.

Hope everyone has had a great summer. I'm so glad about fall approaching too, and Samhain times!


  1. Oi, ihana asukokonaisuus!

  2. Such a lovely shrug! For some reason I really like the shrug and glove combination...Looks fancy! Hope you had a good break

    1. It really is! Thanks!
      At least I got some rest. :)

  3. Oh, I want to play The Witcher 3 but I'm still playing the 1... someday I will end 1 and 2 (the traduction in spanish is mortal, oh god)
    I'm really interested in the Malleus Maleficarum since I started History in the university but is really expensive... that edition looks pretty nice ^^
    Good luck with the night sift!

    1. Oh I see, hope you'll get to the 3rd part soon, it's fun! :D
      I kinda always wanted to study history too but it just felt like I would just end up as a teacher lol.
      Thanks! :)

  4. A lovely shrug. I like nightshift it tends to be more relaxed depending on the industry (I work in Health Care ). Sleeping during the day can difficult but not too too bad. I usually feel a bit groggy after the I finished the shifts. Any good luck with it.

    1. Thanks!
      Well our night shifts are pretty much the same as morning or evening sift since it's an assembly line production. Only thing that changes is how drowsy people are and how much light comes out of the tiny tiny window, haha. But yeah I can imagine it's nice and relaxing in Health Care! And yes it is so hard to go to sleep in the morning :( at least it was this first time.

  5. Toi bolero/kimono-asia on ihana :O Ei kävellyt itselleni vastaan lumouksessa, muuten olisin varmaan ostanutkin! :D Musta on kivaa kun on vielä kesää jäljellä, mutta kieltämättä odotan jo aika tavalla syksyä ja halloweenia x) synkiö mikä synkiö.

    1. Noh se oli ainoa kappale joten piti vain olla nopea :'D
      Juu no onhan jokaisella vuodenajalla viehätyksensä mutta en enään kestä paistumista ja aurinkoa. :D