Thursday, 17 April 2014

What does the package reveal?

Ahh yess, 4 days of vacation. Some time to breath finally. I already saw little green buds on the trees and bushes. I can't wait until everything is green! Plants and flowers and stuff like that make me really happy. I feel like I would just want to walk around in the woods for hours.. but I can't seem to find a good place around here. There is always houses and warehouses and roads, they really ruin the feeling of the forest. 

Sometimes I start to feel like going to my parents again since where they live, there is forest everywhere. It's so beautiful. The forests are so old that it feels like a walking in to a completely different world. I even have my own little forest plot around there, so I can do what the fuck I want there.

Sometimes I dream that I build a little shelter or a tipi in my forest and go live there for some days.

But now some stuff again. ;)

I found these pretty shoes from a flea market. Cost me 2€. Looks like they have never been used.

These shorts I bought today from H&M. I had been looking for low waist shorts forever but it seemed that they were gone a long time. 
It just annoyed me so much when I tried the sizes 34 and 36. 34 was just a little bit too tight around my hips(damn hip bones), but perfect around my legs. And 36 was okay for my hips but a bit loose for my legs. UGH why don't they do size 35? Well I ended up with 36.

Eeep! My friend form Italy send me these! I just love themmm. The cross hair clip is just perfect since I have started to wearing them. They really go with this hair. 
Ehee, now I have to find something awesome to send back to her!

And this batman hoodie! It's absolutely perfect! Big and cozy.. and two awesome logos of my absolutely number 1 favorite superhero ever~ 

That reminds me I got a Catwoman game for ps2 some time ago! I really should set up my ps2 and have a go at it. Or maybe Madness returns? Choices choices..


  1. Piiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhh!!!!! *this is my exclamation noise XD*
    So glad you love everything honey <3 and the hoodie had your name written on it so I had to grab it for you hehehe

    pus pus