Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Earn your bat wings

It's fun to modify your old clothes. I had this skirt that was too big for me and I really never wore it. First I made it fit me better. After that I Made a black flag patch and sew it on there, then I took this long piece of fabric that I have cut from some other old cloth before, and made it in to a weird strap thing. Then I took some ripped flowy fabric that I had lying around and sew it at the bottom. I also had a vision of sewing some old web tights around the skirt, but I haven't got around to do that yet.

Ugh I feel so naked without any lipstick. So after these pictures I went to put some on. I have a sort of weird addiction to it. Also my collar.. Just have to wear it with everything apparently.

Did you earn your bat wings yet? I did!

Oh maan I love this new backpack! I have been looking one just like this forever.

The increasing light is somewhat okay, I mean I feel like I have more energy, also it's easier to wake up at 6 am when it doesn't feel like midnight. Buuutt I keep forgetting to bring my sunglasses with me. And because of that I feel like my eyes are going to burn off. I guess my eyes are a bit sensitive to too much light.

I can't wait for summer though. I am going to meet some fantastic people and hopefully make some new friends. Well.. It's really hard for me but I can at least try? Just hope for the best.
I also can't can't CAN'T wait for Lumous Gothic Festival! I have never been but I have been wanting for so looonng! Any other festival would be awesome too if I could only get someone to go with me..
I have been starting to save up for summer, I hope I don't get any temptations to buy stuff from internet. So far so good, eh.

Well that's it for now.
Talk to you later little bats~


  1. What a cute bag! And I have the same problem with my sunglasses... I just can't learn from my mistakes can I ?

    1. Yes it is!
      Well me either, I guess we are just hopeless. :D

  2. Wau! Ihania kuvia, oot tosi nätti :) ja tosi siisti toi reppu!
    Oliko Lumouksen liput minkä hintaisia? Näköjään myyty jo loppuun :(

    1. Oih, voi kiitos ^^^
      Mitääähhh? Sen verran mitä minä tiedän niin ne eivät ole mielestäni edes vielä myynnissä? :O Ainakaan en ole löytänyt tämän vuoden sivua tai mitään vielä mistään! Laita linkkiä jos tiedät paremmin :D

  3. Looking great! Amazing bag, it's so adorable! I also keep forgetting my sunglasses. And the times I have them with me, I forget that I have them in my bag, and assume I forgot them. Yeah.. xD

    x Dawn
    (We moved & changed host!)

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Haha, happens to the best of us! :D

  4. This is what I call art! So fu**ing cool! \m/
    I can't wait for this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where did you get that backpack? I so want it myself!!!!!! *_*

    1. Oh myyyy thanks :DD
      I can't wait eitherrr!!
      It was second hand! Sorry! :> No stealy steal

  5. Tuo reppu on kyllä aivan mahtava ja niin on kyllä kuvatkint! C:

    1. kiitoksia kovasti! c:
      Ja totta! Ihan rakastunut olen siihen~