Sunday, 11 June 2017

It's Okay To Be You

What's this now? Two posts in one weekend? I might have gone mad.
Well I guess I just liked today's outfit.

I adore this vintage leather bodice, or whatever, I found from the flea market a long time ago. I would love to wear it all the time. Only the problem is that it was a bit too large and the front plastic boning was crazy warped. As you can even make out from this picture I took this morning. 

I took it in some time ago so the fit is much better now, but the bones were still warped. So this evening I decided to do something about it. I took out the two front bones, and now I can't wait to wear the top again soon since it looks so much neater and smoother! Would hate to waste good leather.

Vest - diy, flea market
Bodice - Flea market
Belt - Ebay
Skirt - Second Hand
Undershirt - H&M

Lately I have found the love for bodice/bustier type tops. But it's so damn hard to find ones that go with my body. The other clothing thing that I have fell in love with recently is mermaid/fishtail skirts! At the moment I only have one velvet one what I bought recently. Need. more. Gimme,

But anyways, this was a chill day. Played a ton of Stardew valley, busted out ye olde sewing machine, watched some youtube videos... Just trying to get a little bit of the stress off before work starting again very early tomorrow, ugh.

I haven't done Magical Unicorn Oracle card draws in months, but today felt like the day. And I feel like this was a good draw, just what I needed.

"It's Okay to Be Different - You don't need to be like everyone else. You're perfect just as you are!"


  1. Really loved this outfit! <3
    You should do videos too! *-*


    1. Thank you!
      I have played around with the idea of making more videos but I just never get around to. I will try to make a few during the summer and see how they go. :)

  2. You always look fabulous, even with warped corset bones :D

  3. This outfit is completely stunning! I love your style!

  4. wow...your makeup is awesome! And I've got to check out those unicorn cards! I like to do double-card readings with tarot and use other decks.

    1. Oh thank you! :)
      You should! They are the most beautiful cards I own, and they always make me feel better. c:

  5. I love your outfit simple but it looks very effective.