Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hauling Halloween

I circled the town today. And found a nice catch of halloween goodies!

From Tiger: (I don't quite remember the prices in all of them so it can be + or - 1€)
Led pumpkin that lights up in different colors! 2€
String of little pumpkin lights 2€
orange glass ghost candle holder 3€
2x plastic spider bowls 2€ á piece
Felt bat 2€
Big black candle 3€
String of bats 2€

Bat wing hairband 4,99€
Bat wing  clip 3,99€

Orange candle holder with pumpkins and moons 1,5€
The spider lantern 4€ 

Gahhh! So I heard that they have these really cool Halloween underwear at H&M. I forgot to check the rest of the shop so I guess I have to go back soon... :)

I also checked Prisma and Tokmanni but there was NOTHING.
Ah, well I got cute halloween napkins from Prisma but that's it. 

Also I got some stuff from ebay for my Halloween costume! But that's still a secret. :')


  1. So cute ♥ ♥ ♥ !

    Not long ago, I went to Germany and there is a shop that I love. He's called Tedi. And there were lots of cute stuff in the same type as in your photo. Besides, I think they have the same pumpkins garland. But, I have no money in my purse right now so I just content myself with a big bat to suspend :).

    1. Ohh really? :) Well yeah, I think Tiger kinda collects stuff all around and just stick their box or sticker on them, so I can imagine one can pick these things all around Europe.. :)
      Ohe noes, pre-halloween is the worst time to be without money! Or at least it's for me :'D But the big bat sounds awesome! <3

  2. Oi, mistä tämä Tiger -kaupan löytää ? :)

    1. Niitä ainakin on ympäri etelä suomea. Tässä on kartta mistä kaikkialta:
      Tampereellakin näyttää olevan 4 tigeria ja helsingissä jopa 9. :)
      Hyvinkäällä, Salossa, Turussa, Hämeenlinnassa jne. ^^

    2. Kiitos paljon ! Pakko päästä käymään :) Harmi kun noita lepakkohiuspinnejä ei löydy vielä nettikaupasta .. Toivottavasti tänään löytyisi Jumbosta kun sinnepäin menossa Halloweenostoksille ♥

    3. Nou problem! Toivottavasti löytyy kaikkee kivaa sieltä! :)
      Ja toivottavasti löydät/löysit pinnit! c:

  3. Lovely halloween stuff! <3 Wondering if German H&M has the same clips or maybe they only sell them in the larger cities :-(

    1. My city is definitely not that large.. :D You should definitely at least check it out! If they have the make-up and accessories section they should have those clips. :)