Monday, 12 May 2014

Some second hand

Once again I have escaped my responsibilities and slept, and also went to a new flea market.

The new market was great! It was so big too. First time in a long time, the money I reserved for a flea market ran out. I get frustrated about the things I had to leave behind...

These two belts I found in the same table. I pretty much saw that they might be a bit too long for me, but there was plenty of space in both of them to make your own holes. So they left with me.

I really liked the print on this scarf!

This hoodie is just amazing. It fits perfectly, not forgetting the amazing print on the back!

This skirt was kind of a impulse buy. It looked so interesting, but I have yet to find something that goes with it.

New combat boots! Well not new.. there are some slight wares on them. But just some shoe polish and they are good as new! My old ones are still wearable but you can really see the age in them.

Just a pretty basic skater dress. Though the hem is a bit longer at the back, I love that!

There is a shop called "Aurinko" in Tampere train station. I just love that shop so much. I visit there every time I go to Tampere. They got some scented oils there and I sometimes like to get some for myself. But the problem is that where these are located in the store, there are many different scented things so it's kinda impossible to only smell the oil you are interested in. This time they were selling testers with just a couple of euros each. They were partly used, but it was a good opportunity to test a scent. So I got this one. Hmm, I didn't like it that much though. Better luck next time.


  1. Missä kirppiksellä kävit? Upeat löydöt! :)

    1. Juu, oikein yllätti! Kipunan kirppiksellä kävin! :)

  2. Aah, tosi upeita löytöjä! :) <3

  3. *jawdrop*
    You have absolutely to take me there when I come :D
    I think it's the same flea market my friend told me about, it was opening when she told me!

    1. Hehee, of course :D
      It might be that, it opened two weeks ago! It's just like 1km away from where I live so it's my favorite now. xD

    2. Ahhhhh <3 it's too beautiful to be true :D
      I'm even more excited now!