Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ghost box, translating the dead

Ghost boxes and spirit boxes are built to communicate with the dead. A ghost box utilizes various environmental queues through software to give the spirits a voice while a spirit box emits raw radio frequencies.

I  find these boxes to be very interesting. I have watched several videos where people have gotten very interesting results when communicating with the ghost box. They have asked questions and gotten crystal clear responses. Stuff like their own names and the names of their loved ones who have already passed away have also been recorded through the box. If something is weird, then it has to be that.

I'll add this youtube video here. It's from Huff Paranormal, I have watched many of his videos. There is a lot of fake videos on youtube but I kinda trust this guy.

It's a long video, you only have to watch the first minute of it and get the point. But I suggest watching it whole, it's very interesting.

I'll also link this other video, it's from a Finnish ghost investigation group. They use the ghost box as well.
Link here: Aavedata.  It's in Finnish. And it's long so it's for you if you are really interested.

There is also a way you can try get EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) without all those hundreds of euros worth of equipment... Well.. at least if you have the right kind of a phone. I have to admit I am behind in phone technology and I'm lucky to even have a some sort of internet on my old phone. So I am really not sure in what kind of phones can you get these apps in.

Anyway, if you have the suitable phone, and you are interested in ghost hunting,  I recommend this app: Ghost Radar: CLASSIC
I have seen people using this precise app and gotten pretty amazing results. In addition of telling what the spirits are saying, it shows you where the spirits are in comparison to you, blue ones are friendly spirits and red ones.. well.. lets just hope there isn't any red ones okay?

Drew this to explain that some of the spirits try to scare you by saying they are demon or that they are going to hurt you or you are going to die or something. Usually they are not demons or really can't do anything to you.
A word of warning! If you decide to start trying this app or any other equipment's. I strongly suggest you do not do it at home. If you believe in supernatural entities, it might really get to you mentally. You really may start freaking out. When these spirits notice that you can connect with them, they start to gather where you have connected with them. You may not want a bunch of spirits hanging around in your own home, waiting for you to connect to them.

On the other hand, there are people who are not bothered by the ghosts and spirits. People who know they exist but are not afraid. Then why not invite a bunch of roommates to your place!

For other people some other notoriously haunted places would be most excellent places to try this out. Like a graveyard or a ruin of some sort.

I have to admit, I have never encountered a paranormal being. All this knowledge is based on my research and observing over the years. And I'm not going to be fully believing until I encounter something myself. Yet I still have that itch that there must be something else out there..

I know there are lots of people saying it's fake etc. And I'm not even sure myself what to believe, but I like to keep an open mind. I mean.. whats the fun in ghost stories without the ghosts!

If you have tried, or are going to try for example that app. I would love if you would share your experiences in the comments! :) I sure I and other paranormal enthusiast would love to hear about them!


  1. wow this sounds so cool
    I totally believe in paranormal things as well, they're fascinating