Sunday, 30 April 2017

So dead

So, that was interesting. I worked for 11 days without a day off. + On Thursday I worked for 12 hours. It has been tough. I was kinda loosing my mind in the last few days, I was dropping stuff, messing up with measurements and just so sleepy. But I'm glad it's a long weekend now. I can finally dress up a bit and relax~

This job has also caused me to loose weight. It was fine when I got back to my ideal weight but then it just kept going. I have tried to eat some more at the workplace and it seems the weight loss has at least slowed down a bit.

At least I can fit in to my long velvet dress again! Going to have to wear that one of these days.

PVC corset - Second hand
Velvet skirt - Second hand
Shoes - Fantasy shoes, second hand
Belts - All flea market
Cardigan - Flea market, diy'ed

I am so starting to get sick of this apartment. Sure it's close to work and the neighbors are nice, but that's about whats good with it.

I almost never can take proper outfit pictures in the balcony unless the conditions are absolutely perfect. Not too sunny and not too windy. The balcony slopes outwards and the railing on it is so low that it's just downright scary to take any pictures of outfits that have slightly higher heels. Not to mention the full exposure the low railing and no glass gives, GAH.

Today I manged to get a whopping 1 picture of my outfit outside, just way too windy and the neighbors kept staring. I try to not let it bother, but it bothers. I just can't get comfortable in front of the camera.

Also our toilet broke on Friday. Good day to break since the next day the repair man is in, is Tuesday. We can still use it if we flush with a bucket but it's annoying. This must be such interesting information for you I imagine.

I just can't wait till they build all those new apartments in this city that they are planning. I really want to switch from this one so badly...

Some time ago I ordered some new winks from The Gothic Shoe Company. I had to place them on my bookcase since I want to stare at them all the time..

My new-ish grimoire needs some filling so I suppose I'll get to doing that today!

I have been blowing a months pay on a dentist. I'm glad they did fix 4 cavities last time but now the other side they fixed feels weird. Like they maybe left too much of the filling somewhere and it's maybe pushing a tooth sideways? Well I have a new time on 9th so I hope they fix it then if there is such a problem. It's just annoying really.


  1. Mä voin niin samaistua tohon kuvausjuttuun, nyt jalustan hankittuani olen kuvaillut itseäni parvekkeella (ekassa kerroksessa) ja se on kamalan akwardia kun naapurit ja ohikulkijat kyttää :D siis jos mä menisin jonnekin ulos ja suosittuun kuvauspaikkaan räpsimään niin se ei tuntuisi niin pahalta, mut toi parveke on jotenkin mukavuusalueen ulkopuolella!

    Tsemiä duunin kanssa, ruuhkahuiput voi kyllä olla raskaita!

    1. Joo sama juttu, ei haittais yhtään mennä tosiaan ulos räpsimään ihmisten sekaan, mutta kun on laiska niin on laiska. :'D Meillä on neljäs kerros mutta sekään ei oikein ole tarpeeksi ylhäällä. Lasit kyllä kovasti auttaisi kun ne toisi semmoisen oman tilan, niinkuin edellisessä kämpässä.

      Kiitoksia, kaippa tästä selvitään!

  2. I always feel foolish taking photos outside while everyone is staring too...but your balcony has a nice background and I even like the window. And omg I always love your belts

    1. I always kinda thought the window is a bit weird but I suppose it's nice to see some trees too. And thanks :')

  3. Tsemppiä töiden kanssa! Pitkät työputket on tosi väsyttäviä, varsinkin kun ei ole ollut kyseisessä työssä vielä kovin pitkään. Aivan ihania kuvia kuitenkin nyt taas! Toivottavasti löydätte nopeasti kivemman kämpän :)

    1. Kiitos, joo en kyllä suostu moiseen ihan heti uudestaan. :D
      Nooh pitää tässä tämän vuoden nyt asua mutta onneksi ollaan jo kohta puolessa välissä :)

  4. My neighbor stares. I hate being in my front yard because I can feel the eyes on me. He really needs more TV channels if watching me mow the lawn is more interesting than TV. :P

    Your outfit is gorgeous! I love all the layers and accessories.

    1. Gahh that sounds so annoying D: Just hate neighbors like that.

      Thank you so much! :)