Thursday, 6 April 2017


Oh my where do I even start..

So I got hired to the workplace as a full timer. Which is awesome and all. It's a nice change of pace to have money coming in regularly. 

But for some reason all these money holes have suddenly appeared and it sucks. Our other cat got a urinary infection due to some bladder stones. Well they are not stones yet, only grains. The first vet we took him to did all kinds of tests to figure out what was going on and they didn't even spot the grains at all. They just gave him some antibiotics and us a large ass bill. 

Well of course the cat didn't get better and we took him to another vet. It was a smaller place closer to us and they had really good service even though they were a bit late. They did apologize for it many times though. The veterinarian instantly figured out what was wrong and gave some more antibiotics as well as a new diet to melt the grains. The nurse (or what ever vet assistant is called) was very friendly and understood my troubles with Nipsu, our cat. I also suspect she was a witch because I saw a glimpse of a pentacle around her neck. All the better to make me feel better about the place. In the end they even gave me a complimentary box of cat sand! The really fancy kind too haha.

So far it looks like our little kittie is healed, but we are still going to have to take him to a check up next week to see if the grains are gone. Let's hope so.

Top - Spiral direct, EMP
belt-pocket - Poizen Industries,
skirt - Poizen Industries, second hand
Hairband - Second hand
Legwarmers - Made by my mom
Shoes - New Rock, Flea market
 Another money hole is my mouth. Hahaha yeah literally. I have let my teeth get in to a really bad shape. I did have a time reserved in Pori for a dentist, that I waited for a half a year, and 2 weeks before the time I had to cancel it because we moved. Just fantastic. I didn't want to wait for another half a year so I went to a private dentist clinic. So it turns out I have 800€ worth of fixing to be done in my mouth. Great great..

So I thought I might as well get it done in that private clinic. I just want it done soon as possible since I haven't been able to eat anything sugary for a while, neither anything too cold. And also the aching sucks. Next week they are going to pull out 2 of my wisdom teeth, good riddance. Probably going to ask for them and turn them in to earrings.

 Today I tried for the first time the Kat Von D Lock it foundation. I bought it last summer from Stockholm but for some reason it always felt so expensive to use... But hell, there's so much of it I had to start it sometime! And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I took the lightest color they had, though to my understanding there is a white one too which they didn't have. And I just adore how light it is! I should have blended it more to my neck as you can see... With my other light colored foundations I don't usually have to apply it all the way to my necks since it matches pretty well.

It goes on really nicely and it really stays on too! With some of my other foundations you pretty much just have to touch your face and there's a spot left behind. So much like! Much wow! I'm going to cry big black tears when this foundation bottle is finished and I have to travel to Stockholm again lol. Or just maybe order it online. They really should carry the Kat Von D line in Finland too.

Today and yesterday I have been on a sick leave from work. I have some sort of a infection on my left arm from straining it too much on at work. It really sucks since for some reason I really wanted to be at work instead. Which is a brand new feeling for me, haha. Usually when I went to school I always wished I would become sick so I could stay home.

I have been rewarding myself a bit for getting a job.. Bought some second hand books and a Kalevala tarot card deck.

I especially love this card deck! All the artwork in it is so in to my liking. I was very lucky to find it second hand too, since I have only seen this deck in amazon before and there it's about 50+ dollars.

And THIS sewing mannequin!  I had been wanting one forever and ever, and so I decided to get one finally! It's the Prymadonna dress form in size S, I can't wait to do some sewing with it! I also ordered some covers for it and it's now wearing a black and white striped one, so it blends in with the decor a little bit better. It's also displaying my new restyle holster bag thingy.

I think the mannequin needs a name... I would loooove if any of you had a suggestion on what it could be?

Lately I have been into this Digimon World game! Thought I haven't been able to play in few weeks because of this infection... But if I didn't have it this is what I would be playing all the time.. q_q Also Nioh!

Tomorrow my boyfriend's sister is coming to visit for a weekend. We're gonna watch some movies, play games, watch digimon tri, go to Ikea on Saturday and make some pizza! Yay!


  1. Congratulations,on becoming a full timer that sounds amazing. I hope your kitty get better soon.

    I love your outfit it looks amazing.

    1. Thank you! The vet said the infection is gone so at least it's for the better. :)

      And thanks a lot! :>

  2. Hope your cat is getting better soon, it's awful when your pets get sick. I adore your outfit and the Kalevala tarot deck!

    1. It really is, but at least the infection is gone for now!
      And thank you! ^^ I really can't wait to use that deck!