Sunday, 29 January 2017

New city, new life

The last few weeks have been so crazy! On 17th I got a call from a job I applied to and they told me I was accepted to a training program. If I would complete the one month they would hire me as a full time employee. 

The thing was though, the job would require me moving closer, to Uusikaupunki, and the program would start in 6 days. Yeah thanks for the heads up. 

So yeah, after lost of calls and arrangements we found a apartment. It's not perfect, and truth be told it's so stuck in the 70's that I cried when we had to settle to it. The wallpapers are stained and yellowish and the kitchen is very... retro. After living in a clean and renovated home for 4 years it does kinda make me sad.

The balcony isn't even glassed. I'm so sad for the kitties. Also it kinda makes me feel a bit uneasy while taking outfit pictures it seems.. 

Scarf - Flea market
Corset - Dracula Clothing
Belt bag - Gina tricot
Skirt - Flea market

As for the city, it's pretty tiny. Almost the size of the city where I grew up. Lot's of closed up shops, hardly any flea markets... I don't know how will I be able to live with that. Though it's only an hours ride back to Pori so I can visit there every once in a while.

If you can't tell, I have started to grow my eyebrows back. Just thought it would be more convenient in the job. Not that I would still like to shave them but at least it takes minutes of my mornings. Still going to shave them for special occasions though.

 I have already completed the first week of the training and there will be 3 weeks more. And I have to say that the atmosphere there is amazing and, the job I'm doing is somewhat fun as well! So far I like the job way more than my previous ones.

So you might say it's not all bad. At least the apartment is only 2 kilometers away from my job.

Also my new closet is at least two times the size as my old one. Though I'm still pretty sure my clothes wont fit in there. I still have like the half of my clothes back at the Pori apartment. At least all my shoes will probably fit there nicely when I have time to haul them over. Maybe I'll finally make that closet tour too.

Also the apartments is next to a lake. You only see it trough the kitchen window, but it's still nice. I can't wait till summer..

So yeah, funny how life changes so quickly! If someone had told me two weeks ago that I would live somewhere else next week I would had thought they were bonkers.

At least it's nice to have a change of pace. I had been without a job since fall and I had been starting to have slight cabin fever. And you know, having money never hurts. But I still miss Pori.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Double Tail

It has been a very stormy weather here. Especially last night the wind was blowing like crazy! Windows were rattling and even though our balcony was closed there was a little bit of snow blown in from the tiny cracks. You can see some of the snow in these pictures, and also where the cat ate some of it. Ahaha.

He's such a cutie. He always wants to come to the balcony with me when I go take some outfit pictures. Though he wants back in pretty quickly when it get too cold for him.

Last weeks have been somewhat depressing but I try to keep myself more and more busy. I even signed myself to a community college class which is next month. It's a corset making class, I don't know how will it go since it's a new situation with new people in a new environment and it honestly sounds really scary to me.  

 I found this H&R jacket from a local flea market some time ago, and I really love it. Though it was one of those clothing items I had a hard time pairing with anything in my closet. Though now that I think of it, I can think quite a few items what would go with it too.

It's funny how some days it just feels so hard to think of a outfit, and some days you just have so many ideas. That's why I have a little notebook where I roughly sketch the ideas I thought so I can use it some other day. 

Jacket - H&R, Flea market
Skirt - Punk Rave, Second hand
Jabot - Punk Rave, Ebay
Belt - Self made
Shoes - Demonia, Second Hand
Bat Necklace - Alchemy Gothic, Second Hand
Tights - Ebay

One thing I have been doing most of this week is watching Games Done Quick! This must be the 3rd or 4th time I have been watching it. I have had it on pretty much 24/7. It's on till Sunday morning Finnish time, so if you want to check it out you can find it on twitch! It's a charity thing which I find really great.

I don't post outfits from the back too much but I just had to show you the double tail! 

I had a really great flea market trip last week! Since I had been so depressed, I thought maybe some second hand shopping would cheer me up. Even for a little while. And it did. 

And before anyone asks, no I don't have a LP player yet. I have been actively searching for one but I just haven't come across the perfect one yet. Hopefully soon~

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Racing Heart

Woooo, the first post of 2017. 

What did I do on new year? Well nothing much really. I was doing a puzzle, making some accessories and jewelry while watching Spongebob from Viaplay. I must be the most interesting person ever oh my gosh. Though we did a quick run at the store and the liquor store but I decided not to drink after all. I even fell asleep before 12. Though I was rudely waken at 12 when the neighbors started to bang their rockets very close by.

Few days ago I had a little anxiety episode which included a trip to the ER late in the night. Not to mention my dad calling me, while I was on my way there, and informing that our family dog isn't doing so well. Great, everything's just great.

After I got out of the monitoring ward and the "all clear" to head home that same night, I had been feeling somewhat better. Let's hope it stays that way.

So yeah I was making some diy stuff yesterday and I thought it would be cool to make a kind of chain belt. So I tore apart some old necklace scarps I had, and put together this cross belt! I was thinking I would make a similar one with ankhs as well. 

I was thinking tough that I would make a little giveaway on this blog, and the prize would be a similar belt to this one, or the ankh version. Would that be something you would like? I would of course make it the winners preferred size. Though this one I made for myself  is very adjustable so I can wear it as high as I want or as low as I want.

Oh my, sorry about the horrible mess at the back it always happen when I get ready in the morning.. 

I also have 2 diy jackets in progress and I have ordered these 2 back patches for them. Sure I could have made some kind of patches myself, but with the stuff I currently have it would had taken forever or it could had not worked at all. But well, it always makes me happy to help out some etsy shops. 

I just can't decide which one to put on the faux fur jacket and which on to the leather jacket. These decisions always tare me apart.

The Munsters patch is from a etsy shop called Evil Thread Customs and the Siouxsie one is from a etsy shop called MEOWMEOWZpasadena

I do highly recommend both shops!

Anyways I hope you had a great start of the year 2017!